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This site is your go-to resource for the latest news about Arizona's medical marijuana laws, the laws of other states that have legalized marijuana and federal marijuana laws. Content is contained in our blog.
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Los Angeles Contemplates a Dumb Pot Move

October 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Los Angeles Times:  "the draft of cannabis rules that the Los Angeles City Council will be asked to vote on sometime in the next week or so, . . . almost every other cannabis business [...]

For Those Who Have Income from Marijuana: Remaining Silent Before the Tax Man

October 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Bloomberg:  "Does your state permit sales of medical marijuana? If so, will you be prosecuted for filing your tax return and reporting your state medical marijuana income? You could, if you report illegal sources of [...]

Pot Legalization in California Brings a Bonanza of Government Jobs

October 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Los Angeles Times:  "Scientists. Tax collectors. Typists. Analysts. Lawyers. And more scientists.  Recreational marijuana use becomes legal in California in 2018, and one of the things to blossom in the emerging industry isn’t green and [...]

Sessions Targets Pot, But Six Bills Could Keep the Industry Rolling

September 30th, 2017|0 Comments

Cozen O'Connor:  "In May, Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions sent a letter to Congress that zeroed in on the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, a cornerstone of federal cannabis legislation that has handcuffed the Department of Justice from [...]