Officer Lovejoy’s Lawsuit Against Joe Arpaio Allowed to Proceed

Phoenix New Times:  “U.S. District Judge Neil Wake is allowing a Chandler police officer Thomas Lovejoy’s lawsuit alleging rights violations to move forward in the latest blow to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Lovejoy’s the over-worked officer who left his K-9 partner, Bandit, to die in a hot patrol car on August 11, 2007 and was later arrested and charged by the discredited law-enforcement duo of Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Lovejoy claimed the whole thing was a sham, designed to pump up ratings for a sheriff obsessed with publicity.”

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Latinos May Join Class-action Lawsuit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arizona Republic:  “A federal judge issued a ruling Friday [December 23, 2011] that will curtail the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office’s ability to target illegal immigrants and gives thousands of Hispanics standing in a civil lawsuit that seeks to fundamentally alter Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration-enforcement efforts. Judge Murray Snow’s ruling created a class action, giving every Latino stopped, questioned or detained by the Sheriff’s Office since January 2007 standing in the 4-year-old civil-rights lawsuit.”

See also the Phoenix New Times story called “Joe Arpaio Can be Sued by Detained Hispanics: Judge Grants Class Status in Lawsuit to Hispanics Stopped by Arpaio’s Deputies, Orders Halt to Human-Smuggling Enforcement in Current Form.”

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The 7 Most Illuminating Economic Charts of 2011

The American:  “My Magnificent Seven. Some bust myths. Others highlight a reality the media is ignoring. Enjoy!”  This article covers 7 economic areas and contains 7 charts that track results over the last several decades.  The seven charts are:

  1. “The overly optimistic unemployment forecast of the Obama White House. This may be the most infamous economic prediction in U.S. political history.”
  2.  The real unemployment rate.
  3. Middle-class incomes have been stagnant for decades—not.
  4. Inequality has exploded—not.
  5. The underwhelming Obama recovery using GDP.
  6. The underwhelming Obama recovery using unemployment.
  7. America’s debt picture is worse than you think.
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The Trunk Monkey

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The Corruption of America

Porter Stansberry of the Stansberry Investment Advisory wrote an article that every American who cares about the future of our county should read.  The lengthy article is The Corruption of America.  Here are a few excerpts:

“The numbers tell us America is in decline… if not outright collapse.  I say ‘the numbers tell us’ because I’ve become very sensitive to the impact this kind of statement has on people. When I warned about the impending bankruptcy of General Motors in 2006 and 2007, readers actually blamed me for the company’s problems – as if my warnings to the public were the real problem, rather than GM’s $400 billion in debt. . . .

Our political leaders, our business leaders, and our cultural leaders have made a series of catastrophic choices. The result has been a long decline in America’s standard of living.

 For decades, we have papered over these problems with massive amounts of borrowing. But now, our debts total close to 400% of GDP, and America is the world’s largest borrower (after being the world’s largest creditor only 40 years ago)… And the holes in our society can no longer be hidden…

We’ve reached the point where we will have to fix what lies at the heart of America’s decline… or be satisfied with a vastly lower standard of living in the future. . . .

Our analysis shows you what’s actually happened to our real standard of living. The results, we suspect, will surprise even the most bearish among you.

America is in a steep decline. . . .

Consider, for example, annual sales of automobiles. Auto sales peaked in 1985 (11 million) and have been declining at a fairly steady rate since 1999. In 2009, Americans bought just 5.4 million passenger cars. As a result, the median age of a registered vehicle in the U.S. is almost 10 years.

 Our data shows that real per-capita wealth peaked in the late 1960s. Guess when we find the absolutely lowest median age of the U.S. fleet? In 1969. At the end of the 1960s, the median age of all the cars on the road in the U.S. was only 5.1 years. Even as recently as 1990, the median age was only 6.5 years.

 Rich people buy new cars. Poor people do not.”

I urge you to read this article.  Here is a list of the article’s subject headings:

  • Who Suffers Most
  • The Ethos of ‘Getting Yours’
  • The Corruption of Politics
  • How Socialism Came to America…and Destroyed Detroit
  • Government Employee Unions: Organized Corruption
  • Welfare for the Rich, Too
  • The Corruption of the Corporation
  • Is This Fascism?

This country is broken and it appears we are unable to acknowledge that fact so it is unlikely we can take action to heal our decaying system.  If you don’t believe me, watch this video about the incredible amount of free stuff the U.S. gives away to almost one half of its citizens then ask yourself this question:  Is the U.S. government giving away more or less every day, month, year, decade?

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25 Tips For Staying Sane During Law School

Online Colleges: 

Law school is stressful, and that’s by design: the rigors of earning your law degree are similar to the rigors you’ll endure as a budding legal professional, where only the strong survive. And although law school can be difficult, that doesn’t mean you have to become insane on the way to graduation. There are several ways to cope, prevent stress, and stop the insanity before it starts. We’ve outlined 25 tips that can help you stay sane and happy, and even live like a normal person now and then.

1. Keep your goals achievable

It’s great to set big dreams and work toward making them a reality, but be careful not to overdo it. Think about how you’re going to get there, and set achievable goals that you know you can reach along the way. Checking off goals that are realistic for you to achieve can really build your self confidence, and give you momentum to keep going for the big stuff.

2. Give your mind a break after lectures

After going through lectures and briefing, your mind needs a break. Although it’s tempting to go straight to the books, spending a little time vegging out is important to your mental health and energy. For an hour after your lectures are over, just take some time to do something else, like playing with your pets or watching TV. Anything that can temporarily get your mind off of law school and let you be yourself for a while.

3. Practice time management

Read 22 more tips here.

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Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle

Capcon Michigan Capitol Confidential:  “Each Chevy Volt sold thus far may have as much as $250,000 in state and federal dollars in incentives behind it – a total of $3 billion altogether, according to an analysis by James Hohman, assistant director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. . . . GM has estimated they’ve sold 6,000 Volts so far. That would mean each of the 6,000 Volts sold would be subsidized between $50,000 and $250,000, depending on how many government subsidy milestones are realized.”

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Racial Profiling Lawsuit vs. Maricopa County Sheriff to Begin

Arizona Republic:  “Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres wasn’t the first person to accuse the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of racial profiling, but the legal resident’s lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office was among the first legal challenges to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration-enforcement tactics.  The 4-year-old case today will go before a U.S. District Court judge, who could determine whether the case will move forward.  Since Ortega Melendres filed his lawsuit in December 2007, four other plaintiffs have joined the case”

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Woman Sues Maricopa County in 2009 Birth

Arizona Republic:  Miriam Mendiola-Martinez “sued the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and others claiming that county employees exhibited deliberate indifference to her medical needs and violated her constitutional rights against cruel and unusual punishment when they kept her shackled before and after her 2009 Caesarean section.  The lawsuit, as support for the woman’s claims, cites a recently released Justice Department report accusing the Sheriff’s Office of discrimination and Maricopa County’s struggles with maintaining accreditation in its jail health-care facilities.”

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Dannys Family Carwash Chapter 11 Bankrutpcy Finalized

Arizona Republic:  “A judge has approved the bankruptcy reorganization plan for a group of car washes, restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores owned by Scottsdale-based Danny’s Family Cos., and for its founder and CEO, Daniel ‘Danny’ Hendon.  According to documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona, Judge Eileen Hollowell approved the Chapter 11 reorganization plan on Friday.  The plan establishes a five-year schedule for the repayment of lenders, car-wash vendors and suppliers, and other creditors by 20 affiliate businesses of Danny’s.”

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