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Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 33, Chapter 11

Article 1General Provisions
33-1401Short title
33-1403Supplementary principles of law applicable
33-1404Administration of remedies; enforcement
33-1405Settlement of disputed claim or right
33-1406Territorial application
33-1407Exclusions from application of chapter
33-1408Jurisdiction and service of process; recovery of attorney fees; treble damages
33-1409General definitions
33-1410Obligation of good faith
33-1413Terms and conditions of rental agreement
33-1413.01Utility charges; waste, garbage and rubbish removal charges
33-1413.02Guest fee
33-1413.03Care givers; treatment plan
33-1414Prohibited provisions in rental agreements; late payment penalty
33-1415Separation of rents and obligations to maintain property forbidden
33-1416Preemption by state; regulation of rents; exception
33-1417Rebates and referrals prohibited; mobile homes and manufactured homes; damages
33-1418Incorporated tenants' park purchase association
Article 2Landlord Obligations
33-1431Security deposits
33-1432Disclosure of written rental agreement
33-1433Landlord to deliver possession of mobile home space
33-1434Landlord to maintain fit premises
33-1435Limitation of liability
33-1436Statement of policy; amendment; contents; new statements
33-1437Education requirements for park managers
Article 3Tenant Obligations
33-1451Tenant to maintain mobile home space; notice of vacating; clearance for removal
33-1452Rules and regulations
33-1454Tenant to occupy as a dwelling unit; authority to sublet
Article 4Remedies
33-1471Noncompliance by the landlord
33-1472Failure to deliver possession
33-1473Selfhelp for minor defects
33-1474Wrongful failure to supply essential services
33-1475Tenant's remedies for landlord's unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of services
33-1476Termination or nonrenewal of rental agreement by landlord; noncompliance with rental agreement by tenant; failure to pay rent
33-1476.01Change in use; notices; compensation for moving expenses; payments by the landlord
33-1476.02Mobile home relocation fund; investment of monies
33-1476.03Assessments for mobile home relocation fund; waiver
33-1476.04Relocations due to rent increase; mobile home relocation fund; applicability
33-1477Failure to maintain by tenant
33-1478Remedies for abandonment; required registration
33-1480Landlord liens; distraint for rent abolished
33-1481Remedy after termination
33-1482Recovery of possession limited
33-1483Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies
33-1484Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
33-1485Special detainer actions; service; trial postponement
33-1485.01Removal of mobile home from mobile home park; violation; joint and several liability
Article 5Retaliatory Action
33-1491Retaliatory conduct prohibited; eviction
Article 6Affidavit of Affixture
33-1501Affidavit of affixture for mobile home in mobile home park

KEYTLaw, LLC, does not guaranty that the Arizona Revised Statutes displayed on www.keytlaw.com are current or complete versions of Arizona statutory law.  The statutory information is furnished "as is" and it may not include the current version of the law or new Arizona statutes.  See the Arizona State Legislature's web site for more information about the most recent version of Arizona statutes.

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