Vietnam War Military Aviation Links

Vietnam War Military Aviation Links

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Web Sites about F-4 Phantoms

USAF & Navy Aircraft Used in Vietnam

Vietnam Aviation Stories

  • Spad Stories – Various authors relate their combat experiences in the A-1.  It also has downloadable video clips of actual A-1 combat missions.
  • Jim “Jink” Bender – An A-1 Story
  • Terry Bolstad & Robert Arnau – Bad News on the PDJ
  • Robert DeGroat – The Sandy Spad
  • Mel Elliott – Plei Me
  • Jon Ewing – Belly Landing at Ubon
  • Harry S. Gann – Jack Spanich & Skyraider Warbirds
  • Byron Hukee – Down There Amongst Them
  • George Marrett – The Jollys Get an Assist
  • Al Martin – Down on the PDJ
  • Tom Nelson – Spads . . . & Navy Spad Pilots . . . Between the Wars
  • Jim Reid – Spad Sand Blower
  • Jim Reid – That Damn Tow Plane
  • Bob Russell – Why Yes . . . I Flew Spads
  • Lt. Dieter Dengler’s Escape from Laos.  Lt. Dengler’s A-1 Skyraider was shot down on his first mission over North Vietnam.  This page has an audio clip of Dieter talking about his rescue with Gene Deatrick, the USAF A-1 Sandy driver who spotted Dieter on the ground.
  • Medal of Honor Mission of Major Bernard F. Fisher, USAF, who landed his A-1 in hostile territory and picked up a downed pilot.  This page has part of the audio tape of Fisher’s mission.
  • Tullo and the Giant by Robert A. Hanson, Air & Space Magazine, June/July 1997.  On July 27, 1965, Capt. Frank Tullo’s F-105 was went down over North Vietnam.  This is the story of his rescue by a CH-3 helicopter.
  • Counterpunch by Robert A. Hanson, Air & Space Magazine, August/September 1998.  On December 22, 1965, Captain Jack Donovan, an electronics warfare officer, and his pilot, Captain Allen Lamb, took their F-100F into North Vietnam in search of SAMs during the pioneer days of the Wild Weasel mission.
  • Mocked by the Mach by Thomas Utts.  A ground pounder’s tale of his backseat ride in an F-105 Thunderchief.
  • Change of Command by Ralph F. Wetterhahn, Air & Space Magazine, August/September 1997.  Flying F-4s with Robin Olds in the Triple Nickel Tactical Fighter Squadron out of Ubon Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, in 1965.
  • Robin Olds by Chief Master Sgt. Tom Kuhn, Airman Magazine.  General Olds’ background.
  • She’s a Lady by Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, USAF (ret.).  The legendary fighter pilot’s tribute to the Phantom.
  • A Group Called Wolf by Lt. Col. Mark E. Berent, USAF (ret.).  Mark describes what the Wolf FACs were and what they did.
  • The Glorification of War on the Fourth by JD Wetterling, who flew 268 combat missions in F-100s in the Vietnam War.  JD describes a night scramble of a two ship of Huns to provide close air support to a fire base under attack.
  • Steve Richie, USAF’s first pilot ace of the Vietnam war.
  • The Easter Halt by Walter J. Boyne, from Air Force Magazine, September 1998 – How Air Power Repelled North Vietnam’s invasion of South Vietnam in the spring of 1972
  • Sandy Superb by John L. Frisbee, from Air Force Magazine, May 1988
  • Still the Noblest Calling by JD Wetterling, from the Wall Street Journal.  JD describes his first visit to the Vietnam War Memorial and remembers three close friends and fellow F-100 pilots who were killed in action.
  • Interview with Major Ed Rasimus (USAF, Ret) about his experiences flying the F-105 and F-4 during two tours in SEA and his book entitled “When Thunder Rolled”
  • Shoot Down of Covey 264 – Bill Townsley tells how he got shot down on January 18, 1969, over the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Vietnam Era Fighter/Bomber Ordinance

  • AIM-7 Sparrow – All aspect radar guided air intercept missile.

Vietnam Era Military Aviation Associations

Roman 02 SAR

Helborn 20 SAR – 25 Jul 68

Master 01 SAR

Scotch 03 SAR – 30 Jun – 1 Jul 68

Jolly Green 71 shot down by Mig 21

Gunfighter 82 SAR – 18 Dec 71

Icebag 01B SAR – 12 May 72

Military or Vietnam Aviation Related

  • Stolen Valor – one of my favorite Vietnam books.  It debukes many media-feed popular, but false public beliefs about Vietnam veterans.  It also tells the story of many Vietnam wannabes discredited by the author.
  • Return with Honor – An excellent documentary about the men who endured the hardship and torture in the Hanoi Hilton, told by them in their own words.
  • Dick Jonas Site – Dick Jonas, fighter pilot and combat veteran, is the Vietnam era fighter pilots’ unofficial balladeer.  His Vietnam fighter pilot songs are available for purchase here.
  • – The official site for information about Jane Fonda’s trip to North Vietnam in 1972.
  • Task Force Omega – this site contains biographies and incident reports of Vietnam war prisoners of war and men who are missing in action (MIA)
  • The Iron Hand Troll – Robert King’s first-hand recollections of as a Wild Weasel bear flying the Thud in Southeast Asia and the in the U.S.

United States Air Force

Military Aviation Units

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