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To learn more about Arizona's landlord law, go to Arizona landlord's lawyer Norman Keyt's new Arizona Landlord website.

Sample Five Day Notice Letter

by Norm Keyt, Arizona landlord tenant attorney

The following letter is an example of a five day notice letter that an Arizona residential landlord should send to a tenant who has not paid rent to start the eviction process.  The letter should be modified as necessary in light of the sender's particular facts and circumstances.  KEYTLaw recommends that you always consult with a knowledgeable Arizona eviction attorney before sending a five day notice to a residential tenant. 






<name(s) of tenant(s)>

<address of tenant(s)>

Re: <landlord's name>, v. <name of tenant(s)>

Dear <name of tenant(s)> :

You are hereby notified that there is now due to the undersigned landlord the sum of <insert words to describe amount due such as Six Hundred>, ($<insert numbers such as 600.00>) being rent and late charges for the premises situated at _________________________, Arizona, described as follows:

<insert the address of the premises here>

You are further notified that an additional late fee of ____________ dollars per day will be added to the amount due landlord until you have paid landlord in full.  You are further notified that payment of said sum due is hereby demanded of you, and unless payment is made on or before the expiration of five (5) days after service of this notice, your lease of the premises will terminate. Only FULL PAYMENT of the rent and late charges demanded in this notice will waive the landlord's right to terminate the lease under this notice, unless the landlord agrees, in writing, to continue the lease in exchange for receiving a new payment agreement.

Dated:  ________, 200_.

<add signature of landlord or authorized agent>

Hire Norm Keyt to Evict Your Tenant

If you value your time or want to make sure that your eviction is handled properly, you should hire an Arizona leasing attorney to do your forcible detainer and eviction.  If you would like Arizona attorney Norm Keyt to handle the eviction process for you, if there are special circumstances with respect to your tenant or situation, or if you need to evict a commercial property tenant, please call Norm at 602-265-0273 or send him an email at nck@keytlaw.com.  

This article was first published on November 25, 2004.

About Norman Keyt

Norm Keyt has been an Arizona lawyer since 1975.  He practices commercial civil litigation, including landlord-tenant disputes and evictions. In his thirty plus years of law practice, Norm has been lead counsel in over 100 jury trials.  Norm can be reached by telephone at 602-265-0273, email at  nck@keytlaw.com and fax at 602-265-5964.  Communicating with Norman Keyt via email or otherwise does not cause you to become a client or cause your communications to be confidential or subject to the attorney client privilege.

How to Hire AZ Landlord's Attorney to Evict a Tenant

To hire Arizona landlord's attorney Norm Keyt to evict a residential tenant or to advise you with respect to residential leases and problems with tenants, follow this link, call Norm at 602-265-0273 or send an email to nck@keytlaw.com.  No charge for quick questions about evicting a tenant.


This page was last modified on March 25, 2012.

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