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How to Use the New Facebook WordPress Plugin: A Complete Guide

Facebook recently created a WordPress plugin that allows your WordPress website or blog to interface smoothly with Facebook. I recently installed this free plug in and it looks great. I had been using a third party plugin to send content from my websites to my Facebook business page, but for some reason Facebook [...]

Why Attorneys Should be Bloggers

Do you have your own law blog? Does your law firm have a blog? Do you want to get more clients? Do you want to make more money? Does a bear . . . oh never mind. I am a big advocate of the attorney law blog. It works for me. It can [...]

WordPress Plugins Used on My Law Firm’s Websites

I have used WordPress to create 11 websites (put your cursor on the menu text above that says “My Other Websites” to access one of my other sites), ten of which I created to get more clients and revenue. The only WordPress site I created that is not for my law [...]

Why I Love WordPress for My Law Firm

I love WordPress. WordPress for attorneys is a fantastic tool for generating clients and more revenue. I have been creating my websites using WordPress since 2009. As of today I have created 11 WordPress websites. You can access them from the menu link at the top of this page. Of these 11 sites, [...]

WordPress is Most Popular Blog Software

A recent survey by Pingdom found that 48 of the most popular blogs are created with WordPress, up from 32 in 2009. In order the blog platforms by percent of sites using the software are:

48 WordPress 14 Custom 7 Movable type 6 Drupal 5 Gawker 4 Blogsmith 2 Typepad 2 Blogger