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Facebook Acquires

It appears Facebook, in its attempt to preserve its standing as the preeminent social media behemoth, has  acquired yet another tech company., a company devoted to face recognition software, has been purchased by Facebook for an undisclosed sum.

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Facebook Poised To Be Largest Internet IPO Ever

Facebook may see its value touch the $100 billion mark if its impending IPO is offered at the top of its new pricing range.

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IP For Your Business: Think Twice Before Shutting Down Social Media

The Record:  A “serious concern is what your employees are saying about your company. Every employee is now potentially an unsupervised spokesperson for your company twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year. And each of your employee’s unapproved statements is being categorized by search engines and forever identified with your company on Twitter, Facebook, personal employee blogs and other third party sites.”

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Social Media Use by Employees May Create Problems for Employers

Arizona Republic:  “When the setting is a city, county or state government, striking a balance between open and restricted Internet access at work is more difficult.  For government, unlike private employers, anything a worker does online may be considered a public record. That means any tweet, Facebook post or personal e-mail could be open to public scrutiny.”  The story discusses how internet use by employees of the City of Surprise, Arizona, created a problem.

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Companies Say No to Friending & Tweeting  ‘Lawyers are calling it social networking burnout.  Back-to-back studies, the most recent issued Tuesday, show a big chunk of corporate America is banning communication wonders like Twitter and Facebook from the workplace.   According to the latest survey of more than 1,400 U.S. companies, more than half (54 percent) said they prohibit employees from visiting sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace while on the clock.”

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Social Networks and Personal Injury Suits

Times have changed.  We all know the adage “think before your speak.”  In the age of social media we now have “think before you tweet.”  Millions of people are using social media like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to communicate.  Sometimes, information displayed online can cause the author and/or website owner to become the defendant in a lawsuit.

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