by Richard Keyt, Arizona NFA gun trust lawyer®

I am an Arizona gun trust lawyer®.   I collaborate with Florida attorney David M. Goldman, The gun trust lawyer® and author of the fabulous website appropriately named the Gun Trust Lawyer Blog.   David Goldman is a National Firearms Act (NFA) expert who has prepared thousands of gun trusts.  He is the author of the NFA gun trust agreement that I modified to comply with Arizona trust and gun laws.  It is David’s Arizona specific gun trust agreement that I offer to Arizona residents.

I created this area of my website to help Arizona residents understand the NFA, title II firearms and why and how to use a gun trust to own and use title II firearms.  Here are the pages on this website that explain the NFA and NFA gun trusts:

  • NFA Gun Trusts – The article answers the question “What is an NFA Gun Trust?” and explains the benefits of a gun trust.
  • NFA Gun Trust Preparation Agreement – To hire Richard Keyt and David Goldman to prepare an NFA Gun Trust for an Arizona resident, complete this online agreement then print, sign and deliver it to Richard Keyt at the address shown at the bottom of the last page.  Click on the link on the last page of the Agreement to go to our secure online store and pay with your Visa or MasterCard.
  • Arizona Gun Trust Lawyer – This website is dedicated to informing the public about Arizona gun trusts.  It is provided by David Goldman and Richard Keyt.
  • National Firearms Act Handbook – This is the BATFE’s comprehensive explanation of the NFA.  It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the NFA.
  • National Firearms Act – Machine Guns
  • Identification of NFA Firearms – This publication was prepared by the Firearms Technology Branch to help you in identifying weapons classified as firearms (including destructive devices) under Title 26. This may also be cited as the “National Firearms Act.”This guide acts as an aid in identifying types of firearms and destructive devices which must be registered with ATF under the national firearms act (title II of the gun control act of 1968).
  • Repair of NFA Firearms – Delivering an NFA II firearm to a gunsmith for repair is not a transfer that requires the completion of BATFE Form 5.
  • Distributions of NFA Firearms from an Estate – This article explains the law with respect to the legalities of distributing NFA firearms from the estate of a deceased NFA firearms owner to the heirs of the estate.  If you are the personal representative or executor of an estate that includes NFA firearms, this is a must read, understand and follow article.
  • Gun Shop Liability for Distributing Gun Trust Forms – This article is written by a Washington state attorney about the potential liability of Washington gun dealers that distribute gun trust forms to customers.  The concepts discussed in this article should be considered by Arizona gun dealers.
  • Arizona Gun Owner’s Guide by nationally known gun law author Alan Korwin – If you are an Arizona resident and own a gun, this is a must read book.  You get a copy of all the gun laws word-for-word, but more important, everything is described in plain English. The descriptions are cross-referenced to the laws.  The author takes the mystery out of the Arizona carry-permit law and the new no-permit Constitutional Carry law.  Plus — the self-defense laws, buying, keeping and using guns, the NICS background check, and he turns the legal mumbo jumbo into clear familiar English. Find out the who, what, when, where, why and how of firearms purchase, ownership, carry and use in Arizona, including national permit reciprocity. Now that Arizona has Constitutional Carry (no permit required) it’s more important than ever to know the rules, the prohibited places, stay safe and keep out of trouble. “It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules.”

Gun trust lawyer® is a trademark held by David Goldman and registered as a trademark with the U.S. Patent & Trademark office.  David Goldman granted Richard Keyt a  license to be the Arizona gun trust lawyer®.  David was born in Texas were firearms are part of the culture. He started starting shooting at an early age and now owns a variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns including Title II Firearms. He is a Lifetime Benefactor of NRA, and a member of the Second Amendment Foundation, and the NFA Trade and Collectors Associations. He has attended many firearms events including Knob Creek, The Silencer, the Shot Show, and many other national and regional gun shows and fund raising events. He is a member of several local gun clubs including Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club, Bullseye’s Indoor Range, and the St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club. David has invested in firearms related businesses including the premier indoor gun range in Atlanta, GA, the Sandy Springs Shooting Range. David has always had an unwavering commitment to Second Amendment rights.