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F-4 Models

$140.  USAF F-4E model.  The supersonic long-range all- weather F-4 Phantom II was designed for the United States Navy (USN) by McDonnell Douglas. It first entered service in 1960. During the Vietnam War, it was the primary air superiority fighter and a workhorse fighter-bomber for the US Air Force (USAF), Navy and Marine Corps. By 1963, it had been adopted by the USAF for the fighter-bomber role.   Innovations in the F-4 included an advanced pulse-doppler radar and extensive use of titanium in the airframe. It could carry up to 8,480 kg of weapons such as air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, as well as unguided, guided and nuclear bombs.



$140 Navy F-4B model.  The F-4 Phantom II is a fighter-bomber manufactured by McDonnell Aircraft and was originally developed for the US Navy. The Phantom was used extensively in the Vietnam War and was utilized for ground-attack and reconnaissance roles.   The initial F4H-1 (later F-4B) entered service in 1961. The USAF evaluated it for close air support, interdiction, and counter-air operations. Operational squadrons flew navy F-4Bs until the late 1960s. During the early 1970s, 228 F-4Bs were upgraded as F-4N under Project Bee Line.   The primary users and operators of the Phantom are the United States Air Force, United States Navy and the United states Marine Corps.



$140 Navy F-4N model.  The F-4N Phantom II was used by the U.S. military as the primary air fighter and a fighter-bomber for the US Air Force, Navy and Marines during the Vietnam War. The F-4N upgrade program began in 1970, as response to Navy concerns about the condition of the F-4B aircraft, which by that time were over a decade old and rather the worse for wear. In that year, a program named Bee Line was initiated in which the F-4Bs were refurbished and modernized.




$140 Marine F-4J model.  The F-4J was the final version of the Phantom to be placed in production for the US Navy and US Marine Corps. A total of 522 F- 4Js were built for the Navy and Marine Corps between December 1966 and January 1972. The first Marine Corps unit to receive the F-4J was VMFA-334, which began to receive the type in June of 1967.   The following Marine Corps units operated the F- 4J:   VMFA-112, VMFA- 115, VMFA-122, VMFA-212, VMFA- 232, VMFA-235, VMFA-312, VMFA- 333, VMFA-334, VMFA-451, and VMFAT-101.   Marine Corps F-4Js were used extensively in Vietnam during the latter stages of Operation Rolling Thunder, which lasted from March 2, 1965 until October 31, 1968. They returned to Vietnam in April of 1972 in response to the North Vietnamese offensive to participate in Operation Linebacker. In May, Marine Corps Phantoms moved to bases in Thailand, from which they flew strikes against targets in Laos and North Vietnam.


$140. USAF F-4G model.  The Wild Weasel was derived from the Project Wild Weasel. The Wild Weasel is an aircraft designed to identify, locate and physically suppress or destroy ground-based enemy air defense systems.   By 1975, the F-4G Phantom became the Wild Weasel. There are about 116 F-4Es rebuilt as F-4Gs. The F-4G Wild Weasels were stationed at George AFB, Victorville, CA. and were deployed to four active wings; one wing was assigned to USAFE (US Air Forces Europe) at Spangdahlem AB, Germany and the other was assigned to PACAF (Pacific Air Forces) at Clark AFB, Philippines. The F-4G saw combat during the Gulf War and was reported to have only lost a single aircraft. After the Gulf War, the George AFB aircraft were assigned to the Air National Guard at Boise, ID. In 1991, the F-4G Phantom Wild Weasel was deployed in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq and its EW System had been upgraded to an AN/APR-47 configuration. The F-4G fired more than 1,000 air-to-ground missiles and destroyed more than 200 targets.


All of F-4 models show above are made from only the finest grade of mahogany, worked to a perfect scale copy of the real plane. The design of the wing, the tail and the body of this art piece are carefully carved, mirrored from the actual Phantom F4. Cover it in a detailed, complete paint scheme, that includes squadron name, logos, insignia and the planes distinct markings, and you get a one of a kind model you can definitely be proud of!  Detachable stand is included with the model which may vary from the photo.  Base stands with logo are sold separately. Call 800-579-1207 or +1 (480) 991-1841 to ask about customized base stands.

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