Chapter 1 JAILS
Article 1 Personnel and Facilities
31-101 Common jails; duty of sheriff; use of jails
31-104 Employment of temporary guards
31-105 Designation of jail in contiguous county; revocation of designation
31-106 Disease in jail; removal of prisoners
31-107 Emergency removal of prisoners
Article 2 Prisoners
31-121 Duty of sheriff to receive and provide for prisoners; contracts for furnishing food; city or town prisoners; employment; canteens; special services fund; insurance; education programs
31-122 Receiving and keeping federal prisoners
31-123 Confinement of person committed to jail
31-124 Segregation of prisoners; males and females; minors and adults
31-125 Duty of sheriff to deliver judicial papers to prisoner
31-126 Examination of certain prisoners for mental disorder
31-127 Abuse of prisoner; classification
31-128 Unauthorized communication with prisoner; classification
31-129 Taking prohibited articles into jail; classification
31-130 Destruction of or injury to public jail; classification
31-131 Operation of inmate industry program; special services fund; application of earnings
31-132 Duty to deliver medical records
Article 3 Labor by Prisoners
31-141 Enforcement of sentence imposing hard labor; employment of prisoners; definition
31-142 Use of prisoners on public works
31-143 Use of prisoners by county engineer
31-144 Double time allowance for work done outside jail as trusty
31-145 Allowance for hard labor in reduction of fine
31-146 Notice of discharge of prisoners sentenced to pay fine or to be imprisoned until payment made
Article 4 Inmate Health Care
31-161 Inmate health care; costs
31-162 Inmate health services fund; audit
31-163 Subrogation
31-164 Inmate health insurance pools
31-165 Inmate medical services; rate structure
Article 1 Officers and Employees
31-201 Definitions
31-201.01 Duties of the director; tort actions; medical treatment costs; state immunity; definitions
31-203 Persons disqualified as officers or employees
31-204 Interest of employee in contracts; gifts to or from prisoner; penalty
31-206 Chaplains; duties; traditional Native American religious practitioners
31-207 Payment of claims
Article 2 Prisoners
31-221 Master record file; information from other agencies; confidentiality of file; access; definition
31-222 Research and evaluation programs
31-223 Use of force by correctional officers
31-224 Duty to deliver medical records
31-225 Attendance of prisoner in court
31-226 Mentally disordered prisoner; procedure for voluntary or involuntary hospitalization; notice; hearing; transfer; reports; return to incarceration or release; costs; definition
31-226.01 Emergency transfer procedures
31-227 Reimbursing county for expense of prosecution
31-228 Procedure for discharge of prisoner; return of property; furnishing money, clothing and transportation ticket; allowing hair to grow before discharge
31-229 Functional literacy program; evaluation; certificate; exemptions; wages; definition
31-229.01 Functionally literate inmates; education requirement; rules; inmate fees; definition
31-229.02 Functionally literate inmates; release eligibility
31-230 Prisoner spendable accounts; fees
31-231 Unauthorized communication with prisoner; classification; definition
31-233 Order for removal; purposes; duration; continuous alcohol monitoring program; failure to return; classification
31-234 Agreements with cities and counties; costs; transfer; participation in programs; custody of director
31-235 Prisoner correspondence; definitions
31-237 Dedicated discharge accounts
31-238 Incarceration costs; setoff
31-239 Utility fees
31-240 Prisoner education services budget; prohibitions
31-241 Inmate complaints to boards; procedure
31-242 Internet access; violation; classification; definitions
Article 3 Labor by Prisoners
31-250 Definition of work crew
31-251 Hard labor required of prisoners; labor classification; definition
31-251.01 Definition
31-252 Use of prisoners in public works; cooperative prisoner labor system; definitions
31-253 Use of prisoners in prison construction; definition
31-254 Compensation for labor performed; price of prison made articles; distribution of earnings; workers’ compensation
31-255 Alcohol abuse treatment fund
Article 4 Products of Prisoners
31-261 Sale or exchange of products of individual prisoners
Article 5 Correctional Facility Construction
31-271 Adult correctional facility; multiple confinement
Article 6 Transition Program
31-281 Transition program; report
31-282 Contracted entities; duties; services; definition
31-284 Transition program fund
31-285 Transition program release; report
31-287 Program termination
Article 10 Prisoner Participation in Medical Research and Plasmapheresis and Whole Blood Programs
31-321 Prisoner participation in approved programs
31-322 Approval of programs
31-323 Compensation for prisoner participation in approved programs; trust fund or retention account
Article 11 Work Furlough Program
31-331 Definitions
31-332 Applicability
31-333 Work furlough
31-334 Earnings of prisoner
31-335 Time credits
31-336 Improper conduct
Article 12 Escape
31-341 Definitions
31-342 Escape; liability for costs incurred in apprehension
Article 1 Board of Executive Clemency
31-401 Board of executive clemency; qualifications; appointment; officers; quorum; meeting
31-402 Powers of board; powers and duties of governor; powers and duties of executive director
31-403 Commutation; restrictions on consideration
Article 2 Paroles
31-411 Parole or discharge; conditions of parole; release under supervision of state department of corrections; notice of hearing; exceptions; drug testing costs
31-411.01 Parole or community supervision for persons previously convicted of possession or use of marijuana, a dangerous drug or a narcotic drug; treatment; prevention; education; termination of parole or community supervision
31-412 Criteria for release on parole; release; custody of parolee; definition
31-413 Duty of department of corrections to assist in securing employment for parolees and prisoners
31-414 Absolute discharge of parolee; effect; notice to victim
31-415 Violation of parole or community supervision; warrant for retaking parolee or offender on community supervision
31-416 Execution of warrant to take paroled prisoner or offender on community supervision; expenses
31-417 Notification to board of parole violator; hearing; reimprisonment
31-418 Community supervision fee; deposit; community corrections enhancement fund; drug testing costs
Article 3 Reprieves, Commutations, and Pardons
31-441 Application for pardon; statement of facts proved at trial
31-442 Application for pardon; notice; exceptions
31-443 Power of governor to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons
31-444 Power of governor to suspend sentence for treason pending consideration by legislature
31-445 Publication of reasons for granting a commutation, pardon, reprieve, stay or suspension of execution
31-446 Report to legislature
Article 4.1 Interstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders
31-467 Adoption of interstate compact for the supervision of adult offenders
31-467.01 Parole or probation violation; retaking; notice; hearing; custody pending hearing
31-467.02 Hearing officer
31-467.03 Hearing rights of parolee or probationer
31-467.04 Hearings in other states; effect
31-467.05 Extradition; retrieval
31-467.06 Supervision fee; deposit; drug testing costs
31-467.07 Interstate compact for the supervision of adult offenders; eight‑year review
Article 5 Western Interstate Corrections Compact
31-471 Western interstate corrections compact
31-472 Commitment or transfer of inmate; prohibition against transfer of inmate sentenced under Arizona law to institution outside state in absence of consent; irrevocability of consent
31-473 Enforcement of compact; hearings in compliance with compact
31-474 Contracts implementing state’s participation in compact; prerequisite approval; authorized provisions; determination of suitability of institution and confinement
31-475 Right of transferred prisoner on release from prison outside this state
Article 6 Agreement on Detainers
31-481 Agreement; authorization; contents
31-482 Matters pertaining to agreement
Article 7 Interstate Corrections Compact
31-491 Interstate corrections compact
31-492 Powers of director
Article 1 General Provisions
31-501 Psychiatric security review board; members; terms; compensation
31-502 Psychiatric security review board; powers and duties; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
31-601 Pregnant prisoners; restraints; written findings; rules; definitions