Arizona LLC Alerts

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Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt give purchasers of their Silver and Gold LLC packages membership in their unique Arizona LLC Alert system.  The Arizona LLC Alert System is a collection of 39 email messages we send to all members of Silver and Gold LLCs we form.

The purpose of the Arizona LLC Alert System is to make sure the members of LLCs we form know about important post formation tasks they need to accomplish.

Arizona LLC Email Alert System Table of Contents

The following is the subject list of the 39 Email Alerts we send to members of Silver & Gold LLCs by our Arizona LLC Alert System:

  • Contents of Your LLC Formation Package
  • How to Get an Employer ID Number from the IRS for Your LLC
  • Welcome to the Arizona LLC Alert System
  • The LLC Formation Process
  • How to Check the Status of Your LLC
  • How to Open the LLC’s Bank Account
  • How to Learn More about Operating Your LLC
  • Your LLC’s Operations Manual
  • New LLC Newspaper Publication Requirement
  • How Do I Get Money into My LLC?
  • How to Document Loans to an LLC
  • The Springing Member Option in the Operating Agreement
  • How to Modify Your LLC’s Operating Agreement
  • Your New LLC Must Set Up Its Bookkeeping System
  • Commercial Lease Review
  • How to Transfer Land to Your LLC?
  • Owners of Arizona Residential Rental Real Estate Must Collect & Pay Rent Tax
  • Must the Sole Member of an Arizona LLC Sign an Operating Agreement?
  • Have All Members Signed the Operating Agreement?
  • Does Your LLC Need a Real Estate Lease?
  • Have You Protected Your Most Valuable Assets?
  • Real Estate Contracts & Leases
  • Did You Consult with a Tax Accountant about Your New LLC?
  • Employment Agreements & Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Who Inherits Your LLC if You Die?
  • How Do I Get an Arizona Trade Name aka DBA for My LLC
  • 4 Ways LLCs are Taxed
  • Should Your LLC Elect to be Taxed as an S Corporation
  • Please Give Us a Testimonial
  • Importance of Knowing & Following Arizona LLC Law
  • Beware of Commingling Bank Accounts
  • How to Register a Trademark
  • How to Document Actions Approved by Members & Managers
  • How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing for an AZ LLC
  • Samples of LLC Signatures in Contracts
  • When Must an LLC Change Its Address with the Arizona Corporation Commission?
  • Is My LLC Required to Hold Annual Meetings?
  • Does My Arizona LLC File an Annual Report with the State?
  • A Multi-member LLC’s Most Important Document
  • Take the LLC Legal Audit
  • Arizona Employment Law: Accrual of employee sick time and required posters.