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Arizona Corporation Library

2,900+ Arizona Corporations & LLCs Formed

Arizona corporate attorney Richard Keyt provides this corporation library as a public service to help people learn about Arizona corporations.

How to Form an Arizona Profit Corporation

KEYTLaw's checklist and explanation from A to Z of the tasks involved in creating a new corporation in Arizona.

How to Form an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation

Arizona nonprofit incorporations explained in depth.

Nonprofit Incorporation Service

The 24 services we provide & 16 documents we prepare when we form an AZ nonprofit corporation.

Types of Entities for New Arizona Companies

Explanation and comparison of Arizona limited liability companies, S & C corporations, sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, and trusts.

Entity Formation Articles

Articles written by Richard Keyt about forming LLCs and corporations.

New Business Information

Information and websites helpful to starting a new business.

Corporation Related IRS Forms

Forms SS-4, 8832, 2553 and their instructions.

Get a Federal ID Number

How to get a federal employer ID number by phone or the internet.

AZ Sales Tax License

How to get an Arizona sales tax license and state tax id number.

LLC or Corporation?

Why the LLC is the entity of choice for businesses and holding real estate in Arizona.

Incorporation Service

KEYTLaw's low price fixed legal fee incorporation service and the tasks we will perform if you hire us to prepare your new Arizona corporation.

Incorporation Questionnaire

Complete this short online form to hire Arizona business attorney Richard Keyt to form your corporation.

Annual Meeting Minutes Preparation Service

Don't give creditors a foot in the door to pierce the corporate veil by not holding annual meetings as required by Arizona law.  Let us prepare your annual minutes automatically for you each year.

Statutory Agent / Known Place of Business Services

Why you should hire KEYTLaw as your statutory agent or use its office as your company's known place of business in Arizona.

Registering Foreign Corporations to do Business in Arizona

An explanation of how a foreign corporation qualifies to transact business in Arizona.

KEYTLaw v. Document Preparers

Why you should use an Arizona business attorney to form your Arizona entity.

Phoenix Attorney Richard Keyt

Richard Keyt is an Arizona attorney who practices business, transactions, contracts, Arizona real estate law, estate planning and internet law.  Rick is a Phoenix attorney licensed to practice law in Arizona.  He has provided legal services to businesses and people in Arizona since 1980.  Rick can be reached by telephone at 602-906-4953, ext. 3, email at  rickkeyt@keytlaw.com and fax at 602-297-6890.  Rick's Arizona law, internet, e-commerce and domain name law web site is KEYTLaw, located at www.keytlaw.com.

All Documents Attorney Prepared - not Paralegal or Document Preparer Prepared
No Charge for Phone Questions

Call Arizona for profit & nonprofit corporation lawyer Richard Keyt at 602-906-4953, ext. 1 if you have questions about forming an Arizona for profit or nonprofit corporation (no charge.

For Profit Incorporation Service

For a complete description or KEYTLaw's low price fixed legal fee incorporation service and the tasks we will perform if you hire us to form your new Arizona corporation, see the KEYTLaw Incorporation Service

To hire Arizona corporate attorney Richard Keyt to form your new Arizona corporation for a guaranteed fixed fee of $995, complete the Incorporation Agreement online, sign it and send it to us with your check.

Nonprofit Incorporation Service

To hire Arizona nonprofit corporation attorney Richard Keyt to provide 24 services, prepare 16 documents and form your AZ nonprofit corporation for $1,319, complete our online Nonprofit Corporation Incorporation Questionnaire.  You may pay with a credit card or by check.

Foreign Corp Registration Service

To hire KEYTLaw to prepare the documents to register your corporation to transaction business in Arizona, complete the online Service Agreement, sign it and send it to us with your check and corporate documents.




This page was last modified on May 18, 2011.

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