Google AdWords Litigation Keeps Rolling In

Technology & Marketing Law Blog by Eric Goldman:  “In my world, we have an honor code among geeks–thou shalt not harm other geeks.  As you can imagine, then, I was a little sad to see geek-on-geek litigation like this one, where auto parts geeks are suing computer geeks.  Can’t we geeks all get along?  Parts Geek is an online retailer of auto parts. US Auto Parts Network is a competitor who has bought keyword ads triggered by Parts Geek’s trademarks. (However, when I searched this morning for Parts Geek, I didn’t see any US Auto Parts’ ads). In response, Parts Geek is suing its competitor as well as Google for the keyword advertising.


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  1. Jose Perez July 9, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    anybody knows how i could get my banned Adwords account back?,”,

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