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Google’s New How Search Works Site

Do you care about how Google’s search engine works? If not you should because search engine optimization (SEO) is something you our your web guru must understand to get high search rankings and traffic. Google just announced that it created a website aptly called “How Search Works” to educate us on how Google’s […]

LexisNexis Study Finds Lawyer Bios Most Viewed Content on Lawyer Websites

Law Marketing Blog: “LexisNexis® Legal & Professional ( www.lexisnexis.com ), a leading provider of content and technology solutions, last Thursday announced results from the latest LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® study on how international B2B law firms are using their websites as part of their marketing programs. . . . When asked about the most popular […]

Google’s Webmaster Academy

We all want the content in our websites and blogs to have high Google search engine rankings. To achieve that goal there is a learning curve that requires an investment of your time. Do yourself a favor and take the courses Google offers in its free Webmaster Academy. Google says that the goal […]

Google Guy’s Video Explains How to Get Your Picture Next to Google Search Results that Show Your Content

I figured out how to configure my website/blog content with Google so that when Google displays search results that show a link to any of my pages or posts my picture will appear to the left of the link. People say that having your picture next to your Google search result will substantially […]

Beware of Blog Posts with Long or Ugly URLs

I got an email today from a lawyer who said check out my article at : http://blog.firmname.com/index.php/estate-planning-2/7-major-errors-in-estate-planning/#more-147. Have you ever gotten an message with a link that is mostly numbers such as www.firmname.com/blog/12/5/030455020110304440500060.phx? I am sure you get lots of email messages that have URLS with a long string of text or numbers […]

Google’s Matt Cutts Explains How to Get Better Visibility on Google

You might call this video by Google’s SEO public relations guru Matt Cutts “search engine optimization 101.” He explains the basics of SEO and what you must always consider when making a web page or blog post.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

If you have not subscribed to Search Engine Land’s RSS feed and if you want to learn how to get higher Google / search engine rankings you need to sign up yesterday. SEO means search engine optimization. It is the “science” of how search engines work and what to do on your website […]