Article 1 In General
33-101 Petition to establish landmarks
33-102 Minutes or field notes of survey; requirements; recording
33-103 Monuments at section and quarter section corners; reestablishment of corners; monument requirements; destruction of monuments; classification
33-104 Right of person making land survey to enter lands; damages for injury to lands
33-105 Recording of certain land surveys; contents
33-106 Corner record survey; filing; contents
Article 3 Arizona Coordinate System, 1983
33-131 Arizona coordinate system, 1983; zones; composition
33-132 Coordinates of system; zone definitions
33-133 Ground markings of system; accuracy specifications; horizontal control stations
33-134 Tract located in more than one zone; description
33-135 Reliance of purchaser or mortgagee not required
33-136 Public lands survey descriptions; conflicts; control
33-137 Recording, filing, publishing extensions and densifications of the ground marking system
33-138 Recording prerequisite
Chapter 2 ESTATES
Article 1 Definitions and Classifications
33-201 Duration of interest; fee tail prohibited
33-202 Estates as property interest; freeholds; chattels real; chattel interests
33-203 Right to possession of lands; estates in possession; estates in expectancy
33-204 Estates in expectancy; reversions; future estates; remainders
33-205 Vested future estates; contingent future estates
Article 2 Future Interests
33-221 Estates in expectancy; alienability
33-222 Alternative future estates
33-223 Time of creation of estates in expectancy
33-224 Effect of conveyance purporting to create fee tail; effect of conveyance by tenant in tail
33-225 Indefeasibility of expectant estates; exception
33-226 Defeasibility of expectant estate by terms of grant or devise
33-227 Contingent remainder as conditional limitation
33-228 Indestructibility of contingent remainders
33-231 Rule in Shelley’s case abolished
33-233 Life estate in term of years
33-234 Time when remainder on life estate or term of years takes effect
33-236 “Heir” and “issue” as words of limitation
33-237 Effect of posthumous children upon limitations
33-239 Use of accumulations for support and education of children
33-240 Ownership of rents and profits arising during suspension of power of alienation
Article 3 Perpetuities
33-261 Rule against perpetuities
Article 4 Conservation Easements
33-271 Definitions
33-272 Creation, conveyance, acceptance and duration
33-273 Judicial actions
33-274 Validity and assignment of conservation easements
33-275 Application of other laws
33-276 Applicability
Article 1 Obligations and Liabilities of Landlord
33-301 Posting of lien law and rates by innkeepers
33-302 Maintenance of fireproof safe by innkeeper for deposit of valuables by guests; limitations on liability of innkeeper for loss of property of guests
33-303 Discrimination by landlord or lessor against tenant with children prohibited; classification; exceptions
Article 2 Obligations and Liabilities of Tenant
33-321 Maintenance of premises
33-322 Damage to premises; classification
33-323 Liability of person in possession of land for rent due thereon
33-324 Denial of landlord’s title by lessee in possession prohibited
Article 3 Termination of Tenancies
33-341 Termination of tenancies
33-342 Effect of lessee holding over
33-343 Premises rendered untenantable without fault of lessee; nonliability of tenant for rent; right to quit premises
Article 4 Remedies of Landlord
33-361 Violation of lease by tenant; right of landlord to reenter; summary action for recovery of premises; appeal; lien for unpaid rent; enforcement
33-362 Landlord’s lien for rent
Article 5 Applicability of Chapter
33-381 Limitation
Article 1 Formal Requirements and Model Forms
33-401 Formal requirements of conveyance; writing; subscription; delivery; acknowledgment; defects
33-402 Forms for conveyances; quit claim; conveyance; warranty; mortgage
33-403 Easement description; validity
33-404 Disclosure of beneficiary; recording; failure to disclose
33-405 Beneficiary deeds; recording; definitions
33-406 Disclosure of transportation of water to property by motor vehicle or train; definition
Article 2 Recording
33-411 Invalidity of unrecorded instrument as to bona fide purchaser; acknowledgment required for proper recording; recording of instruments acknowledged in another state; exception
33-411.01 Recording real estate documents; indemnification by transferor
33-412 Invalidity of unrecorded instruments as to bona fide purchaser or creditor
33-413 Invalidity of unrecorded marriage contract as to bona fide purchaser or creditor
33-414 Recording of judgments affecting title to real property; inadmissibility of unrecorded judgment
33-415 Recording of master mortgages; including master mortgage provisions by reference in other mortgage
33-416 Record of instrument duly recorded as notice
33-417 Law governing validity of instruments; recording of instruments valid when executed; validity of instruments recorded prior to October 1, 1913
33-418 Recording of conveyances recorded prior to 1865 or recorded in New Mexico or Republic of Mexico
33-419 Effect of record as notice of instrument affecting land located in subsequently created county
33-420 False documents; liability; special action; damages; violation; classification
33-420.01 Suspension of line of credit; payoff demand statement; definitions
33-421 Recording of liens
33-422 Land divisions; recording; disclosure affidavit
33-423 Disclosure; reports; indemnity; applicability; violation; classification
33-424 Representation of legal requirement; enforcement; private action; damages; violation; classification
Article 3 Rules of Construction and Interpretation
33-431 Grants and devises to two or more persons; estates in common; community property with right of survivorship; joint tenants with right of survivorship
33-432 Presumption of intention to convey fee
33-433 Effect of alienation purporting to pass greater right than possessed by person making alienation
33-434 Covenants between purchaser and seller
33-434.01 Seller’s duty to disclose; soil remediation; definition
33-435 Covenants implied from word “grant” or “convey”
33-436 Effect of insubstantial conditions in conveyance
33-437 Defective conveyance as contract to convey
33-438 Sale of property subject to certain liens and encumbrances
33-439 Restrictions on installation or use of solar energy devices invalid; exception
33-440 Enforceability of private covenants; definitions
33-441 For sale signs; restrictions unenforceable
33-442 Prohibition on transfer fees; exceptions; definitions
Article 4 Power to Convey
33-451 Conveyance of separate property
33-452 Conveyance of community property
33-453 Conveyance of homestead
33-454 Power of attorney from one spouse to the other to execute instruments relating to property
33-455 Conveyance of absolute title by judicial sale; effect upon rights of persons not parties
33-456 Passage of title to real or personal property by judgment
33-457 Fraudulent representation by married person of ability to convey realty; classification
33-458 Resale of realty with intent to defraud; classification
Article 5 Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act
33-501 Recognition of notarial acts performed outside this state
33-502 Authentication of authority of officer
33-503 Certificate of person taking acknowledgment
33-504 Recognition of certificate of acknowledgment
33-505 Certificate of acknowledgment
33-506 Short forms of acknowledgment
33-507 Acknowledgments not affected by this article
33-508 Uniformity of interpretation
Article 6 Acknowledgments
33-511 Acknowledgment within the state
33-512 Acknowledgment by a married woman
33-513 Action to correct certificate of acknowledgment
Chapter 5 GIFTS
Article 1 Formal Requirements
33-601 Gifts
Article 1 Mortgages Generally
33-701 Interests which may be mortgaged; formal requirements; recording
33-702 Mortgage defined; admissibility of proof that transfer is a mortgage
33-703 Effect of mortgage as lien; right to possession of mortgaged property; rights of mortgagee in property acquired by mortgagor after execution of mortgage
33-704 Performance of assessment work or payment of maintenance fees on mining claim by mortgagee; expense as additional debt secured by mortgage
33-705 Purchase money mortgage or deed of trust; priority
33-706 Assignment of mortgage; recording as notice
33-707 Acknowledgment of satisfaction; recording
33-708 Release by attorney in fact
33-709 Acknowledgment of satisfaction by personal representative of mortgagee to whom indebtedness was paid before death
33-710 Release by foreign personal representative, administrator, guardian or conservator
33-711 Release by heir or legatee
33-712 Liability for failure to acknowledge satisfaction
33-713 Discharge by order of court; proof required; effect
33-714 Expiration of mortgage and deed of trust; applicability
33-715 Payoff demands; definitions
Article 2 Foreclosure
33-721 Foreclosure of mortgage by court action
33-722 Election between action on debt or to foreclose
33-723 Right of junior lien holder upon foreclosure action by senior lien holder
33-724 State as party to foreclosure actions
33-725 Judgment of foreclosure; contents; sale of property; resale
33-726 Redemption of property by payment to officer directed under foreclosure judgment to sell the property
33-727 Sale under execution; deficiency; order of liens; writ of possession
33-728 Recording upon record that mortgage is foreclosed and judgment satisfied; effect
33-729 Purchase money mortgage; limitation on liability
33-730 Limitation on deficiency judgment on mortgage or deed of trust as collateral for consumer goods
Article 3 Forfeiture and Reinstatement of Purchaser’s Interest Under Contract for Conveyance of Real Property
33-741 Definitions
33-742 Forfeiture of interest of purchaser in default under contract
33-743 Notice of election to forfeit and reinstatement of purchaser’s interest
33-744 Completion of forfeiture by judicial process
33-745 Completion of forfeiture by notice
33-746 Request for copy of notice of election to forfeit
33-747 Appointment of successor account servicing agent
33-748 Seller’s right to foreclose
33-749 Other remedies
33-750 Conveyance by seller; payment in full; payoff deed
Chapter 6.1 DEEDS OF TRUST
Article 1 General Provisions
33-801 Definitions
33-802 Description of trust property; mailing address of trustor and trustee
33-803 Trustee of trust deed; qualifications
33-803.01 Trustee of trust deed; delegation of duties
33-804 Appointment of successor trustee by beneficiary
33-805 Deed of trust as security
33-806 Transfers in trust of real property; uses
33-806.01 Trustor’s right to transfer; transfer fee limit; interest rate increase limit
33-807 Sale of trust property; power of trustee; foreclosure of trust deed
33-808 Notice of trustee’s sale
33-809 Request for copies of notice of sale; mailing by trustee; disclosure of information regarding trustee sale
33-810 Sale by public auction; postponement of sale
33-811 Payment of bid; trustee’s deed
33-812 Disposition of proceeds of sale
33-813 Default in performance of contract secured; reinstatement; cancellation of recorded notice of sale
33-814 Action to recover balance after sale or foreclosure on property under trust deed
33-815 Method of indexing
33-816 Limitation on action or sale of trust property
33-817 Transfer of secured contract
33-818 Notice from instruments recorded; assignment of a beneficial interest
33-819 Exempt transactions
33-820 Trustee’s right to rely; attorney’s right to act for trustee and beneficiary
33-821 Exemption from definition
Chapter 7 LIENS
Article 1 Farm Services Lien
33-901 Lien for furnishing labor or machinery upon agricultural land
33-902 Procedure to claim lien; foreclosure
33-903 Nonliability of vendee of crops upon lien for farm services; demand of statement from vendor; refusal to make or making of erroneous statement by vendor; classification
33-904 Duration of lien
33-905 Demand by lien holder for enforcement of lien against whole or part of property covered
33-906 Joinder of actions; costs
33-907 Enforcement of judgment
33-908 Additional remedies
33-909 Release of farm services lien
Article 3 Health Care Provider Liens
33-931 Lien of health care provider on damages recovered by injured person receiving services; hospital priority
33-932 Perfecting lien; statement of claim; recording; effect
33-933 Recording and indexing lien claim
33-934 Release of claim by injured person ineffective as to lienholder; action to enforce lien
33-935 Workers’ compensation cases exempted
33-936 Release of hospital lien; liability
Article 4 Innkeeper’s Lien
33-951 Lien on baggage and property of guests
33-952 Sale of property; notice
Article 5 Judgment Liens on Real Property
33-961 Filing judgments for payment of money; certified copy of judgment; recording copy to perfect lien against real property; information statement
33-962 Procedure for filing judgment of justice or municipal court; recording; lien
33-963 Procedure for recording judgment of federal court; lien
33-964 Lien of judgment; duration; exemption of homestead; acknowledgment of satisfaction by judgment creditor
33-965 Entry of reversal or remittitur upon judgment docket; affidavit
33-966 Superiority of lien for personal injury judgment against person operating railway
33-967 Money judgment; information statement; amendment to recorded judgment
33-968 Erroneously identified property owner; lien; release
Article 6 Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Liens
33-981 Lien for labor; professional services or materials used in construction, alteration or repair of structures; preliminary twenty day notice; exceptions
33-982 Claim of lien by assignee of contract or account for material furnished or labor performed
33-983 Lien for improvements to city lots or other land
33-984 Lien for labor or materials furnished mill, factory or hoisting works
33-985 Lien for labor or materials furnished domestic vessel
33-986 Lien for labor in cutting wood, logs or ties
33-987 Lien for labor or materials furnished on waterways, highways, excavations or land
33-988 Lien for labor or materials furnished railroad
33-989 Lien for labor or material furnished mines and mining claims; priority
33-990 Posting of “no lien” notice by owner not operating mine; violation; classification
33-991 Lands to which liens extend; rural lands; city lots; subdivision lots; mining claims
33-992 Preference of liens over subsequent encumbrances; professional services liens
33-992.01 Preliminary twenty day notice; definitions; content; election; waiver; service; single service; contract
33-992.02 Proof of mailing of preliminary twenty day notice; receipt; affidavit
33-993 Procedure to perfect lien; notice and claim of lien; service; recording; definitions
33-994 Right of owner of property against which lien is claimed to withhold payment to original contractor; procedure
33-995 Duty of contractor to defend action on claim of lien by person other than a contractor; rights of owner against contractor; other rights
33-996 Joinder of persons claiming liens; claimant as party defendant; intervention
33-997 Sale of property to satisfy lien
33-998 Limitation of action to foreclose lien; attorney fees
33-999 Right of lienholder to have land and improvements sold together or separately; right of purchaser to possession
33-1000 Priority among mechanic’s and materialman’s liens; prorating proceeds of foreclosure sale
33-1001 Priority of claims for current wages owed by owner of property under levy
33-1002 Definitions; inapplicability of certain liens to owner‑occupied dwelling; waiver void
33-1003 Payment bond in lieu of lien right; bond purposes and conditions; recording
33-1004 Discharge of mechanic’s liens; bond; limitations of actions; discharge of surety; judgment
33-1005 Payments made in trust
33-1006 Release of mechanic’s and materialman’s liens; liability
33-1007 Definition of professional services
33-1008 Waiver of lien
Article 7 Personal Property Liens
33-1021 Lien for labor or materials furnished on personal property; right to possess property
33-1021.01 Dry cleaners’ and launderers’ lien; foreclosure
33-1022 Garages; aircraft
33-1022.01 Fabrication work; lien
33-1023 Sale of property; disposal of proceeds
Article 8 Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act
33-1031 Applicability
33-1032 Place of filing or recording
33-1033 Execution of notices and certificates
33-1034 Filing or recording officer; duties
33-1035 Fees
Article 9 Stop Notices
33-1051 Definitions
33-1052 Stop notice; defect in form
33-1053 Applicability
33-1054 Persons authorized; notice to owner; failure to serve notice after demand
33-1055 Persons authorized; election by construction lender to withhold monies; copy of bond; recovery limits
33-1056 Effective notice
33-1057 Withholding of money by owner; payment bond
33-1058 Withholding monies by construction lenders; payment bond
33-1059 Assignment of monies; effect
33-1060 Pro rata distribution of monies
33-1061 False notice
33-1062 Release of stop notice or bonded stop notice; surety bond
33-1063 Commencement of actions; limitations
33-1064 Dismissal or judgment
33-1065 Consolidation of actions
33-1066 Attorney fees
33-1067 Interest
Article 10 Commercial Real Estate Broker Liens
33-1071 Commercial real estate broker lien; definition
33-1072 Lien attachment; notice of commercial real estate broker lien; notice to owner
33-1073 Contents of notice of lien; verification
33-1074 Foreclosure; limitation of action; attorney fees
33-1075 Satisfaction of lien; damages
33-1076 Discharge of commercial real estate broker’s liens; bond; limitations of actions; discharge of surety; judgment
Article 1 Homesteads and Homestead Exemption
33-1101 Homestead exemptions; persons entitled to hold homesteads
33-1102 Exemption by operation of law; designation of multiple properties on creditor’s request; recording
33-1103 Effective date of homestead exemption; extent of exemption; exceptions
33-1104 Abandonment of homestead; encumbrance of homestead
33-1105 Sale by judgment creditor of property subject to homestead exemption
Article 2 Personal Property Exemption
33-1121 Definitions
33-1121.01 Availability of exemptions
33-1122 Debtor’s property not exempt from process
33-1123 Household furniture, furnishings and appliances
33-1124 Food, fuel and provisions
33-1125 Personal items
33-1126 Money benefits or proceeds; exception
33-1127 School equipment
33-1128 Fire fighting equipment
33-1129 Public property or property of a public character
33-1130 Tools and equipment used in a commercial activity, trade, business or profession
33-1131 Definition; wages; salary; compensation
33-1132 Waiver of exemption rights void
33-1133 Other exemption laws
Article 3 Exemption From Execution of Foreign Judgment
33-1151 Exemption from execution
33-1152 Recording; effect
33-1153 Abandonment of exemption; maintenance of residency
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1201 Applicability
33-1202 Definitions
33-1203 Variation
33-1204 Separate titles and taxation
33-1205 Applicability of local ordinances, rules and building codes
33-1206 Eminent domain
33-1207 Severability
Article 2 Creation, Alteration and Termination of Condominiums
33-1211 Creation of condominium
33-1212 Unit boundaries
33-1213 Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
33-1214 Description of units
33-1215 Contents of declaration
33-1216 Leasehold condominiums
33-1217 Allocation of common element interests, votes and common expense liabilities
33-1218 Limited common elements
33-1219 Plat
33-1220 Exercise of development rights
33-1221 Alterations of units
33-1222 Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
33-1223 Subdivision of units
33-1224 Easement for encroachments
33-1225 Use for sale purposes
33-1226 Easement to facilitate exercise of special declarant rights
33-1227 Amendment of declaration
33-1228 Termination of condominium
33-1229 Rights of secured lenders
33-1230 Merger or consolidation of condominiums
Article 3 Management of the Condominium
33-1241 Organization of unit owners’ association
33-1242 Powers of unit owners’ association; notice to unit owner of violation
33-1243 Board of directors and officers; conflict; powers; limitations; removal; annual audit; applicability
33-1244 Transfer of special declarant rights
33-1245 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant; applicability
33-1246 Bylaws
33-1247 Upkeep of the condominium
33-1248 Open meetings; exceptions
33-1249 Quorums; applicability
33-1250 Voting; proxies; absentee ballots; applicability; definition
33-1251 Tort and contract liability
33-1252 Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements
33-1252.01 Conveyance of certain real property
33-1253 Insurance
33-1254 Surplus monies
33-1255 Assessments for common expenses; applicability
33-1256 Lien for assessments; priority; mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens; applicability
33-1257 Other liens affecting the condominium
33-1258 Association financial and other records; applicability
33-1259 Association as trustee
33-1260 Resale of units; information required; fees; civil penalty; applicability; definition
33-1260.01 Rental property; unit owner and agent information; fee; disclosure
33-1261 Flag display; for sale, rent or lease signs; political signs and activities; applicability
Article 4 Administration of the Condominium Act
33-1270 Department of real estate; enforcement
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1301 Short title
33-1302 Purposes
33-1303 Supplementary principles of law applicable
33-1304 Applicability of chapter
33-1305 Administration of remedies; enforcement
33-1306 Settlement of disputed claim or right
33-1307 Territorial application
33-1308 Exclusions from application of chapter
33-1309 Jurisdiction and service of process
33-1310 General definitions
33-1311 Obligation of good faith
33-1312 Unconscionability
33-1313 Notice
33-1314 Terms and conditions of rental agreement
33-1314.01 Utility charges; submetering; ratio utility billing; allocation; water system exemption
33-1315 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements
33-1316 Separation of rents and obligations to maintain property forbidden
33-1317 Discrimination by landlord or lessor against tenant with children prohibited; classification; exceptions; civil remedy; applicability
33-1318 Early termination by tenant for domestic violence; conditions; lock replacement; access refusal; treble damages; immunity
33-1318.01 Early release termination for law enforcement officers; definition
33-1319 Bedbug control; landlord and tenant obligations; definitions
Article 2 Landlord Obligations
33-1321 Security deposits
33-1322 Disclosure and tender of written rental agreement
33-1323 Landlord to supply possession of dwelling unit
33-1324 Landlord to maintain fit premises
33-1325 Limitation of liability
33-1329 Regulation of rents; authority
33-1330 Transfer of records on sale
33-1331 Notice of foreclosure; effect on lease; damages
Article 3 Tenant Obligations
33-1341 Tenant to maintain dwelling unit
33-1342 Rules and regulations
33-1343 Access
33-1344 Tenant to use and occupy as a dwelling unit
Article 4 Remedies
33-1361 Noncompliance by the landlord
33-1362 Failure to deliver possession
33-1363 Self‑help for minor defects
33-1364 Wrongful failure to supply heat, air conditioning, cooling, water, hot water or essential services
33-1365 Landlord’s noncompliance as defense to action for possession or rent; definition
33-1366 Fire or casualty damage
33-1367 Tenant’s remedies for landlord’s unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of services
33-1368 Noncompliance with rental agreement by tenant; failure to pay rent; utility discontinuation; liability for guests; definition
33-1369 Failure to maintain
33-1370 Abandonment; notice; remedies; personal property; definition
33-1371 Acceptance of partial payments
33-1372 Landlord liens; distraint for rent
33-1373 Remedy after termination
33-1374 Recovery of possession limited
33-1375 Periodic tenancy; hold‑over remedies
33-1376 Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
33-1377 Special detainer actions; service; trial postponement
Article 5 Retaliatory Action
33-1381 Retaliatory conduct prohibited
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1401 Short title
33-1402 Purposes
33-1403 Supplementary principles of law applicable
33-1404 Administration of remedies; enforcement
33-1405 Settlement of disputed claim or right
33-1406 Territorial application
33-1407 Exclusions from application of chapter
33-1408 Jurisdiction and service of process; recovery of attorney fees; treble damages
33-1409 General definitions
33-1410 Obligation of good faith
33-1411 Unconscionability
33-1412 Notice
33-1413 Terms and conditions of rental agreement
33-1413.01 Utility charges; waste, garbage and rubbish removal charges
33-1413.02 Guest fee
33-1413.03 Care givers; treatment plan
33-1414 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements; late payment penalty
33-1415 Separation of rents and obligations to maintain property forbidden
33-1416 Preemption by state; regulation of rents; exception
33-1417 Rebates and referrals prohibited; mobile homes and manufactured homes; damages
33-1418 Incorporated tenants’ park purchase association
Article 2 Landlord Obligations
33-1431 Security deposits
33-1432 Disclosure of written rental agreement
33-1433 Landlord to deliver possession of mobile home space
33-1434 Landlord to maintain fit premises
33-1435 Limitation of liability
33-1436 Statement of policy; amendment; contents; new statements
33-1437 Education requirements for park managers; complaint; administrative hearing; civil penalty
33-1438 Transfer of records; sale of park
Article 3 Tenant Obligations
33-1451 Tenant to maintain mobile home space; notice of vacating; clearance for removal
33-1452 Rules and regulations
33-1453 Access
33-1454 Tenant to occupy as a dwelling unit; authority to sublet
Article 4 Remedies
33-1471 Noncompliance by the landlord
33-1472 Failure to deliver possession
33-1473 Self‑help for minor defects
33-1474 Wrongful failure to supply essential services
33-1475 Tenant’s remedies for landlord’s unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of services
33-1476 Termination or nonrenewal of rental agreement by landlord; noncompliance with rental agreement by tenant; failure to pay rent
33-1476.01 Change in use; notices; compensation for moving expenses; payments by the landlord
33-1476.02 Mobile home relocation fund; investment of monies
33-1476.03 Assessments for mobile home relocation fund; waiver
33-1476.04 Relocations due to rent increase; mobile home relocation fund; applicability
33-1476.05 Relocations due to change in age restricted community use; payment from mobile home relocation fund; applicability
33-1477 Failure to maintain by tenant
33-1478 Remedies for abandonment; required registration
33-1480 Landlord liens; distraint for rent abolished
33-1481 Remedy after termination
33-1482 Recovery of possession limited
33-1483 Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies
33-1484 Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
33-1485 Special detainer actions; service; trial postponement
33-1485.01 Removal of mobile home from mobile home park; violation; joint and several liability
Article 5 Retaliatory Action
33-1491 Retaliatory conduct prohibited; eviction
Article 6 Affidavit of Affixture
33-1501 Affidavit of affixture for mobile home in mobile home park
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1551 Duty of owner, lessee or occupant of premises to recreational or educational users; liability; definitions
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1571 Real property loans; exercise of due on sale clauses; prohibition
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1701 Definitions; exception
33-1702 Residential use; prohibition
33-1703 Lien; rental agreement; contents; late fees
33-1704 Enforcement of lien
33-1705 Notice posted in the office
33-1706 Failure to comply; penalty
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1801 Applicability; exemption
33-1802 Definitions
33-1803 Penalties; notice to member of violation
33-1804 Open meetings; exceptions
33-1805 Association financial and other records
33-1806 Resale of units; information required; fees; civil penalty; definition
33-1806.01 Rental property; member and agent information; fee; disclosure
33-1807 Lien for assessments; priority; mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens
33-1808 Flag display; political signs; caution signs; for sale, rent or lease signs; political activities
33-1809 Parking; public service and public safety emergency vehicles; definition
33-1810 Board of directors; annual audit
33-1811 Board of directors; contracts; conflict
33-1812 Proxies; absentee ballots; definition
33-1813 Removal of board member; special meeting
33-1814 Slum property; professional management
33-1815 Association authority; commercial signage
33-1816 Solar energy devices; reasonable restrictions; fees and costs
33-1817 Declaration amendment; design, architectural committees; review
33-1818 Community authority over public roadways; applicability
Article 1 General Provisions
33-1901 Definitions
33-1902 Residential rental property; recording with the assessor; agent designation; civil penalty; fee
33-1903 Appointment of temporary receiver; term; duties, accounting
33-1904 Inspections
33-1905 Slum property; appeal
33-1906 Licensed property management company; training program
33-1907 Registration with one-call notification center
Article 1 General Provisions
33-2001 Definitions
33-2002 Homeowners’ association dwelling actions; conditions
33-2003 Applicability
Article 1 General Provisions
33-2101 Application; duration of stay; exclusions
33-2102 Definitions
33-2103 Obligation of good faith
33-2104 Unconscionability
33-2105 Terms and conditions of rental agreement; notice, removal
33-2106 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements
33-2107 Utility fees; service interruption; waste, garbage and rubbish removal fees; refunds; enforcement
Article 2 Landlord Obligations
33-2121 Security deposits
33-2122 Disclosure
33-2123 Landlord to maintain fit premises
Article 3 Tenant Obligations
33-2131 Tenant to maintain recreational vehicle space
33-2132 Rules
33-2133 Access
Article 4 Remedies
33-2141 Noncompliance by the landlord
33-2142 Tenant’s remedies for landlord’s unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of services
33-2143 Termination or nonrenewal of rental agreement by landlord; noncompliance with rental agreement by tenant; failure to pay rent; notice; damages; definition
33-2144 Abandonment
33-2145 Remedy after termination
33-2146 Failure to maintain by tenant
33-2147 Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies
33-2148 Retaliatory conduct prohibited; eviction
Article 1 General Provisions
33-2201 Application
33-2202 Definitions
33-2203 Management of timeshare plan and timeshare property
33-2204 Powers of board; limitations; period of developer control; election of directors and officers; removal of directors
33-2205 Quorums; votes
33-2206 Duties of the managing entity
33-2207 Foreclosure of assessment liens
33-2208 Association open meetings; exceptions; notices
33-2209 Financial and other records
33-2210 List of owners
33-2211 Trustee’s sale of timeshare estates; notice; cure; notice to prevent sale; definitions
Article 1 General Provisions
33-2301 Commercial buildings; telecommunications service; notice; definition
33-2302 Applicability; commercial properties
Article 1 General Provisions
33-2401 Access to private property