Arizona Voters to Vote on Medical Marijuana

ABC 15 TV:  “Now backers of a measure that goes before Arizona voters on Nov. 2 hope they’ve worked out all the kinks and that Arizonans will legalize marijuana for patients dealing with severe and persistent pain.”

The $364 Million Word: Lawyer Admits to Changing One Word in McCourts’ Post Nuptial Agreement but Its a Biggee

Frank McCourt, who bought the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in 2004 for $355 million and his soon to be ex-wife Jamie McCourt signed a post nuptial agreement that is now the subject of litigation in their acrimonious divorce.  According to a story in Forbes on April 7, 2010, the Dodges are worth $727 million.  When the McCourts signed their post nuptial agreement in which they agreed on how to divide their property in a divorce, the document said that the Dodgers was community property owned equally by each spouse.

After the parties signed the document Los Angeles Times reports that  “[Attorney Larry] Silverstein changed the word ‘exclusive’ to ‘inclusive’ to indicate the Dodgers were Frank’s sole property and not subject to California community property law.”  The lawyer admitted in court testimony that he changed the word without the prior knowledge or consent of either party.  Can you spell M A L P R A C T I C E!

The court must decide if the post nuptial agreement should contain the word “inclusive” or the word “exclusive.”  The answer is worth $364 million or $182 million for the two letters “in” vs. “ex.”

See “Dodgers Owner McCourt’s Wife Didn’t Want to Co-Own Team, Lawyer Testifies” and “Mediation scheduled in McCourt divorce case.”

Bias Led to ‘Gutting’ of New Black Panthers Case, Justice Official Says

Washington Post:  “A veteran Justice Department lawyer accused his agency Friday of being unwilling to pursue racial discrimination cases on behalf of white voters, turning what had been a lower-level controversy into an escalating political headache for the Obama administration.”

See “Voting Rights Official Calls Dismissal of Black Panther Case a ‘Travesty of Justice’,” “Time for Change: Gov’t Must Address Lawlessness Uncovered by Christopher Coates” and “Prosecutor alleges Department of Justice bias.”

Bankrupt Phoenix Spends Taxpayer Money It Doesn’t Have to Build a Skate Park that Excludes Bikes

From the we don’t have the money and the debt isn’t ours so we can spend other people’s money go deeper into debt department.  “A new urban skate park has been approved for Margaret T. Hance Park near downtown Phoenix but it won’t allow bike riders.”  I’ll give the city fathers the benefit of the doubt and assume that the city powers believe that a very large percentage of the city’s residents of all ages will be bringing their boards and in-lines to the park to hang with their homies and praise the wisdom of the city’s leaders – Not!  Notice that the story does not mention how much money the city will pay.

What I fear is that a city that spends money like there is no tomorrow and without regard to whether it has the money will create the ultimate money pit – light rail.  Oh yeah.  I forgot.  Phoenix already did that.

Goldwater Institute Sues Coconino County Recorder Owens for Preventing People Who Wore Tea Party Shirts from Voting

Goldwater Institute:  Wickberg vs. Owens –  “On Sept. 20, 2010, the Goldwater Institute filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Flagstaff resident Diane Wickberg to defend her right to vote at her polling place while wearing a T-shirt for the Flagstaff Tea Party. Poll workers have twice threatened to block Mrs. Wickberg from voting unless she removed or covered her T-shirt. The lawsuit says the actions of Coconino County and County Recorder Candace D. Owens violate Mrs. Wickberg’s constitutional rights and put her at risk of being arrested.”

Read the complaint filed with the district court and the Arizona Republic story called “Flagstaff grandmother’s ‘tea party’ shirt spurs lawsuit.”