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Read Arizona asset protection attorney Richard Keyt's article called "Asset Protection Rules for Real Estate Investment."

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To learn more about Arizona's landlord law, go to Arizona landlord's lawyer Norman Keyt's new Arizona Landlord website.

Arizona Landlord Tenant Law

Arizona landlord tenant law attorney Norm Keyt provides this information as a public service to help people learn about Arizona landlord tenant law. 

Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws

How to Evict an Arizona Residential Tenant

Norm Keyt's step by step guide for landlords who do not want to use a lawyer to evict a tenant.

Residential Evictions

The Arizona Supreme Court's explanation of residential evictions for nonpayment of rent.

Eviction for Criminal Activity

Landlords can evict tenants engaged in certain criminal activity.

Landlords & Tenants

The landlord tenant relationship by Community Legal Services

University of Arizona Guides for Student Tenants - Helpful for all Residential Tenants

U of Arizona Sample Letters

AZ Multihousing Association

A trade association for Arizona's apartment and rental housing industry.

Fair Housing Rights of People with Disabilities

Arizona Center for Disability Law's article.

Tenant's Rights After a Foreclosure

A tenant who is evicted from a home after the landlord loses the property in a foreclosure may have a lawsuit against the landlord.

Pro-Tenant Lease Clauses

Pro-tenant clauses tenant's should put into Arizona residential leases.

Arizona Landlord Tenant Act Summaries

$1,000 Fine for Residential Landlords for Not Filing County Assessor Notice

Arizona residential property  owners must file a notice with County Assessor or a tenant may cancel the lease.

Arizona Leasing Forms

Residential  lease, lead paint disclosure, tenant related documents & eviction forms.

Asset Protection Rules for Investment Real Estate

Why most Arizona investment real estate should be held by an Arizona limited liability company.

Arizona Fair Housing Act

Questions and answers about Arizona's Fair Housing Act.

US Department of Housing & Urban Development Fair Housing Guides

Maricopa County Recorder

Search the Maricopa County Recorder for judgments against a prospective tenant.

Maricopa County Superior Court Case Information

Search the Maricopa County Superior Court records to see if a prospective tenant has been involved in a lawsuit.

Information for Tenants Provided by ASU's Student Legal Services

About Norman Keyt

Norm Keyt has been an Arizona lawyer since 1975.  He practices commercial civil litigation, including landlord-tenant disputes and evictions. In his thirty plus years of law practice, Norm has been lead counsel in over 100 jury trials.  Norm can be reached by telephone at 602-265-0273, email at  nck@keytlaw.com and fax at 602-265-5964.  Communicating with Norman Keyt via email or otherwise does not cause you to become a client or cause your communications to be confidential or subject to the attorney client privilege.

How to Hire AZ Landlord's Attorney to Evict a Tenant

To hire Arizona landlord's attorney Norm Keyt to evict a residential tenant or to advise you with respect to residential leases and problems with tenants, follow this link, call Norm at 602-265-0273 or send an email to nck@keytlaw.com.  No charge for quick questions about evicting a tenant.


This page was last modified on March 25, 2012.

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