Article 3. Dispensaries and Dispensary Agents2017-02-04T07:33:01+00:00

R9-17-301. Principal Officers and Board Members

R9-17-302. Evaluation of Dispensary Registration Certificate Applications

R9-17-303. Dispensary Registration Certificate Allocation Process

R9-17-304. Applying for a Dispensary Registration Certificate

R9-17-305. Applying for Approval to Operate a Dispensary

R9-17-306. Changes to a Dispensary Registration Certificate

R9-17-307. Applying for Changing a Dispensary’s Location or Changing or Adding a Dispensary’s Cultivation Site

R9-17-308. Renewing a Dispensary Registration Certificate

R9-17-309. Inspections

R9-17-310. Administration

R9-17-311. Submitting an Application for a Dispensary Agent Registry Identification Card

R9-17-312. Submitting an Application to Renew a Dispensary Agent’s Registry Identification Card

R9-17-313. Medical Director

R9-17-314. Dispensing Medical Marijuana

R9-17-315. Qualifying Patient Records

R9-17-316. Inventory Control System

R9-17-317. Product Labeling and Analysis

R9-17-318. Security

R9-17-319. Edible Food Products

R9-17-320. Cleaning and Sanitation

R9-17-321. Physical Plant

R9-17-322. Denial or Revocation of a Dispensary Registration Certificate

R9-17-323. Denial or Revocation of a Dispensary Agent’s Registry Identification Card

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