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We have formed 5,900+ Arizona LLCs.  See our 107 five star Google & Facebook reviews.  We want to form your new LLC.

If you have questions about any of our services listed below please call Arizona limited liability company lawyer Richard Keyt, JD. LL.M (tax law) at 480-664-7478 (email or his son KEYTLaw LLC attorney and former CPA Richard C. Keyt, J, MS (accounting) at 480-664-7472 (email

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We offer three LLC formation packages and prices: $397 (Bronze package), $597 (Silver package) & $997 (Gold package).  See our table that compares LLC formation services for each of the three packages. For a detailed explanation of the LLC formation services we provide for each of the three packages see “Contents of Our Bronze, Silver & Gold LLC Formation Packages.

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 completely changed the way LLCs taxed as partnerships will be audited by the IRS starting January 1, 2018.  Read LLC & tax attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “LLCs Taxed as Partnerships Must Adopt a Tax Audit Agreement” to learn why all LLCs taxed as partnerships must adopt a Tax Audit Agreement that contains language that deals with the new audit rules.  To hire Richard Keyt to prepare a $497 Tax Audit Agreement for an existing LLC formed in any state, complete his Tax Audit Questionnaire.  FYI: See the Questionnaire to get an idea of the different issues addressed in the Tax Audit Agreement.
Hire Arizona estate planning and LLC attorney Richard Keyt to prepare a custom drafted Confidential Trust the purpose of which is to disguise the ultimate owner of an Arizona LLC.  If you are the beneficiary of this trust you would name the trust (not you) as the member and/or manager of an LLC so that your name will not appear in the Articles  of Organization or on the records of the Arizona Corporation Commission. To learn more about the Confidential Trust read “How to Form an Arizona LLC without Disclosing Its Ultimate Owner(s).”  Note:  The $497 price is for people for whom Richard Keyt did not form a Gold LLC.  If Richard Keyt forms your Gold LLC, the price of an additional Confidential Trust after the first trust is $297 each and you can use our address service at no cost for the first year – a total savings of $300.

If you formed your Arizona LLC and you want it to have the same LLC formation documents (excluding your LLC’s already filed Articles of Organization) that Richard Keyt prepares for all LLCs he forms then purchase our LLC Touch Up package.  For $497 you get Richard’s state of the art Operating Agreement customized for your LLC, organizational resolutions, membership certificates for each member and the LLC portfolio mailed to you (outside US postage not included).  In addition every member of your LLC will get a one year subscription to Richard’s 170+ page eBook called the “LLC Operations Manual.”  For more about this service see “I Already Formed My LLC – Can I Purchase Your Complete LLC Package at a Discount?

Was your LLC set up properly.  Is it complying with Arizona LLC law?  Have loans from members to the LLC been documented? If members transferred assets such as real estate, vehicles and other valuable property to the LLC have those transfers been properly documented?  Has the LLC purchased insurance appropriate for its activities?  These are just a few of the many legal issues raised in our unique LLC legal audit. ”

If you intend to form or have formed an Arizona LLC that will have or has more than one member (other than a two member husband and wife owned LLC), your LLC absolutely must have this critically important document.  The Buy Sell Agreement contains the members’ exist strategy.  For more about this important document, read Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “A Multi-Member LLC’s Most Important Document: Why Multi-Member LLCs Need a Buy-Sell Agreement.”

Members have a short window of time after forming a new LLC to plan for a possible future departure of a member.  Richard knows from representing thousands of companies since he started practicing business law in 1980 that most LLCs that fail to adopt a Buy-Sell Agreement when the company is formed never adopt one.  Without a Buy-Sell Agreement, there is no easy way for members to part and go their separate ways when they need an LLC “divorce.”  A Buy-Sell Agreement can save members a lot of legal fees and emotional trauma in the event of the death, disability, bankruptcy, termination of employment, divorce (when the wrong spouse obtains the membership interest), expulsion after a default under the Operating Agreement, retirement of a member or other triggering ev4ent.

We charge $897 to prepare a comprehensive Buy Sell Agreement if we also form your LLC, a savings of $600 off the normal price of $1,497.  This reduced price is available only if your LLC purchases a Buy Sell Agreement within ninety days of the date the LLC was formed.  The fee includes 1 hour of attorney time conferring with members, modifying the agreement and drafting custom provisions.  Few of our LLCs exceed the allotted attorney time to finalize their Buy-Sell Agreement.  We will bill the LLC for any excess attorney time at the attorney’s standard hourly rate of $275.  For more about this important LLC document, read the BSA’s Table of Contents and LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt’s letter of explanation.

We prepare a custom attorney drafted Operating Agreement for to be formed LLCs, existing Arizona LLCs that don’t have an OA and existing LLCs that have an OA, but need to amend it.  We have two Operating Agreements: $297 for the Operating Agreement for a single member LLC and LLCs owned solely by a married couple and $697 for an Operating Agreement for multi-member LLCs.

Each Operating Agreement is the product of Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s experience as a business lawyer since 1980 who has prepared 5,900+ LLC Operating Agreements.  Richard has invested hundreds of hours in writing a state of the art Operating Agreement that has provisions in it that he has created based on real life situations he has encountered representing members of LLC.  Your purchase includes one half hour of attorney time to answer questions and modify your Operating Agreement.  To learn more about Operating Agreements see “Why Your LLC Needs An Operating Agreement” and “Arizona LLC Operating Agreement FAQ.”

Purchase Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s editable do-it-yourself LLC forms.  Immediately after your purchase you can download your document in Word 2007 format and edit it to work for your Arizona LLC.

  • $27 Articles of Organization (Richard’s custom 3 page formation document – Richard does not use the Arizona Corporation Commission’s form, which he believes lacks certain important provisions every Arizona LLC should have.)
  • $97 Operating Agreement
  • $97 LLC Operations Manual – This is Richard Keyt’s 170+ page eBook that explains what every Arizona LLC must do to comply with Arizona’s LLC law.
  • $173 Three item LLC Bundle – Save $50 by purchasing this bundle of all three products.
  • $47 Spousal Disclaimer – If a member of an Arizona LLC acquires his or her interest in the LLC while a resident of Arizona both spouses automatically own 1/2 of the entire LLC interest by virtue of Arizona’s community property law unless the non-owner spouse signs a Disclaimer in which he or she acknowledges that the other spouse owns all of the interest as separate property.
This document is akin to a Last Will & Testament.  When witnessed, signed by the owner of an Arizona LLC whose signature is acknowledged before a notary public, this document names the heir(s) who will inherit the interest of the owner in the LLC when the owner dies.  This document causes the membership interest to transfer automatically on the death of the owner and avoids a costly, time consuming and public probate.  To learn more about this topic see “Who Will Inherit Your Membership Interest in Your Arizona LLC When You Die?

Preparation of documents to evidence adding or deleting an LLC member or increasing or decreasing members’ percentage interests.  We charge $195 each for an Assignment of Membership Interest Agreement, Amendment to the Articles of Organization and Amendment to the Operating Agreement and $100 for Resolutions of the members approving the transfer, but you can purchase all four of these documents in a package for $485 plus the $60 ACC filing fee, a $200 saving off the individual document prices. To learn more about how to document the addition or removal of a member read my article called “What to Do When Your LLC Adds or Deletes a Member or if a Member’s Interest in the Company Changes.”

Hire us to prepare an amendment to your LLC’s Articles of Organization.  If you intend to change the name of the LLC that has an address outside Maricopa and Pima County the cost is more because we have to publish a notice in a newspaper.  We prepare and file the amendment with the ACC and publish the name change in a newspaper in the appropriate county if publication is required.  To learn more read “When an LLC Must Amend its Articles of Organization” and “How to Change the Name of an Arizona LLC.”

Hire us to prepare an Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company  to register your non-Arizona LLC to do business in Arizona.  To Learn more see “Registering Foreign LLCs to do Business in Arizona.”

Hire us to prepare the documents to buy or sell an Arizona business.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a business if the transaction involves a lot of money you need purchase and sale documents that protect your interest.  When we  prepare business purchase documents we slant them to favor our client.  See Richard Keyt’s in depth article called “Legal Issues When Buying an Arizona Business: Frequently Asked Questions.”  If you are considering buying an Arizona business, this must read article explains what you need to know before you sign a purchase contract.

To hire KEYTLaw, LLC, to be the statutory agent (aka resident agent) for your Arizona or non-Arizona LLC or corporation for $99/year or to use our address service for $100/year, complete and submit our:

Hire KEYTLaw, LLC, to use its address as the LLC’s or corporation’s address in Arizona.  This is not an address service.  It’s only purpose is to allow the entity to comply with Arizona law that LLC’s or corporations formed or registered to do business here have an Arizona address.  Do not tell third parties to send any correspondence to our address.

Hire us to prepare the documents to legally terminate an Arizona LLC.  For more on this topic read “What You Need to Know Before Dissolving an Arizona Limited Liability Company.”