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Fujitsu iX500 Scanner

Abolish the Law Reviews!

This week I have been talking to my summer law clerk about her recent selection to be a staff member of the Arizona State University Law Journal. She is a very bright young lady who just finished her first year of law school at ASU. Her selection reminded me of my experience as [...]

Lawyers Who Talk about Client’s Confidential Information on the Phone Won’t Use Automated Cloud Backup Services Because Fear of Hackers

Yesterday I saw the following on a lawyer list serve:

“I’m still concerned about the security of the information. Anything involving software can be hacked. Although I freely admit to a tech deficient mind, still I have not seen any info which demonstrates that cloud computing is less risky than not using cloud [...]

Lawline Offers 1,000+ Hours of Free Continuing Legal Education

“The value of legal education is higher than ever, unfortunately so is the price. But with the relaunch of its website, Lawline.com has set out on a mission to provide legal education to all those eager to learn, for free. With over 1,000 hours of content available, Lawline has recently enabled users to [...]

iLawyer: What Happens When Computers Replace Attorneys?

The article linked to below discusses a topic I have been preaching for years. I tell all my lawyer friends, especially young lawyers, that technology has changed and will continue to change the practice of law and you must embrace it and use it to your advantage or your revenue will decrease. What [...]

More Email Signature Block Spam

I have a new contestant for the worst email signature block spam of the year. I got an email message today with the following text after the sender’s name:

This e-mail transmission contains information that is intended to be privileged and confidential pursuant to the attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine. It [...]

LegalZoom and the Future of Law Practice

In April of 2012 there was a very interesting discussion on the Wealthcounsel member listserve about LegalZoom and its impact on the future of law practices. The discussion was started by Orange County estate planning attorney David Hiersekorn who began a message with:

“I attended a conference this last week and [...]

Dewey & Leboeuf is Biggest Law Firm Bankruptcy Ever

Reuters: “The crippled law firm Dewey & Leboeuf LLP filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday night and will seek approval to liquidate its business after failing to find a merger partner, marking the biggest collapse of a law firm in U.S. history. Once one of the largest law firms in the U.S., [...]

Tips for Making the Perfect Google Profile Picture

In the process of configuring my Google profile I came across an interesting and useful article that has nine tips for taking a picture to upload to your Google profile.

Happy Profile Picture = Happy Life The open-mouth glamor shot: body language for your face Fake IDs: babies, cartoons and pets No logos, [...]

Law Office Printers

Hewlett Packard Laserjet Printers

Ever since 1985 when I bought my first Hewlett Packard laser printer I have only purchased and used laser printers in my law practice. I am biased towards Hewlett Packard laser printers because in my experience they are fast, produce high quality text and never need maintenance [...]

How to Shorten Long URLs

Did you ever want to send somebody a link to a web page, but the URL for the page was very very long? There is a simple way to convert a long URL into a tiny URL. Just copy the URL, go to http://tinyurl.com, paste the long URL into the box, click the [...]

Beware of Blog Posts with Long or Ugly URLs

I got an email today from a lawyer who said check out my article at : http://blog.firmname.com/index.php/estate-planning-2/7-major-errors-in-estate-planning/#more-147. Have you ever gotten an message with a link that is mostly numbers such as www.firmname.com/blog/12/5/030455020110304440500060.phx? I am sure you get lots of email messages that have URLS with a long string of text or numbers [...]

Why Attorneys Should be Bloggers

Do you have your own law blog? Does your law firm have a blog? Do you want to get more clients? Do you want to make more money? Does a bear . . . oh never mind. I am a big advocate of the attorney law blog. It works for me. It can [...]

A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily Creating Compelling Content

Copyblogger is a great website for learning about blogging and website building using WordPress. It’s tag line is “Content Marketing Solutions for WordPress that Work.” I bookmarked this site a few years ago and recommend it for those who want to learn more about using WordPress and getting more traffic to their website [...]

My Favorite iPhone / iPad Apps

I’ve had an iPhone and an iPad since each device was first offered for sale. I do love both of these incredible electronic computers/phones/do-it-alls. Today at lunch two of my long-time former law partners showed me their new first time-user iPhones and they asked me what apps to get. Which apps to get [...]

44 Must Read Resources on Content Marketing

The secret to getting a lot of traffic to your website is not really a secret. For those of you who do not know the single most important thing you must do to get lots of visitors to come to your website here it is:

Put lots of high quality content [...]

Email Signature Block Spam

This morning I saw an email message that contained one line of text and FORTY-NINE lines of signature block spam. Here’s the message (with redaction to protect the guilty) with the same line spacing, but with the 15 html links removed:

Would you be willing to share the language that you use?

XXX XXXXXXXX, Attorney [...]

What is a QR Code & How Can I Make One?

More and more people are using QR codes. An example of a QR code is made in one minute is below. A QR code is a digital method of conveying information contained in the design of the QR code. It is a great way to quickly deliver key information to another person or [...]

Google Plus & Google’s Rich Snippet

Do you know what a Google “rich snippet” is? Should you? If you want more visitors to your blog or website you need to know what a rich snippet is and how to create them. There are three types of bloggers and webmasters:

those that are clueless about Google +, those that have [...]

Beware of Nolo / Experthub Paid Attorney Listings

In August of 2011 a good salesman for ExpertHub suckered me into purchasing a listing for estate planning lawyers on Nolo’s website at www.nolo.com. Here’s a link to my listing. The “referrals” I got from my listing on Nolo were of no use to me and did not result in a single dollar [...]

Leveraging Your Blog to Bring in More Work

In a one hour video LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe provides some tough love and explains how he uses his blog and other platforms on the Internet — like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and even text messaging — to build relationships and bring in business. Blogging is an important piece of my internet marketing solution. [...]

The Death Spiral of America’s Big Law Firms

The Atlantic: “How some of America’s top law firms devoured profits before the Great Recession, got too fat, and are now suffering the consequences. . . . During the early and mid aughts, firms built unsustainable business models that survived off the froth flying from Wall Street. Now, many have become too bloated [...]

Journalist Declares “Death to Microsoft Word”

Tom Socca wrote an article published in Slate on April 11, 2012, in which he announced his hatred for Microsoft Word 2010 and predicted its death. He says:

“Nowadays, I get the same feeling of dread when I open an email to see a Microsoft Word document attached. Time and effort are about [...]

Richard Keyt’s Attorney Tech Rules

Keyt’s Technology Rule Number 1

Learn to use your software so you can teach others how to use it. If you cannot use your software you will be dependent on third parties (to whom you will pay a lot of money) for your productivity and profitability. These third parties include consultants, but also [...]