Article 1 Definitions
4-101 Definitions
Article 2 Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
4-111 State liquor board; department of liquor licenses and control; members; director; appointment and removal
4-112 Powers and duties of board and director of department of liquor licenses and control; investigations; county and municipal regulation
4-113 Enforcement officer; credentials; peace officer status
4-114 Interest in business prohibited; forfeiture of office
4-115 Disposition of fees and penalties
4-116 Receipts from club licenses and applications
4-118 Inspection of premises
4-119 Records
4-120 Liquor licenses fund; exemption
Article 1 Licenses
4-201 Licensing; application procedure in city, town or county; burden of proof
4-201.01 Extending time limits
4-202 Qualifications of licensees; application; background information; prior convictions
4-203 Licenses; issuance; transfer; reversion to state
4-203.01 Interim permit; fee; rules
4-203.02 Special event license; rules
4-203.03 Wine festival license; wine fair license; fee
4-203.04 Direct shipment license; issuance; fee; requirements; penalties; cease and desist orders
4-203.05 Licenses held in nonuse status
4-204 Personal representative or fiduciary acting for licensee
4-205 Issuance of club license; regulatory provisions; revocation
4-205.01 Hotel-motel license; issuance; revocation
4-205.02 Restaurant license; issuance; regulatory provisions; expiration; definitions
4-205.03 Government license; issuance; regulatory provisions; agreements with coliseum concessionaires; definitions
4-205.04 Farm winery license; issuance; regulatory provisions; retail site; fee
4-205.05 Disposal of seized or recovered liquor
4-205.06 Hotel or motel minibars; rules; definitions
4-205.07 Conveyance license for excursion boats
4-205.08 Microbrewery license; issuance; regulatory provisions; retail site
4-205.09 Domestic microbrewery and domestic farm winery licenses on same land; requirements
4-205.10 Craft distiller license; issuance; regulatory provisions; fee
4-205.11 Craft distillery festival license; craft distillery fair license; craft distillery fee
4-206.01 Bar, beer and wine bar or liquor store licenses; number permitted; fee; sampling privileges
4-207 Restrictions on licensing premises near school or church buildings; definitions
4-207.01 Submission of floor plan required; alteration of licensed premises; ingress and egress to off-sale package sales in on-sale licensed premises
4-208 Rejection as to location
4-209 Fees for license, application, issuance, renewal and transfer; late renewal penalty; seasonal operation; surcharges
4-210 Grounds for revocation, suspension and refusal to renew; notice; complaints; hearings
4-210.01 Authority to impose civil penalty; training
4-210.02 Appeals from director
4-211 Judicial review; bond
4-212 Injunctions
4-213 Restaurant audit
Article 2 Regulatory Provisions
4-221 Registration of stills; forfeiture; sale; proceeds
4-222 Registration of retail agents; fees
4-223 Authority of cities and towns to tax transactions involving spirituous liquors; prohibitions
4-224 Local ordinances; prohibitions
4-226 Exemptions
4-227 Qualified retail cooperatives; pricing; definitions
4-227.01 Channel pricing; definition
4-228 Front entrance lock prohibited; exception
4-229 Licenses; handguns; posting of notice
Article 3 Prohibitions
4-241 Selling or giving liquor to underage person; illegally obtaining liquor by underage person; violation; classification; definitions
4-242 Sale of liquor on credit prohibited; exceptions
4-242.01 Prohibition of automatic teller machine or point‑of‑sale terminal that accepts electronic benefit transfer cards on premises
4-243 Commercial coercion or bribery unlawful; exceptions
4-243.01 Purchasing from other than primary source of supply unlawful; definitions
4-243.02 Sale of beer, wine or distilled spirits by producer; limitations
4-243.04 On-sale retail licensees; ownership interests; conditions
4-244 Unlawful acts
4-244.02 Unlawful importation of spirituous liquor; exceptions
4-244.04 Farm winery sampling
4-244.05 Unlicensed business establishment or premises; unlawful consumption of spirituous liquor; civil penalty; seizure and forfeiture of property
4-246 Violation; classification
4-247 Peace officers
4-248 Reporting by court of convictions; definition
4-249 Consumption of liquor by underage person in religious service allowed
4-250 Distilled spirits pricing; prohibition
4-250.01 Out-of-state person engaged in business as producer, exporter, importer or rectifier; violation; cease and desist order; civil penalty
4-251 Spirituous liquor in motor vehicles; prohibitions; violation; classification; exceptions; definitions
Article 4 Warning Signs
4-261 Warning signs; consumption of spirituous liquor during pregnancy; composition of signs; rules; inspection of premises; penalty
4-262 Display of license
Article 1 Liability Limitation
4-301 Liability limitation; social host
4-302 Notice of litigation
Article 2 Illegal Sale of Spirituous Liquor
4-311 Liability for serving intoxicated person or minor; definition
4-312 Liability limitation