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Arizona Revised Statutes Title 13

Criminal Code

13-102Applicability of title
13-103Abolition of common law offenses and affirmative defenses; definition
13-104Rule of construction
13-107Time limitations
13-108Territorial applicability
13-109Place of trial
13-110Conviction for attempt although crime perpetrated
13-111Former jeopardy or acquittal as bar to same or lesser offenses
13-113Conviction or acquittal in one county as bar to prosecution in another
13-114Speedy trial; counsel; witnesses and confrontation
13-115Presumption of innocence and benefit of doubt; degrees of guilt
13-116Double punishment
13-117Defendant as witness; no comment on failure to testify
13-118Sexual motivation special allegation; procedures; definition
13-119Assessments for offenses for which persons are required to register
13-120Disposition of property taken from defendant; receipts
13-121Jurisdiction of the court in proceedings subsequent to trial and sentencing
13-122Action for recovery of public monies
13-123Certificate of special public importance
13-201Requirements for criminal liability
13-202Construction of statutes with respect to culpability
13-203Causal relationship between conduct and result; relationship to mental culpability
13-204Effect of ignorance or mistake upon criminal liability
13-205Affirmative defenses; burden of proof
13-302Criminal liability based upon conduct
13-303Criminal liability based upon conduct of another
13-304Nondefenses to criminal liability based upon conduct of another
13-305Criminal liability of enterprises; definitions
13-306Criminal liability of an individual for conduct of an enterprise
13-401Unavailability of justification defense; justification as defense
13-402Justification; execution of public duty
13-403Justification; use of physical force
13-404Justification; selfdefense
13-405Justification; use of deadly physical force
13-406Justification; defense of a third person
13-407Justification; use of physical force in defense of premises
13-408Justification; use of physical force in defense of property
13-409Justification; use of physical force in law enforcement
13-410Justification; use of deadly physical force in law enforcement
13-411Justification; use of force in crime prevention
13-413No civil liability for justified conduct
13-414Justification; use of reasonable and necessary means
13-415Justification; domestic violence
13-416Justification; use of reasonable and necessary means; definition
13-417Necessity defense
13-501Persons under eighteen years of age; felony charging; definitions
13-502Insanity test; burden of proof; guilty except insane verdict
13-503Effect of alcohol or drug use
13-601Classification of offenses
13-602Designation of offenses
13-603Authorized disposition of offenders
13-604Dangerous and repetitive offenders; definitions
13-604.01Dangerous crimes against children; sentences; definitions
13-604.02Offenses committed while released from confinement
13-604.03Repetitive offenders; misdemeanors
13-604.04Violent crimes; allegation; definition
13-605Diagnostic commitment
13-606Civil commitment after imposition of sentence
13-607Judgment of guilt and sentence document; fingerprint; contents of document; recitations
13-608Chronic felony offenders; disposition; notice
13-609Offenses committed in school safety zone; sentences; definitions
13-610Deoxyribonucleic acid testing; exception
13-701Sentence of imprisonment for felony; presentence report
13-702Sentencing; definition
13-702.01Exceptional circumstances; aggravation; mitigation; definition
13-702.02Multiple offenses not committed on the same occasion; sentencing
13-703Sentence of death or life imprisonment; aggravating and mitigating circumstances; definition
13-703.01; Version 2Sentences of death, life imprisonment or natural life; imposition; sentencing proceedings; definitions
13-703.01Sentences of death, life imprisonment or natural life; imposition; sentencing proceedings; definitions
13-703.02Mental evaluations of capital defendants; hearing; appeal; prospective application; definitions
13-703.03Capital defendant prescreening evaluation for competency and sanity
13-703.04Death sentences; supreme court review
13-703.05Death sentences; supreme court review
13-704Method of infliction of sentence of death; identity of executioners; license suspension
13-705Persons present at execution of sentence of death; limitation
13-706Death warrant; return
13-707Sentence of imprisonment for misdemeanor
13-708Consecutive terms of imprisonment
13-709Calculation of terms of imprisonment
13-710Sentence for second degree murder
13-711Offenses involving domestic violence; sentencing
13-712Sentence for certain drug offenses
13-801Fines for felonies
13-802Fines for misdemeanors
13-803Fines against enterprises
13-804Restitution for offense causing economic loss; fine for reimbursement of public monies
13-804.01Reimbursement of incarceration costs; misdemeanors
13-806Restitution lien
13-807Civil actions by victims or other persons
13-808Time and method of payment of fines; conditions of probation; no limitation on restitution and other assessments
13-809Priority of payments; application to traffic offenses; orders to reimburse public monies
13-810Consequences of nonpayment of fines, fees, restitution or incarceration costs
13-811Disposition of fines
13-812Garnishment for nonpayment of fines, fees, restitution  or incarceration costs
13-813Issuance of writ of garnishment; service and return of writ
13-815Initial lien on earnings
13-816Answer; time and form
13-817Objection to garnishment; hearing; discharge of garnishee
13-818Order on writ of garnishment for money or property
13-819Order on writ of garnishment for earnings; continuing lien
13-820Contempt proceedings; failure to comply with order
13-821Fines for drug offenses
13-822Effective programs to prevent and detect violations of law; fines
13-823Dangerous and repeat enterprise offenders; fines
13-901.01Probation for persons convicted of possession or use of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia; treatment; prevention; education; definition
13-901.02Drug treatment and education fund
13-902Periods of probation
13-903Calculation of periods of probation
13-904Suspension of civil rights and occupational disabilities
13-905Restoration of civil rights; persons completing probation
13-906Applications by persons discharged from prison
13-907Setting aside judgment of convicted person on discharge; making of application; release from disabilities; exceptions
13-908Restoration of civil rights in the discretion of the superior court judge
13-909Restoration of civil rights; persons completing probation for federal offense
13-910Applications by persons discharged from federal prison
13-911Restoration of civil rights in the discretion of the presiding judge of the superior court
13-912Restoration of civil rights for first offenders; exception
13-912.01Restoration of civil rights; persons adjudicated delinquent
13-913Definition of intensive probation
13-914Intensive probation; evaluation; sentence; criteria; limit; conditions
13-916Intensive probation teams; adult probation officer qualifications; duties; case load limit
13-917Modification of supervision
13-918Employment; distribution of wages
13-919Waiver of standards
13-920Budget requests
13-921Probation for defendants under eighteen years of age; dual adult juvenile probation
13-922Persons convicted of sexual offenses; residency restrictions; exceptions; definitions
13-1001Attempt; classifications
13-1002Solicitation; classifications
13-1003Conspiracy; classification
13-1004Facilitation; classification
13-1005Renunciation of attempt, solicitation, conspiracy or facilitation; defenses
13-1006Effect of immunity, irresponsibility or incapacity of a party to solicitation, conspiracy or facilitation
Chapter 11HOMICIDE
13-1102Negligent homicide; classification
13-1103Manslaughter; classification
13-1104Second degree murder; classification
13-1105First degree murder; classification
13-1201Endangerment; classification
13-1202Threatening or intimidating; classification
13-1203Assault; classification
13-1204Aggravated assault; classification; definition
13-1205Unlawfully administering intoxicating liquors, narcotic drug or dangerous drug; classification
13-1206Dangerous or deadly assault by prisoner or juvenile; classification
13-1207Prisoners who commit assault with intent to incite to riot or participate in riot; classification
13-1208Assault; vicious animals; classification; exception
13-1209Drive by shooting; forfeiture; driver license revocation; classification; definitions
13-1210Assaults on officers or fire fighters; disease testing; petition; hearing; notice; definition
13-1211Discharging a firearm at a structure; classification; definitions
13-1212Prisoner assault with bodily fluids; liability for costs; classification; definition
13-1213Aiming a laser pointer at a peace officer; classification; definition
13-1302Custodial interference; child born out of wedlock; defenses; classification
13-1303Unlawful imprisonment; classification
13-1304Kidnapping; classification; consecutive sentence
13-1305Access interference; classification; definition
13-1306Unlawfully obtaining labor or services; classification
13-1307Sex trafficking; classification
13-1308Trafficking of persons for forced labor or services; classification; definitions
13-1402Indecent exposure; classifications
13-1403Public sexual indecency; public sexual indecency to a minor; classifications
13-1404Sexual abuse; classifications
13-1405Sexual conduct with a minor; classifications
13-1406Sexual assault; classification; increased punishment
13-1408Adultery; classification; punishment; limitation on prosecution
13-1410Molestation of child; classification
13-1413Capacity of minor sexual assault victim to consent to medical examination
13-1414Expenses of investigation
13-1415Human immunodeficiency virus and sexually transmitted disease testing; victim's rights; petition; definitions
13-1416Admissibility of minor's statement; notice
13-1417Continuous sexual abuse of a child; classification
13-1418Sexual misconduct; behavioral health professionals; classification
13-1419Unlawful sexual conduct; correctional employees; persons in custody; classification
13-1420Sexual offense; evidence of similar crimes; definition
13-1421Evidence relating to victim's chastity; pretrial hearing
13-1422Sexually oriented businesses; hours of operation; classification; definitions
13-1423Violent sexual assault; natural life sentence
13-1502Criminal trespass in the third degree; classification
13-1503Criminal trespass in the second degree; classification
13-1504Criminal trespass in the first degree; classification
13-1505Possession of burglary tools; master key; manipulation key; classification
13-1506Burglary in the third degree; classification
13-1507Burglary in the second degree; classification
13-1508Burglary in the first degree; classification
13-1602Criminal damage; classification
13-1603Criminal littering or polluting; classification
13-1604Aggravated criminal damage; classification
13-1605Aggregation of amounts of damage
Chapter 17ARSON
13-1702Reckless burning; classification
13-1703Arson of a structure or property; classification
13-1704Arson of an occupied structure; classification
13-1705Arson of an occupied jail or prison facility; classification.
13-1706Burning of wildlands; exceptions; classification
13-1707Unlawful cross burning; classification
13-1708Unlawful symbol burning; classification
13-1709Emergency response and investigation costs; civil liability; definitions
Chapter 18THEFT
13-1802Theft; classification
13-1803Unlawful use of means of transportation; classification
13-1804Theft by extortion; classification
13-1805Shoplifting; detaining suspect; defense to wrongful detention; civil action by merchant; classification; public services in lieu of fines
13-1806Unlawful failure to return rented or leased property; notice; classification
13-1807Issuing a bad check; violation; classification
13-1808Presumptions relating to issuing a bad check; proof of presentation; nonpayment; protest; notice
13-1809Jurisdiction; restitution; fees; deferred prosecution
13-1810Deferred prosecution of bad check cases
13-1811County bad check trust fund; use of fund
13-1812Bank records; subpoenas; affidavit of dishonor; affidavit of loss
13-1813Unlawful failure to return a motor vehicle subject to a security interest; notice; classification
13-1814Theft of means of transportation; classification
13-1815Unlawful use of power of attorney; classification
13-1816Unlawful use, possession or removal of theft detection shielding devices; classification; definition
13-1817Unlawful possession, use or alteration of a retail sales receipt or universal product code label; classification; definition
13-1818Misappropriation of charter school monies; violation; classification
Chapter 19ROBBERY
13-1902Robbery; classification
13-1903Aggravated robbery; classification
13-1904Armed robbery; classification
13-2002Forgery; classification
13-2003Criminal possession of a forgery device; classification
13-2004Criminal simulation; classification
13-2005Obtaining a signature by deception; classification
13-2006Criminal impersonation; classification
13-2007Unlawful use of slugs; classification
13-2008Taking identity of another person or entity; classification
13-2009Aggravated taking identity of another person or entity; classification
13-2010Trafficking in the identity of another person or entity; classification
13-2011Admission tickets; fraudulent creation or possession; classification
13-2102Theft of a credit card or obtaining a credit card by fraudulent means; classification
13-2103Receipt of anything of value obtained by fraudulent use of a credit card; classification
13-2104Forgery of credit card; classification
13-2105Fraudulent use of a credit card; classification
13-2106Possession of machinery, plate or other contrivance or incomplete credit card; classification
13-2107False statement as to financial condition or identity; classification
13-2108Fraud by person authorized to provide goods or services; classification
13-2109Credit card transaction record theft; classification
13-2110Unlawful possession or use of scanning device or reencoder; classification
13-2202Deceptive business practices; classification
13-2203False advertising; classification
13-2204Defrauding secured creditors; definition; classification
13-2205Defrauding judgment creditors; classification
13-2206Fraud in insolvency; classification
13-2207Receiving deposits in an insolvent financial institution; classification
13-2208Usury; classification
13-2302Making extortionate extensions of credit; classification
13-2303Financing extortionate extensions of credit
13-2304Collection of extensions of credit by extortionate means
13-2305Permissible inferences
13-2306Possession of altered property; classification
13-2307Trafficking in stolen property; classification
13-2308Participating in or assisting a criminal syndicate; leading or participating in a criminal street gang
13-2308.01Terrorism; classification
13-2309Bribery of participants in professional or amateur games, sports, horse races, dog races, contests; classification
13-2310Fraudulent schemes and artifices; classification; definition
13-2311Fraudulent schemes and practices; wilful concealment; classification
13-2312Illegal control of an enterprise; illegally conducting an enterprise; classification
13-2313Judicial powers over racketeering criminal cases
13-2314Racketeering; civil remedies by this state; definitions
13-2314.01Anti-racketeering revolving fund; use of fund; reports
13-2314.02Racketeering lien; content; filing; notice; effect
13-2314.03County anti-racketeering revolving fund; use of fund; reports
13-2314.04Racketeering; unlawful activity; civil remedies by private cause of action; definitions
13-2315Racketeering; investigation of records; confidentiality; court enforcement; immunity; classification
13-2316Computer tampering; venue; forfeiture; classification
13-2316.01Unlawful possession of an access device; classification
13-2316.02Unauthorized release of proprietary or confidential computer security information; exceptions; classification
13-2317Money laundering; classification; definitions
13-2318Civil judgments; injury to the state
13-2319Smuggling; classification; definition
13-2401Personal information on the world wide web; exception; classification; definitions
13-2402Obstructing governmental operations; classification
13-2403Refusing to aid a peace officer; classification
13-2404Refusing to assist in fire control; classification
13-2405Compounding; classification
13-2406Impersonating a public servant; classification
13-2407Tampering with a public record; classification
13-2408Securing the proceeds of an offense; classification
13-2409Obstructing criminal investigations or prosecutions; classification
13-2410Obstructing officer from collecting public money; classification
13-2411Impersonating a peace officer; classification; definition
13-2412Refusing to provide truthful name when lawfully detained; classification
13-2502Escape in the third degree; classification
13-2503Escape in the second degree; classification
13-2504Escape in the first degree; classification
13-2505Promoting prison contraband; classifications; exceptions; xradiation
13-2506Failure to appear in the second degree; classification
13-2507Failure to appear in the first degree; classification
13-2508Resisting arrest; classification
13-2509Resisting an order directing, regulating or controlling motor vehicle; classification
13-2510Hindering prosecution; definition
13-2511Hindering prosecution in the second degree; classification
13-2512Hindering prosecution in the first degree; classification
13-2513Failure to discharge duties; classification; definition
13-2514Promoting secure care facility contraband; classifications
Chapter 26BRIBERY
13-2602Bribery of a public servant or party officer; classification
13-2603Trading in public office; classification
13-2604Forfeiture and disqualification from office
13-2605Commercial bribery; classification; exception
13-2606Offer to exert improper influence on public officer or employee for consideration; classification
13-2702Perjury; classification
13-2703False swearing; classification
13-2704Unsworn falsification; classification
13-2705Perjury by inconsistent statements
13-2706Limitation on defenses
13-2707Proof of guilt
13-2802Influencing a witness; classification
13-2803Receiving a bribe by a witness; classification
13-2804Tampering with a witness; classification
13-2805Influencing a juror; classification
13-2806Receiving a bribe by a juror; classification
13-2807Jury tampering; classification
13-2808Misconduct by a juror; classification
13-2809Tampering with physical evidence; classification
13-2810Interfering with judicial proceedings; classification
13-2812Unlawful grand jury disclosure; classification
13-2813Unlawful disclosure of an indictment, information or complaint; classification
13-2814Simulating legal process; classification
13-2902Unlawful assembly; classification
13-2903Riot; classification
13-2904Disorderly conduct; classification
13-2905Loitering; classification
13-2906Obstructing a highway or other public thoroughfare; classification
13-2907False reporting; emergency response costs; classification; definitions
13-2907.01False reporting to law enforcement agencies; classification
13-2907.02False reporting of child abuse or neglect; classification
13-2907.03False reporting of sexual assault involving a spouse; classification
13-2908Criminal nuisance; classification
13-2909Residential picketing; classification
13-2910Cruelty to animals; interference with working or service animal; classification; definitions
13-2910.01Dog fighting; classification
13-2910.02Presence at dog fight; classification
13-2910.03Cockfighting; classification
13-2910.04Presence at cockfight; classification
13-2910.05Exempt activities
13-2910.06Defense to cruelty to animals and bird fighting
13-2911Interference with or disruption of an educational institution; violation; classification; definitions
13-2912Unlawful introduction of disease or parasite; classification
13-2913Unlawful violation of fire ban; classification
13-2915Preventing use of telephone in emergency; false representation of emergency; classification
13-2916Use of telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend; classification
13-2917Public nuisance; abatement; classification
13-2918Interference with emergency transmission on citizens' band radio frequency; presumption; definition; classification
13-2919Automated telephone solicitation; violation; classification
13-2920Advertisements and required preamble message for telephone information services; telecommunications corporation compensation; definitions; classification
13-2921Harassment; classification; definition
13-2921.01Aggravated harassment; classification; definition
13-2922Interference with transmissions on public safety land mobile radio frequencies; classification; definitions
13-2923Stalking; classification; definitions
13-2924Unlawful solicitation of tort victims; classification; definitions
13-2925Hoax; restitution; joint and several liability; classification; definition
13-2926Abandonment or concealment of a dead body; classification
13-3002False or forged messages; classification
13-3003Opening, reading or publishing sealed letter of another without authority; classification
13-3004Sending threatening or anonymous letter; classification
13-3005Interception of wire, electronic and oral communications; installation of pen register or trap and trace device; classification; exceptions
13-3006Divulging communication service information; classification; exception
13-3008Possession of interception devices; classification
13-3009Duty to report to law enforcement officers; classification
13-3010Ex parte order for interception; definition
13-3011Disclosing confidential information relating to ex parte order; exceptions; classification
13-3014Communication service provider; right to compensation
13-3015Emergency interception
13-3016Stored oral, wire and electronic communications; agency access; backup preservation; delayed notice; records preservation request; violation; classification
13-3017Ex parte order for pen register or trap and trace device
13-3018Communication service records; subpoenas; application; certification; definition
13-3019Surreptitious photographing, videotaping, filming or digitally recording; exemptions; violation; classification; definitions
13-3102Misconduct involving weapons; defenses; classification; definitions
13-3103Misconduct involving explosives; classification
13-3104Depositing explosives; classification
13-3105Forfeiture of weapons and explosives
13-3106Firearm purchase in other states
13-3107Unlawful discharge of firearms; exceptions; classification; definitions
13-3108Firearms regulated by state; state preemption; violation; classification
13-3109Sale or gift of firearm to minor; classification
13-3110Misconduct involving simulated explosive devices; classification; definition
13-3111Minors prohibited from carrying or possessing firearms; exceptions; seizure and forfeiture; penalties; classification
13-3112Concealed weapons; qualification; application; permit to carry; certificate of firearms proficiency; training program; program instructors; report; applicability; violation; classification
13-3113Adjudicated delinquents; firearm possession; violation; classification
13-3115Forensics firearms identification system
13-3116Misconduct involving body armor; classification; definition
13-3117Remote stun guns; sales records; use; classification; definitions
13-3201Enticement of persons for purpose of prostitution; classification
13-3202Procurement by false pretenses of person for purpose of prostitution; classification
13-3203Procuring or placing persons in house of prostitution; classification
13-3204Receiving earnings of prostitute; classification
13-3205Causing spouse to become prostitute; classification
13-3206Taking child for purpose of prostitution; classification
13-3207Detention of persons in house of prostitution for debt; classification
13-3208Keeping or residing in house of prostitution; employment in prostitution; classification
13-3209Pandering; definitions; methods; classification
13-3210Transporting persons for purpose of prostitution or other immoral purpose; classification; venue
13-3212Child prostitution; classification
13-3214Prostitution; classification
Chapter 33GAMBLING
13-3303Promotion of gambling; classification
13-3304Benefiting from gambling; classification
13-3305Betting and wagering; classification
13-3306Possession of a gambling device; classification
13-3307Possession of gambling records; classification
13-3309Seizure; exception; definition
13-3311Amusement gambling intellectual contests or events; registration; filing of rules; sworn statement; public inspection of records
13-3312Crane games; prohibited acts; classification
13-3402Possession and sale of peyote; classification
13-3403Possession and sale of a vaporreleasing substance containing a toxic substance; regulation of sale; exceptions; classification
13-3403.01Nitrous oxide containers; sale to minors; classification
13-3403.02Selling or giving nitrous oxide to underage person; illegally obtaining nitrous oxide containers by underage person; classification; definition
13-3404Sale of precursor or regulated chemicals; report; exemptions; violation; classification
13-3404.01Possession or sale of precursor chemicals, regulated chemicals, substances or equipment; exceptions; classification
13-3405Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification
13-3406Possession, use, administration, acquisition, sale, manufacture or transportation of prescription-only drugs; classification
13-3407Possession, use, administration, acquisition, sale, manufacture or transportation of dangerous drugs; classification
13-3407.01Manufacturing methamphetamine under circumstances that cause physical injury to a minor; classification
13-3408Possession, use, administration, acquisition, sale, manufacture or transportation of narcotic drugs; classification
13-3409Involving or using minors in drug offenses; classification
13-3410Serious drug offender; sentencing; definitions
13-3411Possession, use, sale or transfer of marijuana, peyote, prescription drugs, dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs or manufacture of dangerous drugs in a drug free school zone; violation; classification; definitions
13-3412Exceptions and exemptions; burden of proof; privileged communications
13-3412.01Prescribing controlled substances included in schedule I for seriously ill and terminally ill patients
13-3413Forfeiture and disposition of drugs and evidence
13-3414Notice of conviction to be sent to licensing board; suspension or revocation of license or registration
13-3415Possession, manufacture, delivery and advertisement of drug paraphernalia; definitions; violation; classification; civil forfeiture; factors
13-3416Probationer; payment of costs
13-3417Use of wire communication or electronic communication in drug related transactions; classification
13-3418Ineligibility to receive public benefits; restoration; definition
13-3419Multiple drug offenses not committed on the same occasion; sentencing
13-3420Unlawful substances; threshold amounts
13-3421Using building for sale or manufacture of dangerous or narcotic drugs; fortification of a building; classification; definitions
13-3422Drug court program; establishment; participation
13-3452Effect of representations made in construing status of certain substances whose origin is uncertain
13-3453Manufacture or distribution of imitation controlled substance; prohibited acts; classification
13-3454Manufacture or distribution of imitation prescriptiononly drug; prohibited acts; classification
13-3455Manufacture or distribution of imitation overthecounter drug; prohibited acts; classification
13-3456Possession or possession with intent to use imitation controlled substance; violation; classification
13-3457Possession or possession with intent to use an imitation prescriptiononly drug; violation; classification
13-3458Possession or possession with intent to use an imitation overthecounter drug; violation; classification
13-3459Manufacture of certain substances and drugs by certain means; prohibited acts; classification
13-3460Civil forfeiture
13-3461Placebos; exemption from coverage
13-3502Production, publication, sale, possession and presentation of obscene items; classification
13-3503Seizure of obscene things; disposition
13-3504Coercing acceptance of obscene articles or publications; classification
13-3505Obscene prints and articles; jurisdiction
13-3506Furnishing harmful items to minors; applicability; classification
13-3506.01Furnishing harmful items to minors; internet activity; classification; definitions
13-3507Public display of explicit sexual materials; classification; definitions
13-3509Duty to report; classification
13-3510Evidence of obscenity
13-3511Exemption; broadcasts and telecasts
13-3512Obscene or indecent telephone communications to minors for commercial purposes; violation; classification
13-3513Sale or distribution of material harmful to minors through vending machines; classification
13-3552Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor; classification
13-3553Sexual exploitation of a minor; evidence; exemption; classification
13-3554Luring a minor for sexual exploitation; classification
13-3555Portraying adult as minor; classification
13-3556Permissible inferences
13-3557Equipment; forfeiture
13-3558Admitting minors to public displays of sexual conduct; constructive knowledge of age; classification
13-3559Reporting suspected visual depictions of sexual exploitation of a minor; immunity
13-3601Domestic violence; definition; classification; sentencing option; arrest and procedure for violation; weapon seizure; notice
13-3601.01Domestic violence; treatment; definition
13-3601.02Aggravated domestic violence; classification; definition
13-3602Order of protection; procedure; contents; arrest for violation; penalty; protection order from another jurisdiction
13-3603Definition; punishment
13-3603.01Partialbirth abortions; classification; civil action; definitions
13-3604Soliciting abortion; punishment; exception
13-3605Advertising to produce abortion or prevent conception; punishment
13-3606Bigamy; classification; exception
13-3607Marrying spouse of another; classification
13-3608Incest; classification
13-3609Child bigamy; classification; definitions
13-3610Abandonment of spouse; classification
13-3611Refusal or neglect to provide for spouse; classification
13-3612Definitions; contributing to dependency or delinquency
13-3613Contributing to delinquency and dependency; classification; procedure
13-3614Proof of guilt
13-3615Suspension of sentence upon posting bond; custody of child; revocation of suspension
13-3616Conditions of bond; forfeiture; disposition of proceeds recovered
13-3617Limitation on period of suspension or stay; discharge of defendant
13-3618Construction and effect of chapter
13-3619Permitting life, health or morals of minor to be imperiled by neglect, abuse or immoral associations; classification
13-3620Duty to report abuse, physical injury, neglect and denial or deprivation of medical or surgical care or nourishment of minors; medical records; exception; violation; classification; definitions
13-3620.01False reports; violation; classification
13-3621Hire or use of child under sixteen for public vocation; classification
13-3622Furnishing of tobacco to minor; minor accepting or receiving tobacco; classification
13-3623Child or vulnerable adult abuse; emotional abuse; classification; exception; definitions
13-3623.01Safe haven for newborn infants; definitions
13-3624Emergency orders of protection
13-3625Unlawful sale or purchase of children; classification
13-3701Unlawful use of food stamps; classification; definition
13-3702Defacing or damaging petroglyphs, pictographs, caves or caverns; classification
13-3702.01Excavating certain sites; collecting certain specimens; classification
13-3703Abuse of venerated objects; classification
13-3704Adding poison or other harmful substance to food, drink or medicine; classification
13-3705Unlawful copying or sale of sounds or images from recording devices; true name and address of articles; definitions; classification
13-3706Failure to procure or exhibit a business license; classification
13-3707Telecommunication fraud; classification; definitions
13-3709Obtaining cable television services fraudulently; manufacturing, distributing and selling unauthorized decoding devices; classification; definition
13-3710Obtaining subscription television services; manufacture, distribution and sale of interception and decoding devices; violation; classification; civil remedy; punitive damages
13-3712Interruption of or injury to cable television systems; classification
13-3713Consideration for referral of patient, client or customer; fraud; violation; classification
13-3714Aggravated or multiple violations of insurance code; classification
13-3715Unauthorized manufacture, duplication, use or possession of key to a public building; classification
13-3716Notice of conviction of dangerous crime against children or child abuse; violation; classification
13-3717Unlawful subleasing of motor vehicle; violation; classification; definitions
13-3718Sale of ticket in excess of regular price; classification; definition
13-3719Obtaining wireless telecommunications services or wireless telecommunications devices fraudulently; manufacturing, distributing and selling unauthorized decoding devices; classification; definitions
13-3720Dropping objects from overpass; classification; definition
13-3721Tattoos, brands, scarifications and piercings; minors; anesthesia; exception; defense; violation; classification; definitions
13-3722Solicitations for American veterans' organizations; approval; violation; classification
13-3723Unlawful operation of a recording device with the intent to record a motion picture; classification; definitions
13-3724Obtaining utility service fraudulently; classification; definitions
Article 1Prevention of Offenses
13-3801Preventing offenses; aiding officer
13-3802Right to command aid for execution of process; punishment for resisting process
13-3803Preserving peace at public meetings
13-3804Duty of officers to disperse unlawful assembly
13-3806Duty of physician or attendant upon treating certain wounds; classification
Article 2Security to Keep the Peace
13-3812Examination of complainant; issuance of summons or warrant of arrest
13-3813Hearing; discharge; bond; new bond; filing
13-3814Effect of filing bond; failure to file
13-3815Breach and forfeiture; action for recovery; effect of conviction
13-3816Offense or threat in presence of magistrate; bond
Article 3Registration of Sex Offenders
13-3821Persons required to register; procedure; identification card; definitions
13-3822Notice of moving from place of residence where living or change of name; forwarding of information; definitions
13-3823Access to records
13-3824Violation; classification; assessment
13-3825Community notification
13-3826Community notification guidelines committee; members; duties; definition
13-3827Internet sex offender web site; investigation of records; immunity
13-3828Sex offender monitoring fund
Article 4Close Pursuit
13-3832Authority of peace officer entering state in close pursuit
13-3833Arrest and hearing; duty of officer and magistrate
13-3834Effect of arrest
Article 5Uniform Criminal Extradition Act
13-3842Fugitives from justice; duty of governor
13-3843Form of demand
13-3844Governor may investigate case
13-3845Extradition documents; contents
13-3846Extradition of persons not present in demanding state at time of commission of crime
13-3847Issue of governor's warrant of arrest; its recital
13-3848Manner and place of execution
13-3849Authority of arresting officer
13-3850Duty of arresting officer; application for writ of habeas corpus; notice
13-3851Noncompliance with preceding section; classification
13-3852Confinement in jail when necessary
13-3853Arrest prior to requisition
13-3854Arrest without a warrant
13-3855Commitment to await requisition; bail
13-3856Bail; in what cases; conditions of bond
13-3857If no arrest made on governor's warrant before the time specified
13-3858Forfeiture of bail
13-3859Persons under criminal prosecution in this state at time of requisition
13-3859.01Local criminal prosecution; continuance of status; time limits tolled
13-3859.02Imprisonment; alternative methods of extradition
13-3860Guilt or innocence of accused; when inquired into
13-3861Governor may recall warrant or issue alias
13-3862Fugitives from this state; duty of governors
13-3863Application for issuance of requisition; by whom made; contents
13-3864Payment of account of agent; method as exclusive; classification
13-3865Exemption from civil process
13-3865.01Written waiver of extradition proceedings; prior waiver
13-3866No right of asylum
13-3868Short title
13-3869Extradition of persons to and from Indian jurisdiction
13-3870Executive agreements
13-3870.01Use of facsimile signature
13-3870.02Extradition; recovery of expenses
Article 6Authority of Peace Officers Outside Geographical Area of Agency
13-3871Authority of peace officers
13-3872Mutual aid agreements
13-3873Provisions cumulative and supplemental
13-3874Indian police; powers; qualifications
13-3875Cross-certification of federal peace officers; policy; powers; qualifications; liability; records
Article 7Arrest
13-3881Arrest; how made; force and restraint
13-3882Time of making arrest
13-3883Arrest by officer without warrant
13-3884Arrest by private person
13-3885Arrest of principal by surety; prohibited conduct; violation; classification; definitions
13-3886Arrest by telephone or telegram; filing copy of warrant
13-3887Method of arrest by officer by virtue of warrant
13-3888Method of arrest by officer without warrant
13-3889Method of arrest by private person
13-3891Right of officer to break into building
13-3892Right of private person to break into building
13-3893Right to break door or window to effect release
13-3894Right to break into building in order to effect release of person making arrest detained therein
13-3895Weapons to be taken from person arrested
13-3896Arrest after escape or rescue; method of recapture
13-3897Duty of officer after arresting with warrant
13-3898Arrest without warrant; magistrate; complaint
13-3899Complaint need not be verified
13-3900Duty of private person after making arrest
13-3901Right of attorney to visit person arrested
13-3902Treatment of arrested person
13-3903Notice to appear and complaint
13-3904Violation of promise to appear; classification
13-3905Detention for obtaining evidence of identifying physical characteristics; definition
Article 8Search Warrant
13-3912Grounds for issuance
13-3913Conditions precedent to issuance
13-3914Examination on oath; affidavits
13-3915Issuance; form of warrant; duplicate original warrant; telefacsimile
13-3916Service of warrant; breaking and entering to execute
13-3917Time of service; exception
13-3918Time of execution and return
13-3919Receipt for property; definitions
13-3920Retention of property
13-3921Return of warrant and inventory; copy of inventory
13-3922Controverting grounds of issuance; procedure; restoration of property
13-3923Filing and transmittal of papers
13-3924Unlawful procurement of search warrant without probable cause
13-3925Unlawful search or seizure; admissibility of evidence; definitions
Article 9Search of the Accused
13-3931Search of accused by magistrate
Article 10Disposition of Seized Property in Custody of Magistrate or Peace Officer
13-3941Disposition and return of stolen or embezzled property
13-3942Delivery of unclaimed stolen or embezzled property to county sheriff
Article 11Preliminary Hearings
13-3951Order of commitment; duty of officer
13-3952Compensation of court reporter appearing at preliminary hearing; fees for transcribing notes
Article 12Bail
13-3961Offenses not bailable; purpose; preconviction; exceptions
13-3961.01Offenses not bailable; postconviction; exceptions
13-3962Admission to bail in certain nonbailable offenses
13-3963Admission to bail when arrest occurs in another county
13-3964Bail when warrant issued in other county
13-3965Procedure when bail not given
13-3966Validity of undertaking by minor
13-3967Release on bailable offenses before trial; definition
13-3968Violation of conditions of release; hearing
13-3969Bail bond agent lists; prohibition; rotation; acceptance of bonds
13-3971Bail after examination
13-3972Restraint before conviction
13-3974Exoneration of appearance bond
Article 13Trials
13-3981Compromise of misdemeanors and petty offenses; domestic violence; effect of order of dismissal; exceptions and limitations
13-3983Waiver of jury by consent of parties
13-3984Procedure where proof shows higher offense; effect
13-3985Effect of acquittal on merits
13-3986Title of affidavits or depositions
13-3987Harmless error
13-3988Admissibility of confessions
13-3989Admissibility in evidence of eye witness testimony
13-3989.01Admissibility; 911 emergency service records and recordings; definition
13-3989.02Admissibility; radio traffic records and recordings; definition
13-3990Notice of conviction of teachers
Article 14Procedures on Issue of Insanity of Defendant
13-3991Detention of defendant during insanity; restoration to sanity
13-3992Expenses of maintenance of insane defendant as county charge
13-3993Examination of defendant pleading not guilty by reason of insanity; privilege inapplicability; reports
13-3994; Version 2Commitment; hearing; jurisdiction; definition
13-3994Commitment; hearing; jurisdiction; definition
Article 16Costs, Fees, and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures
13-4011Costs of criminal action on removal before trial
13-4012Costs of transmittal of records of prosecution to another county upon discovery that trial court is without jurisdiction
13-4013Counsel assigned in criminal proceeding or insanity hearings; investigators and expert witnesses; compensation
13-4014Fees for expert witnesses in sanity hearing; fees of physician examining defendant alleging pregnancy as cause for not pronouncing sentence
Article 17Insanity or Pregnancy of Person Under Death Sentence
13-4021Competency to be executed; definition
13-4022Determining competency
13-4023Recovery of competency
13-4024Untimely or successive motions
13-4025Procedure upon discovery that prisoner under death sentence may be pregnant; examination
13-4026Proceedings subsequent to examination for pregnancy
Article 18Appeals
13-4031Right of appeal
13-4032Appeal by state
13-4033Appeal by defendant
13-4034Expense of record or transcript upon appeal by indigent as county charge
13-4036Power of supreme court on appeal from judgment of conviction
13-4037Power of supreme court to correct and reduce sentence upon appeal by defendant
13-4038Power of supreme court on appeal by state
13-4039Failure of appellant to prosecute appeal; effect
13-4040Divestiture of jurisdiction of supreme court after remission of minute entry and decision; exception
13-4041Fee of counsel assigned in criminal proceeding or insanity hearing on appeal or in postconviction relief proceedings; reimbursement; definitions
13-4042Appellate proceedings; request for extension; victim notification
Article 19Entry of Clearance on Records
13-4051Entry on records; stipulation; court order
Article 20Competency and Privileges
13-4061Competency of witness
13-4062Anti-marital fact privilege; other privileged communications
13-4063Competency of female concerned in certain offenses; effect of marriage to accused
13-4064Order compelling person to testify or produce evidence; immunity from use of such evidence; contempt
13-4065Prohibition on psychological or psychiatric examination to determine credibility
13-4066Privileged communication; sex offender treatment
Article 21Attendance of Witnesses
13-4071Subpoena; issuance; duty of clerk
13-4072Service of subpoena
13-4073Refusal to attend, be sworn or testify as contempt; civil liability
13-4074Attendance of witness; liability for nonattendance
13-4075Removal of prisoner to attend as witness; procedure; duty of sheriff
13-4077Allowance of expenses of out of county or indigent witness
Article 22Material Witnesses
13-4081Undertaking by witnesses
13-4082When further security may be required
13-4083Procedure when witness does not give security
13-4084Undertaking by witnesses in other courts
Article 23Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses From Without a State in Criminal Proceedings
13-4092Summoning witness in this state to testify in another state
13-4093Witness from another state summoned to testify in this state
13-4094Exemption from arrest and service of process
13-4095Uniformity of interpretation
13-4096Short title
Article 24Deposition of Witness Within the State
13-4101Witness for defendant
13-4102Grounds for examination; application
13-4103Order for examination; notice; proof of service
13-4104Attendance of witness; testimony; transmittal
13-4105Use of deposition at trial; objection to testimony
Article 25Deposition of Witness Without the State
13-4111Witness for defendant; grounds; application; issuance of commission; stay of trial
13-4112Interrogatories and crossinterrogatories; notice; service; duty of court; execution of commission
13-4113Duty of commissioner in executing commission; attachment of section to commission
13-4114Receipt and filing of commission; inspection
13-4115Use of deposition at trial; objection to testimony
13-4116Delivery of commission by agent; inability of agent to deliver
Article 26Habeas Corpus
13-4121Prosecution of writ
13-4122Application for writ
13-4123Granting of writ; remand of prisoner
13-4124Granting writ; time; bail
13-4125Direction of writ
13-4126Delivery and service of writ
13-4127Compelling obedience to writ
13-4128Return to writ
13-4129Production of prisoner; exception
13-4130Hearing on return
13-4131Discharge of prisoner
13-4132Discharge of prisoner held on process
13-4133Effect of defect in form
13-4134Defective process or commitment; reexamination
13-4135Writ to admit to bail
13-4136Remand of prisoner
13-4137Custody pending judgment
13-4138Disobedience of writ for defect of form
13-4139Finality of discharge; exceptions
13-4140Warrant for immediate production of person restrained or restraining; grounds
13-4141Execution of warrant; return and hearing
13-4142Issuance, service and return of writ or process; time; manner; duty of clerk
13-4143Charging fee in habeas corpus prohibited
13-4144Form of writ
13-4145Disobedience of command of writ; classification
13-4147Avoidance of command of writ; classification
Article 27Crime Victim Accounts
13-4202Void contracts; crime victim accounts; establishment; notice to victims; exceptions; civil liability; definition
Article 29Post-Conviction Relief
13-4231Scope of postconviction relief
13-4232Preclusion of post-conviction relief; exceptions; proof
13-4233Nature of proceeding and relation to other remedies
13-4234Commencement of proceedings; notice; appointment of counsel for capital defendants; assignment of judge; stay
13-4234.01Post-conviction relief proceedings; request for extension; victim notification
13-4235Contents of petition
13-4236Additional pleadings; summary disposition; amendments
13-4237Informal conference
13-4238Evidentiary hearing
13-4240Postconviction deoxyribonucleic acid testing
Article 30Child Witnesses
13-4251Applicability; definition
13-4252Recording of testimony
13-4253Out of court testimony; televised; recorded
Article 31Complaints
13-4261Law enforcement officer; affidavit; definition
13-4304Property subject to forfeiture; exemptions
13-4305Seizure of property
13-4306Powers and duties of peace officers and agencies
13-4307Notice of pending forfeiture
13-4308Commencement of proceedings
13-4309Uncontested forfeiture
13-4310Judicial forfeiture proceedings; general
13-4311Judicial in rem forfeiture proceedings
13-4312Judicial in personam forfeiture proceedings
13-4313Supplemental remedies
13-4314Disposition by court
13-4315Allocation of forfeited property
13-4401.01Victims' rights for neighborhood associations
13-4402Implementation of rights and duties
13-4402.01; Version 2Victims' rights; dismissed counts
13-4402.01Victims' rights; dismissed counts
13-4403Inability to exercise rights; lawful representatives; notice; definition
13-4404Limited rights of a legal entity
13-4405Information provided to victim by law enforcement agencies
13-4405.01Issuance and execution of arrest warrants
13-4406Notice of initial appearance
13-4407Notice of terms and conditions of release
13-4408Pretrial notice
13-4409Notice of criminal proceedings
13-4410Notice of conviction, acquittal or dismissal; impact statement
13-4411Notice of postconviction review and appellate proceedings
13-4411.01Notice of right to request not to receive inmate mail
13-4412Notice of release or escape
13-4413Notice of prisoner's status
13-4414Notice of post-conviction release; right to be heard; hearing; final decision
13-4415Notice of probation modification, termination or revocation disposition matters; notice of arrest
13-4416Notice of release, discharge or escape from a mental health treatment agency
13-4417Request for notice; forms; notice system
13-4418Construction of chapter
13-4419Victim conference with prosecuting attorney
13-4420Criminal proceedings; right to be present
13-4421Initial appearance
13-4422Postarrest custody decisions
13-4423Plea negotiation proceedings
13-4424Impact statement; presentence report
13-4425Inspection of presentence report
13-4426; Version 2Sentencing
13-4426.01Sentencing; victims' right to be heard
13-4427Probation modification, revocation disposition or termination proceedings
13-4428Victim's discretion; form of statement
13-4429Return of victim's property; release of evidence
13-4430Consultation between crime victim advocate and victim; privileged information; exception
13-4431Minimizing victim's contacts
13-4432Motion to revoke bond or personal recognizance
13-4433Victim's right to refuse an interview
13-4434Victim's right to privacy
13-4435Speedy trial
13-4436Effect of failure to comply
13-4437Standing to invoke rights; recovery of damages; right to counsel
13-4438Statement of rights
13-4439Right to leave work; scheduled proceedings; counseling; employment rights; nondiscrimination; confidentiality; definition
13-4502Effect of incompetency
13-4503Request for competency examination
13-4504Dismissal of misdemeanor charges; notice
13-4505Appointment of experts; costs
13-4506Examination for purposes of insanity defense
13-4507Examination of competency to stand trial
13-4508Privilege against self-incrimination; records
13-4509Expert's report
13-4510Competency hearing and orders
13-4511Competency to refuse treatment; length of sentence
13-4512; Version 2Treatment order; commitment
13-4512Treatment order; commitment
13-4513Appointment of clinical liaison
13-4514Progress reports; rehearings
13-4515Duration of order; notice of dismissed charge or voided order; petitions
13-4516Notice to central state repository; records
13-4517Incompetent defendants;  disposition
13-4702Conducting a chop shop; exception; violation; classification
13-4703Forfeiture and disposition of motor vehicle, motor vehicle part, property and evidence
13-4802Possession or sale of cloned cellular or wireless telephones; exception; violation; classification
13-4902Criminal trespass on commercial nuclear generating station; classification
13-4903Use of force; armed nuclear security guards
13-4904Detention authority; armed nuclear security guards

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