Video: 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron TDY to SEA 1 Apr 72

One of the guys in my F-4 Phantom squadron, the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron based at Kunsan Air Base, Korea, in 1972 made a video about the squadron’s deployment to Southeast Asia.  I was reviewing old compact discs and found the video.  I can’t remember who made it or how long it has been sitting in my closet on the CD. 

After I published this post Ray Seymour sent me the following message:

“Dave Lowder and I supplied the photos and I put it together for the Rats Phoenix convention in May of 2012. That’s when Joe Lee Burns organized a mini reunion of the 35th in memory of Jim Beatty. No credit needed. Be well. On a separate note, Gene Doyle’s son Eric is the commander of the Blue Angels.

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Rick Keyt has practiced law in Arizona since 1980. He flew the F-4 Phantom for five years in the United States Air Force, including combat missions over South Vietnam, North Vietnam and Laos in 1972. For more about Rick's bio including his F-4 bio see his resume on his law website. Connect with Richard at 480-664-7478 or on Google+


  1. Ray Seymour September 9, 2018 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    Rick, I couldn’t get it to play. On a different note, if you remember Gene Doyle, his son Eric is now Blue Angel Lead. I hope all is well, Ray

    • Richard Keyt September 17, 2018 at 7:57 am - Reply

      I had a problem with the video loading last week, but fixed it. If you could not get the video to load, try again.

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