Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt has formed 4,300+ Arizona limited liability companies because he provides great LLC formation services for less $ than nonlawyer LegalZoom charges for fewer services and because clients love what he does. Don’t take our word for it though read and watch testimonials from some of our happy LLC clients.


guarantysealIf you are not happy with the formation service we provide, you may ask for a refund in writing within thirty days after the date we file your LLC’s Articles of Organization and we will refund your LLC formation fee less the $85 filing fee and the $27 newspaper publication fee.

The list below contains a detailed explanation of each of the services we provide for our Bronze ($397), Silver ($597) and Gold ($997) LLC formation packages.  Click on an item number to open the tab and view the description of the service.

LLC Formation Services for Bronze, Silver & Gold LLC Packages

1. Answers to Your Questions
Unlimited free telephone calls with an Arizona LLC attorney who will answer all of your questions about forming and operating Arizona LLCs.
2. LLC Name Verification
3. Custom Articles of Organization Rather than the ACC's Bare Bones Articles
4. Arizona Corporation Commission Coversheet
5. File the Articles of Organization
6. Pay the ACC Filing Fee
7. Email the Articles of Organization to You
8. IRS Employer ID Number (EIN)
9. Custom Operating Agreement
10. PDF Copy of the Operating Agreement
11. Spousal Disclaimer for a Married Member Who Owns the LLC as Separate Property
12. Notice of Publication
13. Publish the Notice of Publication in an ACC Approved Newspaper Before the Statutory Deadline
14. Affidavit of Publication
15. Statutory Agent Service

Additional LLC Formation Services for the Silver & Gold LLC Packages

16. Arizona LLC Operations Manual
17. Organizational Resolutions of the Members
18. Membership Certificates
19. LLC Portfolio
20. Springing Member Provision in the Articles of Organization & Operating Agreement
21. Noneconomic Member Provision in Articles of Organization & Operating Agreement
22. Operations Compliance Alert System
23. Free 60 Day Post Formation LLC Audit Meeting with LLC Attorney

Additional LLC Formation Services for the Gold LLC Package

24. We Get the IRS Employer ID Number
25. Confidential Trust to Prevent the Disclosure of the Ultimate Owner of the LLC on the ACC's Public Records
26. Address Service for the LLC & It's Owners
27. LLC Documents Stored in the Cloud & Available 24/7

We Answer LLC Formation Questions for Free

If you have questions about forming an Arizona LLC, contact Arizona LLC lawyers Richard Keyt at 602-906-4953, ext. 1 or his son Richard C. Keyt, JD, CPA, at 602-906-4953, ext. 3.  We do not charge for entity formation related questions.

Two Easy Ways to Hire Richard Keyt to Form Your Arizona LLC for $397 (Bronze), $597 (Silver) or $997 (Gold)

We’ve made it very easy to hire Richard Keyt (4,300+ LLCs formed) and KEYTLaw, LLC, to form your new Arizona LLC.  It’s a simple 5 – 10 minute process.  To hire Richard to form your new LLC select one of the following two options:

Option 1 – Telephone

Call any of the following KEYTLaw people and give your LLC and credit card information over the phone:

  • Richard Keyt, J.D., LL.M (federal taxation) – 602-906-4953, ext. 1
  • KEYTLaw LLC legal assistant Lynette Balderrama – 602-906-4953, ext. 7

Option 2 – Online

Go to our Bronze ($397), Silver ($597) & Gold ($997) LLC Formation Packages Comparison page to see the contents of our three levels of LLC formation services then click on the Buy button to purchase one of the three packages.