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The Simple 3P Formula for Business Blogging Success

Remarkablogger has an excellent blog post about how to get traffic to your website or blog.  The post states the following fundamental traffic facts of life:

“There are only two ways people will find your web page: search or referral. They will go to Google, type some words into that little box, see a list of results and click on one (probably the first one). Knowing what those words are is very important if you hope for people to find your content via search. The second way people find a web page of yours is by referral: in other words, somehow they ran across a link to your page and clicked on it. That link could have been referred to them any number of ways:

  • Social media sharing
  • In an email they subscribed to or had forwarded to them
  • The link was on another web page

The reason why we engage in content marketing in the first place is based on these being the only two ways anyone will ever find your web page: people will want to educate themselves about a topic and search on it or they click on a link which crosses their path that looks promising.”

Read about the 3 Ps: People, Problem & Product.

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