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Landlord Litigation

If you're a landlord and you need to sue a tenant to recover damages, or your tenant sues you, we can represent you in the litigation. In addition to eviction lawsuits, there are three common types of litigation matters we regularly handle for Arizona landlords.

Damage to Property

If a tenant damages your property beyond normal wear and tear, you have a claim against them for your damages. These cases range from situations where tenants have intentionally inflicted substantial damage as retaliation to situations where tenants destroy carpet by failing to control their pets. For More Information.

Breach of Contract

If your tenant fails to perform as required by the lease, you can sue the tenant to recover your damages. We regularly handle breach of contract claims for Arizona landlords against former tenants. For More Information.

Personal Guaranty

We regularly represent commercial landlords seeking enforcement of personal guarantees associated with commercial leases. For More Information.

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Arizona Commercial Landlord Services

Arizona commercial landlord and tenant law is dramatically different than Arizona residential landlord and tenant law.  For example,  an Arizona commercial landlord can lock-out his tenant for failure to pay rent.  Arizona law prohibits locking out a residential tenant.

While Arizona law allows a commercial tenant lock-out,  a landlord should still have a lease that addresses the lock-out procedure and limits the landlord’s liability.  A good commercial lease,  tailored to Arizona law is an important tool for any Arizona commercial landlord.  If you would like KeytLaw to draft an Arizona commercial lease that protects your assets and limits your liabilities follow the link below.

Even though it’s possible to recover possession of your commercial property without filing an eviction lawsuit in court,  you may still want to file an eviction lawsuit to obtain a judgment against your tenant.  Whether or not to file an eviction lawsuit should be considered on case-by-case basis.  If you have personal guaranties from the principals of your tenant you may want to file lawsuit based on the guaranty  to recover the damages caused by your tenant’s breach.

Need a Commercial Lease?

We prepare commercial leases tailored to Arizona law for Arizona commercial landlords.  We can draft a lease specifically for your property,  whether it’s a single tenant or multiple tenant property.  Our commercial lease includes a personal guaranty to accompany the lease.  Legal work drafting a commercial lease is billed on an hourly basis.  Our attorney’s hourly rates range from $275 to $350 an hour depending on the experience of the attorney.  We require an advance fee of $750 to begin work.  The fee is placed in trust and we bill against it as work progresses.  It is possible in more complex commercial transactions for hourly fees to exceed the $750 advance fee.  If the lease is completed and a balance remains in trust, the balance is refunded to you.

If you need a lease that protects you, your company and your property, follow this link.

Commercial Landlord services

Commercial Eviction $1,500, includes filing fee and service of process
Commercial Lease $750
Bankruptcy Relief From Stay $650
Consultation $275
Personal Guaranty Lawsuit Hourly rates apply
Garnishment $300

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