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Arizona Eviction Statutes

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 12 - Arizona Forcible Entry and Detainer Laws


Article 4 - Forcible Entry and Detainer

12-1171 - Acts which constitute forcible entry or detainer

12-1172 - Definition of forcible entry

12-1173 - Definition of forcible detainer; substitution of parties

12-1173.01 - Additional definition of forcible detainer

12-1174 - Immateriality of time possession obtained by tenant

12-1175 - Complaint and answer; service and return

12-1176 - Demand for jury; trial procedure

12-1177 - Trial and issue; postponement of trial

12-1178 - Judgment; writ of restitution; limitation on issuance

12-1179 - Appeal to superior court; notice; bond

12-1180 - Stay of proceedings on judgment; record on appeal

12-1181 - Trial and judgment on appeal; writ of restitution

12-1182 - Appeal to supreme court; stay and bond

12-1183 - Proceedings no bar to certain actions

KEYTLaw, LLC, does not guaranty that the Arizona Revised Statutes displayed on www.keytlaw.com are current or complete versions of Arizona statutory law.  The statutory information is furnished "as is" and it may not include the current version of the law or new Arizona statutes.  See the Arizona State Legislature's web site for more information about the most recent version of Arizona statutes.

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