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Phoenix Attorney's Website Provides Information about Arizona Law & Legal Issues

3,200+ Arizona LLCs Formed

KEYTLaw is an Arizona law firm that provides legal services to Arizona businesses and individuals.  Our website had 8,000,000+ visitors (not hits) 2006-2011 because it contains useful information about Arizona law.  This website was created by Phoenix lawyer Richard Keyt to inform people about Arizona estate planning and business, real estate and  probate law, and other Arizona legal matters.

Arizona LLC Library

Everything you want to know about forming and operating Arizona LLCs

How to Form an Arizona Limited Liability Company

KEYTLaw's checklist and explanation from A to Z of the tasks involved in creating a new limited liability company in Arizona.

LLC Formation Service

We will form your new LLC and answer all your formation questions for a low fixed legal fee.

Form an AZ LLC Now

Complete this online form and mail it to us if you want us to form your Arizona LLC.

How to Form an Arizona Profit Corporation

KEYTLaw's checklist and explanation from A to Z of the tasks involved in creating a new corporation in Arizona.

How to Form an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation

Arizona nonprofit corporations explained in depth.

Types of Entities for New Arizona Companies

Explanation and comparison of Arizona limited liability companies, S & C corporations, sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, and trusts.

Asset Protection & Arizona Family Limited Partnerships

What is an Arizona family limited partnership & how it can provide asset protection.

Arizona Landlord Tenant Law

Extensive information about Arizona's leasing laws.

Arizona Beneficiary Deeds

An explanation of Arizona's beneficiary deed used by owners of Arizona real property to save $$ & avoid probate.

Beneficiary Deed Preparation Service

To hire KEYTLaw to prepare an Arizona Beneficiary Deed for you for $195, complete the Beneficiary Deed Questionnaire and mail it to KEYTLaw.

Arizona Lemon Law

The Arizona lemon law may allow a consumer to return a car to the dealer or manufacturer and obtain a refund of the purchase price.

Arizona Dog Bite Law

All about Arizona dog bite law. 

Uniform Commercial Code

Arizona UCC forms, information and lien searches.

Arizona Court Forms

Free small claims, Justice Court and Superior Court forms for landlord / tenant, family court & divorce, probate, protective orders and real property tax appeals.

How to Collect Bad Checks

This bad check enforcement guide explains what to do if you are given a bad check

National Do Not Call List

The FTC's national telemarketing do not call list. Register at www.ftc.gov/donotcall.

Maricopa County Superior Court Case Information

Names of parties, court docket and case history of all Maricopa County Superior Court cases.

Small Claims Information

An overview of the small claims court process provided by the Arizona Supreme Court.  See the small claims complaint form, which can be completed online.

Arizona Attorney General's Top 10 Consumer Myths

The Arizona Attorney General's list of popular urban consumer myths such as a three day right to cancel purchases, a right to get a refund when you purchase a product, and big ticket item lemon law.

Fair Debt Collection Practice Act

This federal law gives debtors certain rights and prohibits debt collections from taking unfair collection actions.  

Arizona Government Agencies

Links to Arizona courts, state agencies, newspapers and other Arizona related web sites.

Maricopa County Property Maps

This is a really cool site that allows you to see a ton of information about any real estate parcel in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Recorder

Check the title (deeds, liens, judgments, etc.) on-line for real property in Maricopa County.

Arizona Corporation Library

All about forming and operating Arizona for profit and nonprofit corporations.

Arizona Real Estate Law

Articles and links explaining buying and selling Arizona real estate, title insurance, due diligence and 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

Estate Planning Library

Articles and information about Arizona Wills, Trusts and estate planning, including forms.

Arizona Revised Statutes

The Arizona Revised Statutes are the laws of Arizona.

Buying an Arizona Business

Frequently asked questions about legal issues that arise when buying an Arizona business.

Arizona LLC Operating Agreement FAQ

All about Arizona LLC Operating Agreements and why most multi-member LLCs should have one.

Operating Agreement Preparation Service

If your existing Arizona LLC needs an Operating Agreement, let us prepare the 30+ page basic or the 85+ page comprehensive agreement.

Arizona Probate Law FAQ

The most commonly asked questions and answers about Arizona probates, including when it is necessary and exemptions for small estates.

Arizona Estate Planning FAQ

Frequently asked questions about wills, trusts and other Arizona estate planning issues.

Will & Trust Prep Service

Our low cost Will, Trust & estate planning preparation service.

Arizona Articles Law Library

Articles on Arizona consumer and business law written by Arizona attorneys.

Corporate Minute Service

The ins and outs of Arizona corporate meetings and minutes and our inexpensive minute preparation service.

Arizona Home Buyer's Checklist

A real property buyer's due diligence checklist.

Arizona Real Estate Forms

The forms used by most Arizona realtors for sales of vacant land, homes, commercial properties and residential leases.

Residential Contractor Disputes

Arizona Registrar of Contractors consumers' guide to handling a residential construction dispute.

Arizona Securities Laws

The Arizona statutes and regulations that govern the offer and sale of securities from or within Arizona, including the Investment Management Act, proposed and final regulations, how to request a no action letter and Securities Division opinions.

Arizona's Anti-Spam Law

Arizona's anti-spam law, the Senate & House summaries of the law signed by the Governor on May 16, 2003.

Maricopa County Superior Court Self Service Center

Superior Court information to help individuals involved in court proceedings help themselves.

Three Day Right to Cancel a Purchase

When does an Arizona purchaser have a right to cancel the purchase?  See this Arizona Attorney General's summary for the answers.

Arizona's Junk Fax Law

Arizona's new anti-junk fax law imposes penalties of $5/page.

Credit Reports & Your Rights

A summary of your rights with respect to your credit reports.

Elder Abuse Assistance

This booklet provides information about potential criminal and civil actions to assist victims of elder abuse and their families and professionals who work with abused elders.

Maricopa County Tax Parcel Information

Search for residential parcel information by parcel number or name/street and see the tax bill and sales comparables.

Maricopa County Restaurant Health Inspection Results

Search restaurants to see how they scored on current and past health inspections with detailed descriptions of each violation.

Maricopa County Property Tax Information

Property tax information for Maricopa County.

Phoenix Attorney Richard Keyt

Richard Keyt is an Arizona attorney who practices business, transactions, contracts, Arizona real estate law, estate planning and internet law.  Rick is a Phoenix attorney licensed to practice law in Arizona.  He has provided legal services to businesses and people in Arizona since 1980.  Rick can be reached by telephone at 602-906-4953, ext. 3 email at  rickkeyt@keytlaw.com and fax at 602-297-6890.  Rick's Arizona law, internet, e-commerce and domain name law web site is KEYTLaw, located at www.keytlaw.com.

KEYTLaw LLC Formation Records:  day: 17 (6/4/08); week: 27 (week ending 6/7/08); month: 64 (6/08); year: 446 (2010)

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To hire Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt to form your AZ LLC, complete the KEYTLaw LLC Questionnaire online.  Service includes our Quick Start Guide - a 170+ page Arizona LLC owner's manual.

To order attorney prepared change of member documents for your AZ LLC, click on the Transfer of LLC Interest Agreement link

To order an attorney prepared Operating Agreement for your AZ LLC, click on the OA Questionnaire link



This page was last modified on January 03, 2012.

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