Article 1 Definitions
28-101 Definitions
Article 2 General Penalties
28-121 Violation; classification; exception; civil traffic violation; surcharge
Article 3 General Provisions
28-141 Prearranged ground transportation; applicability; definitions
28-142 Livery vehicle, taxi and limousine regulation; state preemption
28-143 Heavy and commuter rail; construction; definitions
Article 1 Transportation Board
28-301 Transportation districts
28-302 Transportation board; members; appointments; terms; compensation
28-303 Powers and duties of the board; meetings
28-304 Powers and duties of the board; transportation facilities
28-305 Powers and duties of the board; rules
28-306 Statewide transportation policy statement
28-307 Long‑range statewide transportation plan; board duties
Article 2 Department of Transportation
28-331 Department of transportation established
28-332 Department of transportation jurisdiction; duties; divisions
28-333 Legal counsel
28-334 Acceptance and expenditure of federal monies; limitations
28-335 Comprehensive financial management system
28-336 REAL ID act; implementation prohibited
28-337 High occupancy vehicle lane; lane degradation; priority use
28-338 Enhanced driver license prohibition
Article 3 Director of the Department of Transportation
28-361 Director; appointment; compensation
28-362 Deputy director of the department
28-363 Duties of the director; administration
28-364 Powers of the director
28-365 Disposition of fees
28-366 Director; rules
28-367 Public transit
28-368 Property acquisition; definition
28-369 Law enforcement powers; ports of entry; violation; classification
28-370 Oaths and acknowledgments; power of attorney; definition
28-371 Surety bond
28-372 Returned checks; dishonored electronic payments; fees
28-373 Refunds; limitations
28-374 Fees and taxes; alternative payment methods; penalties
28-375 Alternative office hours for motor vehicle division offices
28-376 Employment of personnel; definition
Article 4 Agreements
28-401 Intergovernmental agreements
28-402 Intergovernmental agreements; ports of entry
28-403 Interstate agreements; commercial vehicle registration
28-404 Interstate agreements; fee and tax exemptions
28-405 Contract; civil penalty collection
28-406 Interstate agreements; dealer or manufacturer plates
28-407 Agreements with other jurisdictions; parking privileges
28-408 Agreements with nonpublic entities
28-409 Agreements with public and private entities; fund
28-410 Computer software agreements
28-411 Prompt payment; progress payment; consultants and contractors; subconsultants and subcontractors
28-412 Agreements with other jurisdictions; exchange of records and reciprocal action for toll enforcement
Article 5 Records
28-440 Definitions
28-441 Duplication of records
28-442 Records; evidence
28-443 Records; management; destruction
28-444 Computer storage; evidence
28-445 Seal; authentication of records
28-446 Fees for copies; exemptions
28-447 Public records
28-448 Notice of address or name change; address update; civil traffic violation
28-449 Information requests for public records
28-451 Maintaining records
28-453 Electronic transfer of information
28-454 Records maintained by department of transportation; redaction; definitions
28-455 Release of personal information; fees
28-456 Subsequent sale or disclosure of record information by authorized recipient
28-457 Unlawful acts; classification; civil actions
28-458 Motor vehicle records release; department review panel
Article 6 Unblended Gasoline Shortages
28-481 Definitions
28-482 Department survey
28-483 Determination of shortage; declaration
28-484 State set‑aside volume
28-485 Assignment of set‑aside
28-486 Liaison designation
28-487 Limitation of supply requirement
28-488 Price
28-489 Application
28-490 Appeal
Article 7 Transportation Planning
28-501 Definition of division
28-502 Transportation planning; uniform practices; requirements
28-503 Performance based planning and programming
28-504 Transportation system performance measures; data collection and reporting; methodologies
28-505 Transportation system performance factors; weights
28-506 Long‑range statewide transportation plan; division duties
28-507 Transportation system database
Article 1 Definitions and Powers of Governor
28-601 Definitions
28-602 Powers of governor; federal highway safety act
Article 2 Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
28-621 Applicability to vehicles on highways; exceptions
28-622 Failure to comply with police officer; classification
28-622.01 Unlawful flight from pursuing law enforcement vehicle; classification; vehicle marking required
28-623 Obedience by public officers and employees; exceptions
28-624 Authorized emergency vehicles
28-625 Persons riding animals or driving animal drawn vehicles
28-626 Uniform application of laws throughout state; local ordinances or regulations
28-627 Powers of local authorities
28-628 Rights of real property owners
Article 3 Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings
28-641 Traffic control device manual and specifications
28-642 Traffic control signs on state highways; rules
28-643 Local traffic control devices
28-644 Obedience to and required traffic control devices
28-645 Traffic control signal legend
28-646 Pedestrian control signals; loitering prohibited
28-647 Flashing signals
28-648 Display of unauthorized signs, signals or markings
28-649 Interference with official traffic control device or railroad sign or signal; possession of traffic preemption emitter; classification; definition
28-650 Warning devices at construction sites
28-651 Use of private property to avoid traffic control device prohibited
28-652 State highway work zones; definition
28-653 Flagger training and certification; exception
Article 4 Accidents
28-661 Accidents involving death or physical injuries; failure to stop; classification; driver license revocation; restricted privilege to drive; alcohol or other drug screening
28-662 Accidents involving damage to vehicle; failure to stop; classification; driver license suspension; alcohol or other drug screening
28-663 Duty to give information and assistance; classification; alcohol or other drug screening
28-664 Duty on striking unattended vehicle; classification
28-665 Striking fixtures on a highway; classification
28-666 Notice of accident
28-667 Written accident report; definition
28-668 Accidents involving death to drivers; testing alcohol concentration
28-669 Accident report forms
28-670 Accident report analysis
28-671 Accident reports required by city or town
28-672 Causing serious physical injury or death by a moving violation; time limitation; penalties; classification; definition
28-673 Traffic accidents; implied consent; tests
28-674 Traffic accidents; quick clearance
28-675 Causing death by use of a vehicle; classification
28-676 Causing serious physical injury by use of a vehicle; classification
28-677 Declaration of statewide concern; prohibition of emergency response services fees; exceptions
Article 5 Reckless and Aggressive Driving
28-693 Reckless driving; classification; license; surrender
28-695 Aggressive driving; violation; classification; definition
Article 6 Speed Restrictions
28-701 Reasonable and prudent speed; prima facie evidence; exceptions
28-701.02 Excessive speeds; classification
28-702 State highway speed limits
28-702.01 Urbanized areas; waste of a finite resource; civil penalties
28-702.03 Maximum speed limit violation on interstate highway system in another state; effect
28-702.04 Maximum speed limit on interstate highways outside urbanized areas; definition
28-703 Alteration of speed limits by local authority
28-703.01 End of speed zone; signs required
28-703.02 Establishing speed on multiple lane highways
28-704 Minimum speed limits; requirement to turn off roadway
28-705 Special speed limitation; motor driven cycles
28-706 Special speed limitations
28-707 Charging speed violation; burden of proof; findings
28-708 Racing on highways; classification; exception; definitions
28-709 Maximum speed limit for large vehicles and vehicles with trailers
28-710 State highway work zone safety; civil penalty; fund
Article 7 Driving on Right Side of Roadway, Overtaking and Passing
28-721 Driving on right side of roadway; driving on shoulder; exceptions
28-722 Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
28-723 Overtaking a vehicle on the left
28-724 Overtaking on the right
28-725 Limitations on overtaking on the left
28-726 Limitations on driving to left of roadway center
28-727 No passing zones
28-728 One‑way roadways and rotary traffic islands
28-729 Driving on roadways laned for traffic
28-730 Following too closely
28-731 Driving on divided highways
28-732 Restricted access
28-733 Restrictions on use of controlled access highway
28-734 Driving through safety zone
28-735 Overtaking bicycles; civil penalties
28-736 Use of highway lanes; restrictions
28-737 High occupancy vehicle lanes; civil penalty; definition
Article 8 Turning, Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning
28-751 Required position and method of turning
28-752 Limitations on turning around
28-753 Starting parked vehicle
28-754 Turning movements and required signals
28-755 Hand or arm signals or signal device
28-756 Method of giving hand and arm signals
Article 9 Right-of-Way
28-771 Vehicle at intersection; exception; entering freeway
28-772 Vehicle turning left at intersection
28-773 Intersection entrance
28-774 Highway access from private road or driveway
28-775 Authorized emergency vehicles; approaching; following fire apparatus; passing stationary vehicles; defensive driving schools; driver license examinations
28-776 Funeral or military procession right‑of‑way; funeral or military escort vehicles; certification; fee; definitions
28-777 Golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles; vehicles turning right
Article 10 Pedestrian Rights and Duties
28-791 Pedestrians subject to traffic rules
28-792 Right‑of‑way at crosswalk
28-793 Crossing at other than crosswalk
28-794 Drivers to exercise due care
28-795 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalk
28-796 Pedestrian on roadways
28-797 School crossings; civil penalty; assessment; definition
Article 11 Operation of Bicycles
28-811 Parent and guardian responsibility; applicability of article
28-812 Applicability of traffic laws to bicycle riders
28-813 Riding on bicycles
28-814 Clinging to vehicle
28-815 Riding on roadway and bicycle path; bicycle path usage
28-816 Carrying article on bicycle
28-817 Bicycle equipment
28-818 Bicycle safety fund
Article 12 Special Stops Required
28-851 Railroad crossing; safety
28-852 Dangerous railroad grade crossing
28-853 Railroad grade crossing; stop required of certain vehicles; other requirements
28-854 Railroad grade crossing; moving heavy equipment; exception; definition
28-855 Stop signs; yield signs
28-856 Emerging from alley, driveway or building
28-857 School bus signs; overtaking and passing school bus; violation; driver license suspension; civil penalty
28-857.01 Overtaking and passing school bus; report by school bus operator; notification letter
28-858 Approaching horses and livestock
Article 13 Stopping, Standing or Parking
28-871 Stopping, standing or parking outside business or residence district
28-872 Removal of vehicles; notice; liability for costs; hearing
28-873 Stopping, standing or parking prohibitions; exceptions; definition
28-874 Additional parking rules
28-875 Law enforcement exception
28-876 Parking spaces for electric vehicles; civil penalty
28-877 Alternative fuel vehicles; parking in carpool parking spaces
Article 14 Parking for Persons with Physical Disabilities
28-881 Parking restrictions; applicability
28-882 Parking spaces for persons with physical disabilities
28-883 Agreements with other jurisdictions; reciprocity
28-884 Parking space for persons with physical disabilities; prohibition
28-885 Civil traffic violation; civil penalty; recall of placards and plates
28-886 Volunteer program
Article 15 Miscellaneous Rules
28-891 Backing limitations
28-892 Riding on motorcycle or all‑terrain vehicle
28-893 Obstruction to view; interference with driving
28-894 Driving on mountain highways
28-895 Coasting prohibited
28-896 Towing trailer; lateral sway
28-897 Crossing fire hose
28-898 Objects on roadway; prohibition
28-899 Barbed wire; damages
28-900 School bus rules
28-901 Maximum number in school bus; stops at school
28-902 Repainting government vehicle
28-903 Operation of motorcycle on laned roadway; exceptions
28-904 Driving on sidewalk
28-905 Opening vehicle door
28-906 Mechanical raising and lowering devices
28-907 Child restraint system; civil penalty; exemptions; notice; child restraint fund; definitions
28-908 Persons in wheelchairs or on electric personal assistive mobility devices
28-909 Vehicle restraints required; exceptions; civil penalty
28-910 Liability for emergency responses in flood areas; definitions
28-911 Electric personal assistive mobility devices
28-912 Vehicles transporting equine; violation; classification; definitions
Article 16 Equipment
28-921 Applicability of equipment requirements
28-922 Lighted lamps required
28-923 Visibility distance; mounted height of lamps
28-924 Motor vehicle head lamps
28-925 Tail lamps
28-926 New motor vehicles; reflectors
28-927 Stop lamps
28-928 Applicability of lighting laws
28-929 Additional lighting equipment required on certain vehicles
28-930 School bus lighting equipment; standards and specifications
28-931 Lamp colors
28-932 Reflector and lamp mountings
28-933 Reflector and lamp visibility
28-934 Obstructed lights not required
28-935 Lamp or flag on projecting load
28-936 Lamps on parked vehicles
28-937 Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
28-938 Spot and auxiliary lamps
28-939 Signal lamps and devices
28-940 Additional lighting equipment
28-941 Multiple beam road lighting equipment arrangement
28-942 Multiple beam road lighting equipment usage
28-943 Single beam road lighting equipment
28-944 Lighting equipment on motor driven cycles
28-945 Alternate road lighting equipment
28-946 Number of driving lamps required or permitted
28-947 Special restrictions on lamps
28-948 Snow removal equipment lamps
28-949 Selling or using lamps
28-952 Required brake equipment
28-953 Brakes on all‑terrain vehicles and motor driven cycles
28-954 Horns and warning devices
28-955 Mufflers; noise and air pollution prevention; emissions control devices; civil penalty; exception
28-955.01 Motorcycles; noise level equipment; unauthorized equipment
28-955.02 Motorcycle noise level rules
28-955.03 Exemption for racing motorcycles; definition
28-955.04 Exhaust system; visual inspection; requirements; civil penalty
28-956 Mirrors
28-957 Windshield wipers required; golf cart exception
28-957.01 Windshields required
28-958 Tire equipment restrictions
28-958.01 Rear fender splash guards
28-959 Safety glass required; applicability; denial or suspension of registration; definition
28-959.01 Materials on windows or windshield; exceptions; requirements; violation; definitions
28-960 Flares; warning devices; requirements
28-961 Display of warning devices; disabled vehicle
28-962 Vehicles transporting explosives; rules
28-963 Image display device; prohibition; exceptions; definition
28-964 Motorcycles; all‑terrain vehicles; motor driven cycles; equipment; exception; prohibition
28-965 Fuel tank caps
28-966 Neighborhood electric vehicles; speed; restrictions
Article 17 Inspection of Vehicles
28-981 Vehicle equipment; safety requirement
28-982 Vehicle and equipment inspection; notice of repair or adjustment
28-983 Compliance with inspection laws; operation prohibited
28-984 School bus inspection; rules
Article 18 Vehicle Size, Weight and Load
28-1091 Violation; scope and effect
28-1092 Reasonable access; definitions
28-1093 Vehicle width; exceptions
28-1094 Vehicle height; exceptions; special permits
28-1095 Vehicle length; exceptions; permits; rules; definitions
28-1096 Projecting loads on passenger vehicles
28-1097 Maximum load extensions; length limitations for pole trailers
28-1098 Vehicle loads; restrictions; civil penalties
28-1099 Single axle load limit; exception
28-1100 Vehicles and loads; gross weight restrictions; exceptions
28-1101 Weight violations; civil penalty; classification; procedures; evidence
28-1102 Weighing of vehicles and loads; violation; classification; civil penalty
28-1103 Excess size and weight special permits; definition
28-1104 Issuance of special permits; rules
28-1105 Special permit fees
28-1106 Restriction on highway usage
28-1107 Liability; highway or structure damage
28-1108 Vehicle towing; rules; contractual agreement for towing services; weight exemption
28-1110 Escort vehicle operation; training and certification; insurance; exemption
28-1111 Commercial and noncommercial vehicles and trailers; website publications
Article 19 Envelope Permits
28-1141 Definitions
28-1142 Application
28-1143 Fees
28-1144 Issuing envelope permits; restrictions; requirements
28-1145 Third party permit issuance
28-1146 Administration
28-1147 Revocation or suspension of envelope permits and privileges
28-1148 Liability
28-1149 Records; inspection
28-1150 Overdimensional permit council
28-1151 Violation; classification
Article 20 Off-Highway Vehicles
28-1171 Definitions
28-1172 Applicability; private and Indian lands
28-1173 Enforcement
28-1174 Operation restrictions; violation; classification
28-1175 Instruction course; fee
28-1176 Off‑highway vehicle recreation fund; annual reports; definition
28-1177 Off-highway vehicle user fee; indicia; registration; state trust land recreational permit; exception
28-1178 Operation of off-highway vehicles; exceptions
28-1179 Off-highway vehicle equipment requirements; rule making; exception
28-1180 Race or organized event; authorization required
28-1181 Civil traffic violation
Article 21 Photo Enforcement Systems
28-1201 Definition of photo enforcement system
28-1202 Exemption; first responders
28-1203 Photo enforcement system placement; speed limit change
28-1204 Photo enforcement zones; signage; standards; citation dismissal
28-1205 Red light running
28-1206 Photo enforcement systems; state highways; cities and towns
Article 1 General Provisions
28-1301 Definitions
28-1302 Applicability of chapter
28-1303 Oversight council on driving or operating under the influence abatement; council termination
28-1304 Driving under the influence abatement fund
Article 2 Implied Consent and Tests
28-1321 Implied consent; tests; refusal to submit to test; order of suspension; hearing; review; temporary permit; notification of suspension; special ignition interlock restricted driver license
28-1322 Preliminary breath tests; rules on approval of devices
28-1323 Admissibility of breath test or other records
28-1324 Breath test rules
28-1325 Breath test operator permits
28-1326 Blood test; rules; permits
28-1327 Reproduction of records; admissibility; computer storage; definition
Article 3 Driving Under the Influence
28-1381 Driving or actual physical control while under the influence; trial by jury; presumptions; admissible evidence; sentencing; classification
28-1382 Driving or actual physical control while under the extreme influence of intoxicating liquor; trial by jury; sentencing; classification
28-1383 Aggravated driving or actual physical control while under the influence; violation; classification; definition
28-1384 Aggravated driving or actual physical control while under the influence; forfeiture of vehicle
28-1385 Administrative license suspension for driving under the influence or for homicide or assault involving a motor vehicle; report; hearing; summary review; ignition interlock device requirement
28-1386 Operating a motor vehicle, aircraft, watercraft or water skis under the influence; emergency response costs; definitions
28-1387 Prior convictions; alcohol or other drug screening, education and treatment; license suspension; supervised probation; civil liability; procedures
28-1388 Blood and breath tests; violation; classification; admissible evidence
28-1389 Waiver of fine, surcharge or assessment
28-1390 Emergency personnel; law enforcement
Article 3.1 Special Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver Licenses
28-1401 Special ignition interlock restricted driver licenses; application fee
28-1402 Issuance of special ignition interlock restricted driver license; restrictions
28-1403 Extension of interlock restricted licenses; hearing; scope
Article 4 Judicial and Administrative Provisions
28-1441 Driving under the influence; records
28-1442 Driving under the influence; records; reporting
28-1443 Minimum security facility
28-1444 Reimbursement of incarceration costs
28-1445 Alcohol or other drug screening; license suspension
Article 5 Ignition Interlock Devices
28-1461 Use of certified ignition interlock devices; reporting
28-1462 Ignition interlock device certification; installer bonds
28-1463 Proof of compliance; suspension; hearings
28-1464 Ignition interlock devices; violations; classification; definition
28-1465 Rule making; manufacturers and installers; civil penalty
28-1466 Display of certification; transfer prohibited
28-1467 Installer and manufacturer certification; cancellation; notice
Article 1 Definitions
28-1501 Definitions
Article 2 Penalties and Violations
28-1521 Violation; civil penalty
28-1522 Injuring or preventing operation of vehicle; classification; emergency exception
28-1523 Transporting hazardous material; violation; classification
28-1524 Offense by person owning or controlling vehicle; classification
28-1525 Assessment; failure to pay fine
Article 3 Criminal Violations and Traffic Complaints
28-1551 Parties to a crime
28-1552 Jurisdiction of municipal and justice courts
28-1553 Hearing officers; civil traffic violations
28-1554 Disposition of fees, fines, forfeitures and civil penalties
28-1555 Traffic violation charge; juveniles
28-1556 Applicability of procedures; arrest without warrant
28-1557 Traffic complaint form; use of social security number prohibited
28-1558 Traffic complaints; disposition; records
28-1559 Traffic case records; abstract of record; reports
28-1560 Illegal cancellation of traffic citation; classification; audit
28-1561 Certification of uniform traffic complaint forms; false certification
Article 4 Procedures for Civil Traffic Violations
28-1591 Traffic violations; civil matters; service
28-1592 Commencement of action
28-1593 Service of uniform traffic ticket and complaint
28-1594 Authority to detain persons
28-1595 Failure to stop or provide driver license or evidence of identity; violation; classification
28-1596 Traffic complaint; proceedings
28-1597 Witnesses; nonapplicability of rules of civil procedure
28-1598 Maximum civil penalty
28-1599 Admission; evidence of negligence
28-1600 Appeal
28-1601 Failure to pay civil penalty; suspension of privilege to drive; collection procedure
28-1602 Photo enforcement violation; no duty to identify photo or respond; definitions
Article 5 Traffic Ticket Enforcement Assistance Program
28-1630 Definitions
28-1631 Traffic ticket enforcement assistance program; establishment
28-1632 Refusal to renew registration; fees
28-1633 Contracts
28-1634 Registration allowed
28-1635 Waiver
28-1636 Rules
Article 6 Traffic Violations by Diplomats
28-1651 Applicability
28-1652 Law enforcement officer duties
28-1653 Documents and records
28-1654 Department of state
Article 2 Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement
28-1821 Adoption of agreement; termination of state’s participation
28-1822 Selection of designated representatives
28-1823 Compensation of designated representative
28-1824 Participation in multistate highway transportation agreement; funding
Article 3 Driver License Compact
28-1851 Definitions
28-1852 Adoption of compact
28-1853 Exchange of information
28-1854 Compensation and expenses of administrator
28-1855 Report by courts and agencies
Article 4 Nonresident Violator Compact
28-1871 Definitions
28-1872 Adoption of compact
28-1873 Documents; duties
28-1874 Compensation and expenses of administrator
Article 1 General Provisions
28-2001 Definitions
28-2002 Assessor or director as county agent
28-2003 Fees; vehicle title and registration; identification plate; definition
28-2004 Disposition of fees; highway user revenue fund
28-2005 Disposition of fees; county assessor’s special registration fund
28-2006 Contract to transfer duties and responsibilities
28-2008 Duplicate certificate of title, permit, registration card or license plates
28-2009 Certificate of title; validity
28-2010 Motorcycle safety fund; administration; advisory council
28-2011 Vehicle inspections
28-2012 Vehicle inspection and title enforcement fund
28-2013 Disposition of property; deposit of proceeds
Article 2 Certificate of Title and Registration
28-2051 Application for certificate of title; vision screening test
28-2052 Title and registration of foreign vehicles
28-2053 Certificate of title without registration
28-2054 Certificate of title; application processing
28-2055 Certificate of title; content requirements; transfer on death provision; delivery
28-2056 Transfer or registration of vehicle; collection of use tax
28-2057 Registration without certificate of title or bond; receipt; fee
28-2058 Transfer of title; odometer mileage disclosure statement
28-2059 Obtaining a certificate of title; revocation
28-2060 Transfer of ownership by operation of law
28-2061 All-terrain vehicles; off-highway vehicles; off‑road recreational motor vehicles; certificates of title; exemption
28-2062 Mobile home delinquent personal property tax list
28-2063 Mobile home certificate of title; exceptions; fee
28-2064 Electronic certificates of title system; applicability
28-2065 Electronic and digital signatures; documents
Article 3 Salvage, Seizure and Dismantling of Vehicles
28-2091 Salvage certificate of title; stolen vehicle certificate of title; nonrepairable vehicle certificate of title; recovered vehicles; violation; classification; definitions
28-2092 Vehicle seizure
28-2093 Sale of seized vehicles or motors; disposition of proceeds
28-2094 Dismantling motor vehicle; application fee; certificate of title; electronic title system; exemption
28-2095 Restored salvage certificate of title; inspections; definitions
28-2096 Flood or water damaged vehicles
28-2097 Modular motor homes; definition
Article 4 Vehicle Liens and Encumbrances
28-2131 Liens and encumbrances; validity
28-2132 Indication of lien or encumbrance
28-2133 Index and filing of liens, encumbrances or instruments; constructive notice
28-2134 Satisfaction of lien or encumbrance; assignment of obligation by lienholder; civil penalty
28-2135 Perfection of security interest in inventory and mobile homes
28-2136 Unsatisfied liens
28-2137 Restitution lien; removal
Article 5 Registration Requirements Generally
28-2151 Registration by mail; postage fund
28-2152 Registration in county of residence; violation; classification; civil penalty; fee transfer
28-2153 Registration requirement; exceptions; assessment; violation; classification
28-2154 Special registrations
28-2154.01 Special ninety day nonresident registration permits; procedures
28-2155 One trip registration permit
28-2156 Temporary general use registration
28-2157 Application for registration
28-2158 Registration card
28-2159 Staggered registration
28-2161 Nonpayment of fees, taxes and assessments; consequences
28-2162 Delinquent registration; penalty; lien; failure to apply for title; waiver
28-2163 Cancellation of registration; refusal to renew registration
28-2164 Reregistration on becoming liable for weight fee
28-2165 Special serial or identification number
28-2166 Registration of vehicle rented without a driver; liability insurance; joint liability; violation; classification; definition
28-2167 Commercial vehicle registration; financial responsibility
28-2168 Federal heavy vehicle use tax; enforcement assistance
28-2169 Intrastate commercial vehicle registration; required numbers
Article 6 Fleet Registration
28-2201 Definition of fleet
28-2202 Fleet registration; requirements
28-2203 Registration card; sticker
28-2204 Department as registering officer; vehicle license tax distribution; definition
28-2205 New fleet registrant; fees; taxes
28-2206 Additions to fleet; fee
28-2207 Renewal of fleet registration; deletion of vehicle
28-2208 Fleet utility trailers; five year registration; definition
Article 7 International Proportional Registration
28-2231 Definitions
28-2232 International proportional registration authority; rules
28-2233 Interstate commercial fleet registration; application; restrictions
28-2234 Owner‑operators
28-2235 Interstate commercial fleet registration; trailers; fees
28-2236 Interstate commercial fleet registration; identification; fee; registration card
28-2237 Additional vehicles
28-2238 Records; audits; interest; penalty
28-2239 Temporary proportional registrations; fee
Article 8 Alternative Proportional Registration
28-2261 Alternative proportional registration agreements; authority; rules
28-2262 Alternative proportional registration agreements; restriction; contents
28-2263 Withdrawal of vehicle
28-2264 Trailers
28-2265 Owner‑operators; permit
28-2266 Registration requirements; fees; registration card
28-2267 Temporary registrations; fee
28-2268 Audit costs
28-2269 Proportional registration or alternative procedure agreements; transfer of license plates
Article 9 Nonresident Daily Commuter
28-2291 Definition of nonresident daily commuter
28-2292 Nonresident daily commuter vehicle operation
28-2293 Application
28-2294; Version 2 Nonresident daily commuter; identification card; fee
28-2294 Nonresident daily commuter; identification card; fee
28-2295 Display of indicia
Article 10 Nonresident Responsibility
28-2321 Registration requirement for nonresident’s vehicle
28-2322 License plate requirement for nonresident’s foreign vehicle
28-2323 Exemptions from fees; special registration permit
28-2324 Limited registration; fees; violation
28-2325 Single trip permit; fees
28-2326 Acceptance of rights and privileges; appointment for service of process
28-2327 Service on director; notice to nonresident; fee; proof of service
28-2328 Violation; classification
Article 11 License Plates Generally
28-2351 License plate provided; design
28-2352 License plate; return; replacement; fee
28-2353 Special license plate replacement fee
28-2354 License plates; attachment; civil penalty
28-2355 License plates; tabs; stickers
28-2356 Transfer of license plates to another vehicle; credit; refund
Article 12 Special Plates
28-2401 Definitions
28-2402 Special plate fees
28-2403 Special plates; transfers; violation; classification
28-2404 Special organization license plates
28-2406 Personalized special plates
28-2407 Amateur radio operator special plates
28-2408 Special plates for hearing impaired persons; placard; definition
28-2409 International symbol of access special plates; placard; definitions
28-2410 Honorary consular official special plates
28-2411 Personalized street rod vehicle special plates
28-2412 Collegiate special plates
28-2413 Environmental special plates
28-2414 Veteran special plates
28-2415 National guard member special plates
28-2416 Alternative fuel vehicle special plates; stickers; use of high occupancy vehicle lanes; definition
28-2416.01 Low emission and energy efficient vehicle special plates; use of high occupancy vehicle lanes; civil penalty
28-2417 Child abuse prevention special plates
28-2418 Navajo nation special plates
28-2419 Transplantation awareness special plates; fund
28-2420 San Carlos Apache tribe special plates
28-2421 Character education special plates
28-2422 Spaying and neutering of animals special plates
28-2422.01 Companion animal spay and neuter committee
28-2422.02 Spaying and neutering of animals fund; definitions
28-2423 Breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic special plates
28-2424 Golden rule special plates
28-2425 White Mountain Apache tribe special plates
28-2426 Arizona professional baseball club special plates; fund
28-2427 Families of fallen police officers special plates
28-2428 Military support special plates
28-2429 Arizona highways special plates
28-2430; Version 2 In God we trust special plates
28-2430 In God we trust special plates
28-2431 Gold star family special plates
28-2432 Arizona professional basketball club special plates; fund
28-2433 Arizona professional football club special plates; fund
28-2434 Emergency medical services special plates
28-2435 Arizona masonic fraternity special plates; fund
28-2436 Arizona agricultural youth organization special plates
28-2437 Law enforcement special plates; fund
28-2438 Youth development organization special plates; fund
28-2439 Don’t tread on me special plates
28-2439.01 Arizona tea party committee
28-2439.02 Don’t tread on me special plates fund; grants; definition
28-2440 Multiple sclerosis awareness special plates
28-2441 Hunger relief special plates; fund
28-2442 Childhood cancer research special plates
28-2443 Litter prevention and cleanup special plates; fund
28-2444 Arizona professional hockey club special plates; fund
28-2445 Arizona public broadcast television special plates; fund
28-2446 Global graduate management school special plates; fund
28-2447 Women veteran special plates
28-2448 Arizona centennial special plates; fund
28-2449 Extraordinary educators special plates; fund
28-2450 Girls’ youth organization special plates; fund
28-2451 Arizona motorsports commemorative special plates; fund
Article 13 Honored Military License Plates
28-2471 Honored military license plates; procedures; transfers; violation; classification
28-2472 Congressional medal of honor license plates
28-2473 Former prisoner of war license plates; fees
28-2474 Purple heart medal recipient license plates; fees
28-2475 Pearl Harbor survivor license plates; fees
Article 14 License Plates for Vehicles of Historic Value
28-2481 Historic value license plate fees
28-2482 License plates for horseless carriages; definition
28-2483 License plates for classic cars; definition
28-2484 License plates for historic vehicles; definition
28-2485 Safety requirements; compliance
28-2486 Retention of old certificate of title
28-2487 Model year date license plates
28-2488 Relinquishment of special plates
Article 15 Distinctive Vehicles
28-2511 Official vehicles; registration exemption; definitions
28-2512 All-terrain motor vehicles; off-highway vehicles; off‑road recreational motor vehicles; license plates
28-2513 Mopeds
28-2514 Farm vehicle license plates; reciprocity; definitions
28-2515 Taxis; license plates
28-2516 Motorized electric or gas powered bicycles or tricycles; definition
Article 16 Violations
28-2531 Registration; violation; classification; exceptions
28-2532 Registration; violation; civil penalties
28-2533 Registration; violation; additional civil penalty; disposition of civil penalty
Article 1 General Provisions
28-3001 Definitions
28-3002 Fees; driver licenses; disposition
28-3003 Driver license fees; deposit
28-3004 License records
28-3005 Medical or psychological reports; immunity; definitions
28-3006 Driver license and nonoperating identification license applications; organ or tissue donation preference; reimbursement; definition
Article 2 Advisory Entities
28-3051 Medical advisory board
28-3052 Medical advisory board; powers and duties
28-3053 School bus advisory council; council termination
Article 3 Driver License Classes and Endorsements
28-3101 Driver license classes
28-3102 Exceptions to driver license classes; definitions
28-3103 Driver license endorsements
Article 4 General Licensing Provisions
28-3151 Driver license requirement
28-3152 Driver license; exemptions; limitation
28-3153 Driver license issuance; prohibitions
28-3154 Instruction permit for a class D or G license
28-3155 Restricted instruction permit
28-3156 Class M instruction permit
28-3157 Temporary driver permit
28-3158 Driver license or instruction permit application
28-3159 Restricted licenses
28-3160 Applications of minors; liability
28-3161 Application of student minor; instructor liability
28-3162 Cancellation of minor’s driver license; release from liability
28-3163 Unlicensed minor; liability
28-3164 Original applicants; examination
28-3165 Nonoperating identification license; immunity; rules; emancipated minors
28-3166 Driver license content and application; marked licenses; emancipated minors
28-3167 Medical code information on license; rules; immunity
28-3168 Driver license and nonoperating identification license applications; selective service registration; reimbursement
28-3169 Possession and display of driver license; defense
28-3170 Duplicate permit or license
28-3171 Driver license expiration and renewal; exception; extension by mail
28-3172 Driver license renewal by mail; application; requirements
28-3173 License update
28-3174 Class G driver licenses; restrictions; civil penalties; motorcycles
Article 5 Commercial Driver Licensing
28-3221 Commercial driver license
28-3222 State of domicile change
28-3223 Original applicant; requirements; expiration; renewal examination
28-3224 Nondomiciled commercial driver license
28-3225 Commercial driver instruction permit
28-3226 Limitation on number of driver licenses
28-3227 Commercial drivers; convictions; notification requirements; violation
28-3228 School bus drivers; requirements; rules; cancellation
28-3229 Military applicants; driving test waiver; requirements
Article 6 Regulation
28-3301 License or permit cancellation
28-3302 Nonresident driver privilege; suspension or revocation; reporting convictions
28-3303 Suspension or revocation of driver license or privilege for actions outside of state
28-3304 Mandatory revocation of license; definition
28-3305 Court action on conviction
28-3306 Discretionary license suspension or revocation; traffic survival school; hearing
28-3307 Order to complete traffic survival school educational sessions
28-3308 Mandatory suspension; failure to appear
28-3309 License suspension and denial; improper use by persons under legal drinking age; improper use by persons under eighteen years of age; providing spirituous liquor to a minor; exceptions
28-3310 Improper use of license; peace officer affidavit; license suspension; hearing
28-3311 Concurrent suspensions
28-3312 Mandatory disqualification of commercial driver licenses; definition
28-3313 Record update
28-3314 License reexamination
28-3315 Period of suspension, revocation or disqualification; unlicensed drivers
28-3316 Operation of vehicle under a foreign license prohibited during suspension or revocation
28-3317 Appeal
28-3318 Service of notice; definition
28-3319 Action after license suspension, revocation or denial for driving under the influence or refusal of test; ignition interlock device requirement; definition
28-3320 Suspension of license for persons under eighteen years of age; notice; definition
28-3321 Moving violations by persons under eighteen years of age; traffic survival school; suspension
28-3322 Suspension of license for persons eighteen, nineteen and twenty years of age; definition
28-3323 Notification to the superintendent of public instruction
Article 7 Defensive Driving School
28-3391 Definition of court
28-3392 Defensive driving school; eligibility
28-3393 Defensive driving school attendance; discrimination prohibited; notice requirements
28-3394 Successful course completion
28-3395 Supreme court authority and duties; rules; record
28-3396 Court diversion fee
28-3397 Additional fees; disposition
28-3398 Defensive driving school fund
28-3399 Audit
Article 7.1 Traffic Survival Schools
28-3411 Enforcement; contract with private entity
28-3412 Fee; enrollment limitation
28-3413 License for schools; requirements; fingerprint clearance card
28-3414 Refusal to issue or renew license of school
28-3415 License expiration; fees; disposition
28-3416 Cancellation; suspension and revocation of license; determination; appeal
28-3417 Cease and desist orders
28-3418 Violation; classification
Article 8 License Violations
28-3471 Violation; civil penalty
28-3472 Renting or leasing motor vehicle; restrictions
28-3473 Driving violations; classification; restricted privilege to drive
28-3474 Permitting unauthorized minor to drive; classification
28-3475 Permitting unauthorized person to drive
28-3476 Falsification of license; classification
28-3477 False certification; renewal of license by mail; classification
28-3478 Unlawful use of license; classification
28-3479 Perjury
28-3480 Operation in violation of restriction; classification
28-3481 Commercial motor vehicle drivers; violations; classification
Article 9 Vehicle Immobilization, Impoundment and Storage
28-3511 Removal and immobilization or impoundment of vehicle; Arizona crime information center database
28-3512 Release of vehicle; civil penalties; definition
28-3513 Administrative charges
28-3514 Hearings; notice of immobilization or storage
28-3515 Unclaimed vehicles
Article 1 General Provisions
28-4001 Definitions
28-4002 Director; duties
28-4003 Exceptions
28-4004 Transfer of registration
28-4005 Past application
28-4006 Legal processes
28-4007 Self‑insurers
28-4008 Assigned risk plans
28-4009 Motor vehicle liability policy requirements
28-4010 Motor vehicle liability policy; primary and excess coverage
28-4011 Bonds; motor carriers; amount; failure of security
Article 2 Motor Carrier Financial Responsibility
28-4031 Definitions
28-4032 Persons subject to financial responsibility requirements
28-4033 Financial responsibility requirements
28-4034 Maintenance, certification and verification of financial requirements
28-4036 Violation; classification
28-4037 Foreign vehicles; exception
Article 3 Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future
28-4071 Nonpayment of judgments; report
28-4072 Nonpayment of judgments; suspension; exceptions
28-4073 Suspension length; reinstatement; designated fund
28-4074 Payments; satisfaction of judgments
28-4075 Installment payment of judgments; default
28-4076 Alternate methods of proof
28-4077 Certificate of insurance
28-4078 Certificate by nonresident
28-4081 Notice; cancellation or termination of policy
28-4082 Applicability to other policies
28-4084 Monies or certificates of deposit as proof; exception
28-4085 Proof by owner for others
28-4086 Substitution of proof
28-4087 Requirement of other proof
28-4088 Duration, cancellation and return of proof
Article 4 Mandatory Motor Vehicle Insurance
28-4131 Definition of evidence
28-4132 Financial responsibility requirement exemptions
28-4133 Insurance identification cards; documentary evidence; exception
28-4134 Law enforcement officer responsibilities
28-4135 Motor vehicle financial responsibility requirement; civil penalties; evidence at hearing
28-4137 Reduction or waiver of penalty; rules
28-4138 Charges of violations
28-4139 License plate display violation; civil penalty; disposition
28-4140 Commencement of action for violation
28-4141 Suspension of license, registration and license plates
28-4142 Vehicle registration; financial responsibility verifications; exception; violation; classification
28-4143 Vehicle accident; financial responsibility verification; suspension
28-4144 Notice; suspension; reinstatement fees
28-4145 Restricted license and registration; rules
28-4146 Immunity
28-4147 Service of notice
28-4148 Notice of insurance cancellation or nonrenewal
28-4149 Suspension; notice of intent
28-4150 Effect of suspension on contract
28-4151 Reinstatement fee; motor vehicle liability insurance enforcement fund
28-4152 Nonoperation of vehicle on highways of this state; exception; certification
28-4153 False certification or affirmation; violation; classification; suspension; fees
Article 1 General Provisions
28-4301 Definitions
28-4302 Fees; disposition
28-4303 Administration
28-4304 Dealer and registration monies; deposit
28-4306 Jurisdiction; service of process; arbitration; venue
28-4307 Civil damages
28-4308 Prohibition; applicability
Article 2 Licensing Requirements
28-4332 Limited exemption; definitions
28-4333 Licensing requirement; exemptions
28-4334 License requirement; established place of business; unimproved lots and premises; violation; classification
28-4335 Wholesale motor vehicle dealer or broker
28-4336 Separate licenses and permits
Article 3 Licensing Procedures
28-4361 License application; criminal records check
28-4362 Application; fee; bond
28-4363 Franchises; filing agreement; violation; classification
28-4364 Investigations; inspections
28-4365 Action on application; denial; immunity from costs
28-4366 Hearing on application; appeal
Article 4 Vehicle Dealer Requirements and Restrictions
28-4401 Off‑premises exhibition, off‑premises display and sales and special event permits; parking motor vehicle for sale on public property; prohibition; defaced vehicle identification number; mandatory immobilization or impoundment
28-4402 Recreational vehicles; public events; permits
28-4403 Record requirements; motor vehicle information; inspection; liability; electronic submission
28-4404 Record requirements; vehicles and parts; electronic submission; violation; classification
28-4405 Display of license; continuation date; late penalty
28-4406 Sign requirements
28-4407 Business hours; notice of change
28-4408 Change in place of business
28-4409 Evidence of ownership requirement; exception
28-4410 Consignment contracts; definitions
28-4410.01 Public consignment auction dealers; exemptions; notices; requirements; penalties; payment of taxes; wholesale motor vehicle dealer prohibition
28-4411 Damage to new motor vehicles; disclosure; definition
28-4412 Guaranty disclosure; used motor vehicles; definition
28-4413 Prohibiting ownership, operation or control of a warranty service facility; exception; objections
28-4414 Alternative fuel vehicles; definition
28-4415 Advertising
28-4416 Deposits
28-4417 Required disclosures on sales contracts
28-4418 Warranties and rebates in broker transactions
28-4419 Required and prohibited activities
28-4420 Contents of brokering agreement
28-4421 Selling dealer’s duties
28-4422 Resale of new motor vehicles
28-4423 Wholesale motor vehicle auction dealers; sign; title stamp
Article 5 Franchise Regulation
28-4451 Product liability; audits; vehicle exports
28-4452 Limitations; franchise establishment, cancellation, termination or nonrenewal
28-4453 Franchise; notice of intention
28-4454 Objection to approval of notice
28-4455 Determination of standing; failure to object
28-4456 Hearing on objection; appeal
28-4457 Franchise termination, cancellation or nonrenewal; good cause; changes
28-4458 Coercion prohibited
28-4459 Manufacturer or distributor right of first refusal
28-4460 Factories; competition or unfair discrimination prohibited; definitions
28-4461 Right of designated family member to succeed in ownership
28-4462 Refusal to honor succession to ownership; notice required
28-4463 Burden of proof and consideration
Article 6 License Regulation
28-4491 Enforcement powers
28-4492 Appeal
28-4493 Cancellation or suspension; grounds
28-4494 License suspension or cancellation; hearing
28-4495 Permits; cancellation; cease and desist order; hearing
28-4496 Licensed dealer or automotive recycler; hearing; civil penalty
28-4497 Action to restrain violation by licensee
28-4498 Licensed dealer and automotive recycler; cease and desist order; request for hearing
28-4499 Unlicensed dealer and automotive recycler; cease and desist order; hearing
28-4500 Unlicensed dealer and automotive recycler; hearing; civil penalty; suspension of motor vehicle registrations; reinstatement fee
28-4501 Licensed or unlicensed dealer and automotive recycler; civil penalty; transaction privilege taxes
28-4502 Used motor vehicle dealer; violation; classification
28-4503 Out-of-business cancellations; hearing
Article 7 Dealer and Manufacturer License Plates
28-4531 Definitions
28-4532 Dealer owned vehicles; registration exemption; use of dealer plates; civil penalty
28-4533 Dealer’s certificate; dealer license plates; fees
28-4534 Continuation date; delinquent fee; penalty
28-4535 Dealer records; replacement; fee
28-4536 Authority to operate vehicle with cargo
28-4537 Rules
28-4538 Suspension of dealer and manufacturer license plates
28-4539 Manufacturer unladen truck and passenger vehicles; registration exemption
28-4540 Manufacturer unladen vehicle test license plates and certificate; fee
28-4541 Continuation date; delinquent fee due from manufacturer; penalty
28-4542 Manufacturer records; replacement; fee
28-4543 Rules; manufacturer unladen vehicle test license plates; suspension of use
28-4544 Manufacturer laden vehicle test license plates; fees
28-4545 Manufacturer’s and dealer’s permit to move without license plates
28-4546 Temporary registration plates
28-4547 Requirements for temporary registration plates
28-4548 Issuance of temporary registration permits by manufacturers or dealers
28-4549 Electronic record of temporary registration as notice of transfer; fee
28-4550 Temporary registration plate
28-4551 Expiration of temporary registration
28-4552 Dealer records; temporary registration plates
28-4553 Temporary registration plates; violation; classification
28-4554 Suspension of issuance of temporary registration plates
28-4555 Notice of vehicle transfer
28-4556 Disposition of fees; highway user revenue fund
Article 8 Violations
28-4591 Violation; classification
28-4592 License assignment prohibited; classification
28-4593 Altering a serial or identification number; classification
28-4594 Altered serial or identification number; contraband; seizure; disposition
28-4595 Verified claim disputing contraband status; hearing; disposition
Article 9 Transporter License Plates
28-4621 Definitions
28-4622 Exceptions
28-4623 Transporter certificate; transporter license plates and tabs
28-4624 Vehicles with transporter license plates; registration exemption
28-4625 Display of transporter license plates
28-4626 Transporter records
28-4627 Suspension or revocation; reissue
28-4628 Violation; classification
28-4629 Fees
28-4630 Election for limited operation transporters
28-4631 Transfer prohibited
28-4632 Deposit of monies
Article 1 General Provisions
28-4801 Definitions
28-4802 Fees
28-4803 Public vehicle; fee exemption
28-4804 Abandoned vehicle administration monies; deposit
28-4805 Towing company; reimbursement
Article 2 Regulation
28-4831 Abandonment prohibited
28-4832 Exemption
28-4833 Local ordinances
28-4834 Vehicle removal
28-4835 Presumption of responsibility
28-4836 Towed vehicles; notification; Arizona crime information center database; violation; classification
28-4837 Towing and storage costs
28-4838 Report; abandoned and seized vehicles; violation; classification
28-4839 Report; vehicle abandoned in storage; violation; classification; disposition
28-4840 Report; vehicle abandoned in repair facility; disposition
28-4841 Abandoned vehicle; notice of intent to transfer vehicle
28-4842 Unclaimed vehicle; transfer of ownership; immunity
28-4843 Reclaimed vehicle; payment of costs
28-4844 Affidavit; stolen vehicle; suspension of registration
28-4845 Stolen and recovered vehicles; record and report; distribution
28-4846 Stolen vehicles; inspection; violation; classification
28-4847 Insurance companies; release; fees; vehicle repair facilities; applicability; violation; classification; definition
28-4848 Access to vehicle; ignition interlock device installer; lienholder; fee prohibited; violation; classification
Article 3 Junk Vehicles
28-4881 Definition of junk vehicle
28-4882 Junk vehicle; disposition
28-4883 Vehicle crusher required
28-4884 Destroyed vehicles; certificates of title
Article 1 General Provisions
28-5100 Definitions
28-5101 Third party authorization
28-5101.01 Authorized third party driver license providers; requirements
28-5101.02 Authorized third party driver license training providers; requirements; applicability
28-5101.03 Authorized third party commercial driver license examiners; requirements
28-5102 Powers and duties of director
28-5103 Application procedure
28-5104 Bond requirement
28-5105 Criminal record check; denial of application; immunity from costs
28-5106 Records
28-5107 Application denial; hearing; appeal
28-5108 Cancellation or suspension of authorization or certification; hearing; appeal
28-5109 Cease and desist order
28-5110 Action to restrain violation
28-5111 Electronic transmission and recording of title, registration and driver license; pilot program; authorized third party
Article 1 General Provisions
28-5201 Definitions
28-5202 Applicability
28-5203 Motor carrier safety revolving fund
28-5204 Administration and enforcement; rules
Article 2 Regulation
28-5231 Records requirements; inspection
28-5232 Danger to public safety; suspension of registration or license; civil penalty; hearing; reinstatement
28-5234 Exemption from rules on drivers’ qualification and hours of service; definitions
28-5235 Notification; denial of vehicle registration and operating privileges; audits
28-5236 Violations; inspection; material containment
28-5237 Noncompliance; hearing; suspension of registration or license; civil penalty
28-5238 Civil penalty schedule; suspension of registration or license; reinstatement; enforcement
28-5239 Judicial review
28-5240 Violation; classification; attorney general enforcement
28-5241 Out‑of‑service orders; violation; civil penalty; definition
28-5242 Registration requirements; interstate or foreign commerce; enforcement; violations; classification
28-5243 Railroad crossing violations; civil penalty
28-5244 Motor carriers; civil penalty; definition
28-5245 Violation; civil penalty
Chapter 15 FEES
Article 1 General Provisions
28-5401 Disposition of fees
Article 2 Gross Weight Fees
28-5431 Definitions
28-5432 Gross weight fees; application; exceptions
28-5433 Gross weight fees; additional registration fees; farm vehicle reduction; consolidation
28-5434 Proration of gross weight fees
28-5435 Increase in gross vehicle weight; additional fee
28-5436 Reduced gross weight fees; seasonal agricultural work
28-5437 Operation with excess weight; violation; classification
28-5438 Weight violations; civil penalty; classifications; procedures; evidence
Article 3 Highway Use Fees
28-5471 Highway use fees; commercial motor vehicles; definition
28-5472 Additional highway use fees; nonresident owners
28-5473 Highway use fee; reduction; basis; proration; exemption
28-5474 Axle fees; commercial vehicles; border crossing; definition
Article 4 Light Motor Vehicle Fee
28-5491 Definitions
28-5492 Light motor vehicle fee imposed
28-5493 Transaction privilege tax exemption
Chapter 16 TAXES
Article 1 Motor Fuel Taxes
28-5601 Definitions
28-5602 Enforcement
28-5603 Motor fuel testing
28-5604 Reward for detecting violations
28-5605 Use fuel tax collection; fuel dispenser labels; civil penalty
28-5606 Imposition of motor fuel taxes
28-5607 Fuel imported by other than licensed supplier; payment of tax; fee; import limitation
28-5608 Fuel imported in fuel tanks; violation; classification
28-5609 Railroad common carrier exemption; exception; report
28-5610 Exemptions
28-5611 Refunds; motor vehicle fuel
28-5612 Refund procedure; violation
28-5613 Licensee refunds; definition
28-5614 Refunds; use fuel
28-5615 Presumption of use
28-5616 Light class motor vehicles
28-5617 Vendors; receipt
28-5618 Report requirements
28-5619 Records required; violation; classification
28-5620 Records and equipment inspections; hearings; use restrictions; violation; costs
28-5621 Failure to report or pay tax; penalties; interest; transmittal date
28-5622 Tax estimate
28-5623 Civil penalty; use fuel purchaser; vendor refund; financial penalty prohibited; subsequent violations
28-5624 Transportation of fuel by motor vehicle; documentation; violation; penalties
28-5625 Restricted distributor licenses; reports; violation; classification
28-5626 Suppliers; vendors; licenses required
28-5627 License application
28-5628 Refusal to issue license
28-5629 License issued
28-5630 License; assignability; display; duplicates
28-5631 Bonds; amount; failure of security
28-5633 License cancellation
28-5634 Bond cancellation
28-5635 Discontinuance, sale or transfer of business; violation; classification
28-5636 Supplier blanket election
28-5637 Collection of fuel tax from purchaser; deferred remittance election
28-5638 Deferred remittance election eligibility
28-5639 Uncollectible tax credit
28-5640 Collection allowance
28-5643 Reliance on representations
28-5644 Terminal operator; joint and several liability
28-5645 Dyed diesel use; violation; classification
28-5646 Dyed diesel notice
28-5647 Dyed diesel; prohibited acts; joint and several liability
28-5648 Inspection of fuel and shipping papers
28-5649 Dyed diesel; permissible highway use
Article 2 Interstate User Fuel Tax Reponsibilities
28-5702 Use fuel tax payment if not precollected
28-5703 Cooperative agreements; definitions
28-5705 Vehicle registration
28-5707 Violation; classification
28-5720 Tax payment
28-5721 Additional assessment; penalty
28-5722 Additional assessment; time limit
28-5724 Failure to file report; assessment; interest; license revocation or suspension
28-5725 Interstate user credits or refunds
28-5727 Erroneous assessment; cancellation in records
28-5728 Use fuel tax credit
28-5730 Use fuel tax; distribution
28-5731 Record requirements
28-5732 Report requirements
28-5734 Interstate user license requirement
28-5735 License application; fee
28-5736 Bond requirement
28-5737 Discharge of surety
28-5738 License denial
28-5739 Single trip and other limited use fuel tax permits
28-5740 License issuance; duration
28-5742 Evidence of valid license
28-5743 Discontinuance of business
28-5745 License revocation; hearing
Article 3 Vehicle License Tax
28-5801 Vehicle license tax rate
28-5802 Vehicle license tax exemption; veterans
28-5803 Vehicle license tax exemption; individuals with disabilities
28-5804 Privately owned motor vehicle used as school bus; classification; vehicle license tax
28-5805 Motor vehicle powered by alternative fuel; classification; vehicle license tax; definitions
28-5806 Privately owned motor vehicle used for ambulance or fire fighting services; classification; vehicle license tax; definition
28-5807 Registration period; proration; retroactive collection
28-5808 Vehicle license tax distribution
28-5809 Record examination
28-5810 Rental vehicle surcharge; reimbursement; definition
28-5811 Vehicle license tax and registration fee exemption; United States armed forces members
28-5812 Incorrect distributions; adjustments
Article 4 Motor Carrier Fee
28-5851 Definitions
28-5852 Motor carrier fee imposed
28-5853 Motor carrier fee exemptions
28-5854 Motor vehicle; motor carrier fee rate
28-5855 Motor vehicle; reduced motor carrier fee; load restrictions; civil traffic violation
28-5856 Motor vehicle; reduced motor carrier fee; less than full load capacity; civil traffic violation
28-5857 Motor vehicle; reduced motor carrier fee; agricultural products; civil traffic violation; definition
28-5858 Gross vehicle weight change
28-5859 Refunds
28-5860 Transaction privilege tax exemption
28-5861 Motor carrier fee compliance requirement
28-5862 Trip permit
28-5863 Single trip motor carrier fee trip permit; fee; expiration
28-5864 Special thirty day motor carrier fee permit
28-5865 Appeals
28-5867 Motor vehicle; reduced motor carrier fee; limited mileage; transporters; civil traffic violation
Article 5 Tax Administration
28-5921 Violations; classification; civil penalty
28-5922 Enforcement powers
28-5923 Collection
28-5924 Hearing; rehearing
28-5925 Payment; distribution
28-5926 Transfer; state lake improvement fund; administrative expenses
28-5927 Transfer; off‑highway vehicle recreation fund
28-5928 Legal remedies
28-5929 Cumulative remedies
28-5930 Electronic report filing; rules; payment availability
28-5931 Definitions
28-5932 Jeopardy assessment; definition
28-5933 Contingent fee collection contracts
28-5934 Abatement of uncollectible taxes, penalties and fees
28-5935 Confidential information; disclosure prohibited
28-5936 Confidential information; disclosure allowed
28-5937 Fee
28-5938 Violation; classification
28-5939 Lien
28-5940 Perfection of lien
28-5941 Release of lien
28-5942 Priority of tax claim
28-5943 Transfer of vehicle subject to lien
28-5944 Levy and distraint
28-5945 Levy; salary; wages
28-5946 Levy; property; seizure
28-5947 Property surrender; definition
28-5948 Production of books
28-5949 Levy; exempt property
28-5950 Appraisal
28-5951 Seized property; notice and sale
28-5952 Levy release; property return
Article 6 Underground Storage Tank Tax
28-6001 Underground storage tank tax; payments
28-6002 Collection agent
28-6003 Payment procedure; return form
28-6004 Payment deduction
28-6005 Refund; credit
28-6006 Administration same as for motor vehicle fuel tax
28-6007 Underground storage tank tax clearing account
28-6008 Distribution; administration costs
Article 1 Transportation Excise Tax Distribution in Highly Populated Counties
28-6301 Definitions
28-6302 Transportation excise tax distribution; counties with one million two hundred thousand or more persons; regional area road fund
28-6303 Regional area road fund; separate accounts
28-6304 Bond account; expenditures
28-6305 Construction account; expenditures; construction contracts
28-6306 Account expenditures; elections
28-6307 Regional area road fund; plan
28-6308 Regional planning agency transportation policy committee; regional transportation plan; plan review process; committee termination
28-6309 Interim roadway pursuant to agreement
28-6310 Interim roadway by city or town
28-6311 Construction contract
28-6312 Roadway and highway maintenance
28-6313 Performance audits of proposed transportation projects and systems
Article 2 Regional Transportation Plan
28-6351 Definitions
28-6352 Regional highway and street system; budget process
28-6353 Regional transportation plan and project enhancements and changes
28-6354 Annual report; hearing; priority criteria
28-6355 Documentation; regional area road fund reimbursement
28-6356 Citizens transportation oversight committee
28-6357 Special assistant for the regional transportation plan
28-6358 Regional planning agency responsibilities
Article 3 Transportation Excise Tax Distribution in Less Populated Counties
28-6391 Transportation excise tax distribution in counties with four hundred thousand persons or less; county regional area road fund
28-6392 County regional area road fund; distribution; investment
Article 1 General Provisions
28-6501 Definition of highway user revenues
28-6502 Record of highway user revenues; minimum dollar distribution
Article 2 Specific Distributions
28-6531 Definitions
28-6532 Population determination; decennial or special census
28-6533 Arizona highway user revenue fund
28-6534 Arizona highway user revenue fund distribution; economic strength project fund
28-6537 Arizona highway user revenue fund distribution; highway patrol costs
28-6538 Arizona highway user revenue fund distribution; remaining monies; highway fund distribution; contract authorization; regional transportation plan requirements
28-6540 Arizona highway user revenue fund distribution; state highway fund; county, city and town proportions
28-6541 Arizona highway user revenue fund distribution; limitations
28-6542 Incorrect distributions; adjustments
28-6543 Local revenues; requirements
28-6544 County, city and town distribution reduction
28-6546 Arizona highway user revenue fund; investment
28-6547 Safety enforcement and transportation infrastructure fund; exemption from lapsing
Article 1 County Highway Construction, Maintenance and Abandonment
28-6701 Establishing, altering or abandoning local highway
28-6702 Proposed highway survey; notice of hearing
28-6703 Hearing
28-6704 Condemnation; federal‑county highway; exception
28-6705 Public road and street maintenance
28-6706 Primitive roads
28-6707 Highway improvement within city or town limit
28-6708 Jurisdiction of streets; unincorporated town
28-6709 Street and alley abandonment
28-6710 Cattle guard construction
28-6711 Railroad construction along improved highway prohibited; exception
28-6712 Tax levies for county roads
28-6713 Bids for construction, reconstruction, equipment or supplies; procedure; bond; exceptions
Article 2 Bonds and County Highway Commission
28-6741 Bonds; authorization
28-6742 County highway commission
28-6743 County highway commission powers and duties
28-6744 Semiannual report; publication
28-6745 Commission expenses
28-6746 Road bond election precincts; election
28-6747 Sale of bonds; highway improvement fund; disposition of proceeds; use of surplus monies
28-6748 Work contracts
28-6749 Cooperative contracts with federal government
Article 3 County Bridges
28-6771 County bridge construction
28-6772 Bridge joint use; railroad; petition; contract limitations
Article 4 Toll Roads, Ferries and Bridges
28-6801 Definition of toll road
28-6802 Toll road construction; notice; application; hearing
28-6803 Application approval or rejection; effective date; franchise term and reversion
28-6804 Toll road; interference prohibited
28-6805 Toll road; condemnation; construction; guideposts
28-6806 Toll road construction and completion
28-6807 Toll rates; violation; classification
28-6808 State tax
Article 1 General Provisions
28-6901 Definitions
Article 2 Highway Division
28-6921 State engineer; qualifications; compensation
28-6922 Director; powers and duties
28-6923 Bid requirements; procedure; bond
28-6924 Progress payments
28-6925 Contract counsel fund; appropriation; exemptions; disbursements; reimbursement
28-6926 Construction contracts; void provisions
Article 3 Five Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program
28-6951 Five year transportation facilities construction program; departmental committee
28-6952 Five year transportation facilities construction program; publication; hearing
28-6953 Updated program; annual report
28-6954 Program requirements
28-6955 Five year program changes
Article 4 State Highway Fund and Budget
28-6991 State highway fund; sources
28-6992 Director of department of administration; comptroller of fund
28-6993 State highway fund; authorized uses
28-6995 Preferences
28-6996 State highway fund; investment
28-6997 Fiscal year; budget
28-6998 Public monies; expenditure
28-6999 Expenditure; appropriation limitation; violation; classification; civil action
28-7000 Contracts; exceptions
28-7001 Right‑of‑way purchase; financing
28-7002 Right‑of‑way acquisitions; applicability; limitation
28-7003 Construction program account transfers
28-7004 Payroll preparation
28-7005 Revolving account; small expenses
28-7006 Transportation department equipment fund; definitions
28-7007 State highway fund; claims; payment
28-7008 State highway fund reimbursement; nonhighway costs
28-7009 Statewide transportation acceleration needs account; establishment; definition
28-7010 Transportation acceleration interest reimbursement account
28-7011 Roads of regional significance congestion mitigation account; program termination
Article 5 State Highways and Routes
28-7041 State highways and routes defined
28-7042 Width of public highways; exception
28-7043 Designation of state route as state highway
28-7044 Signs
28-7045 Director; state highway and route use; rules
28-7046 Opening, altering or vacating highway; review of order
28-7047 Mountain preserve; limitation; definition
28-7048 Lease of areas above and below highways; exceptions
28-7049 Classification of streets that connect highways and routes
28-7050 Federal aid secondary highways; definition
28-7051 Roadside parks; historical markers
28-7052 Action concerning lands taken or damaged in construction of highway or airport; statute of limitations
28-7053 Misuse of public highway or airport; violation; classification; injunction; definition
28-7054 Highway or airport encroachments; additional remedies
28-7055 Leaving gate open on fenced land; classification
28-7056 Dumping trash on highways or airports; classification
28-7057 Publication of law relating to dumping trash on highways
28-7058 Privatization of rest areas; state certified rest area program; rules; program termination; definitions
28-7059 Rest area sponsorship sign program; rules; revenue sharing agreement; program termination
Article 6 Land Purchase, Sale and Condemnation
28-7091 Definition of market value
28-7092 Land acquisition; transportation purposes
28-7093 Eminent domain
28-7094 Property acquisition; future needs; highway properties fund; rental revenue
28-7095 Conveyance of property not needed for transportation purposes
28-7096 Appraisal reports; market analyses
28-7097 Before condition; market value change
28-7098 Appraisal; condemnation; initial offer
28-7099 Property repurchase; right of first refusal
28-7100 Dismissal of condemnation action
28-7101 Condemnation; interest
28-7102 Inverse condemnation; resolution of necessity; alternatives; limitations; action; extension
28-7103 Effect of article
Article 7 Relocation Assistance
28-7141 Definitions
28-7142 Relocation assistance advisory services
28-7143 Moving and related expenses; payment; substitute payments
28-7144 Replacement dwelling; additional payment
28-7145 Expenses incidental to transfer of property
28-7146 Replacement housing for tenants
28-7147 Application review by director
28-7148 Rules
28-7149 Payments not income
28-7150 Effect on eminent domain proceedings
28-7151 Negotiation and purchase of property for future transportation facilities
28-7152 Assurance of dwellings
28-7153 Condemnation; litigation expenses
28-7154 Buildings, structures and improvements
28-7155 Acquired property; maintenance
28-7156 Utility relocation; cost reimbursement
Article 8 Disposition of Public Roadways
28-7201 Definitions
28-7202 Disposition of unnecessary public roadways
28-7203 Roadway exchange
28-7204 Roadway sale; definition
28-7205 City, town or county road vacated
28-7206 Planned development roadway vacated
28-7207 State roadway abandoned
28-7208 Consideration required
28-7209 Vacated or abandoned highway; affected jurisdiction; procedure
28-7210 Reservation of easements
28-7211 Notice; hearing; appraisal
28-7212 Disposition; joint action
28-7213 Resolution; effective date
28-7214 Extinguishment of easements
28-7215 Public road access; vacating public roadway without compensation
Article 9 Bridges
28-7251 Construction of bridge or dam; violation; classification
28-7252 Failure to construct or repair bridge or crossing; classification
Article 10 Economic Strength Projects
28-7281 Economic strength projects
28-7282 Economic strength project fund
28-7283 Construction and maintenance of economic strength projects
28-7284 Agreements
28-7285 Rules
28-7286 Board authority; construction standards; priority list date
Article 11 Tourist Advertising
28-7311 Urban and rural logo sign programs; rules; definitions
28-7312 Tourism encouragement; Arizona highways magazine
28-7313 Publication section; publisher
28-7314 Publisher powers and duties; award of contract
28-7315 Arizona highways magazine fund
Article 12 Cooperative National Highway Aid Agreements
28-7341 Agreements between department and federal agencies
28-7342 Cooperative agreement provisions
28-7343 Authority of director relating to monies
28-7344 Reimbursement by federal agency
Article 13 Alternative Contracting Procedures
28-7361 Definitions
28-7362 Emergency construction
28-7363 Design‑build method of project delivery
28-7364 Design‑build criteria
28-7365 Design‑build; two‑phase solicitation
28-7366 Construction-manager-at-risk construction services and job‑order-contracting construction services
28-7367 Multiple contracts for the same job-order-contracting construction services to be awarded to separate persons or firms in a single procurement; contract requirements
28-7368 Multiterm contracts for job‑order‑contracting construction services
28-7369 Insurance requirements in procurements
Article 14 Broadband Conduit Installation
28-7381 Definitions
28-7382 Broadband conduit installation; rural highway construction projects
Article 1 State Highway Fund Bonds
28-7501 Definitions
28-7502 Bond authority
28-7503 Bond requirements
28-7504 Bond payment; security
28-7505 Liability; bond validity
28-7506 Bond purchase; cancellation
28-7507 Notice; bond issuance
28-7508 Financial interest prohibited; violation; classification
28-7509 Highway bond proceeds fund; investment
28-7510 Parity bonds
28-7511 Bonds; freeway mitigation; matching amount
28-7512 Agreement of state
28-7513 Taxation exemption
28-7514 Attorney general bond certification
28-7515 Bond obligations of the board
28-7516 Bonds; legal investments
28-7517 Exclusive law
Article 2 Regional Area Road Fund Bonds
28-7561 Bonds payable from transportation excise taxes
28-7562 Bond requirements
28-7563 Bond payment; security
28-7564 Pledges; liens
28-7565 Liability; bond validity
28-7566 Bond purchase
28-7567 Notice; bond issuance
28-7568 Bond proceeds; distribution; expenditures
28-7569 Agreement of state and county
28-7570 Taxation exemption
28-7571 Attorney general bond certification
28-7572 Bond obligations of the board
28-7573 Bonds; legal investments
Article 3 Grant Anticipation Notes
28-7611 Definitions
28-7612 Grant anticipation notes
28-7613 Refund
28-7614 Limitations
28-7615 Application of grant revenues; grant anticipation notes fund; payment of notes
28-7616 Use of proceeds
28-7617 Nature of grant anticipation notes; limited obligation
Article 4 Bonds Secured by Bridge Construction or Highway Improvement Revenues
28-7651 Definitions
28-7652 Agreement for construction of bridge or highway improvements
28-7653 Bonds secured by bridge construction revenues; bonds secured by highway improvement revenues
28-7654 Issuance of bonds
28-7655 Characteristics of bonds
28-7656 Interest fund; redemption fund
28-7657 Pledge of revenues to secure debt instruments
28-7658 Agreement of state
28-7659 Supplemental law
Article 5 Highway Expansion and Extension Loan Program
28-7671 Definitions
28-7673 Powers and duties of the board and department
28-7674 Highway expansion and extension loan program fund
28-7675 Fund; annual financial audit and report
28-7676 Eligible project loans and other financial assistance
28-7677 Acceleration of right‑of‑way acquisition, design or construction of eligible highway and transportation projects
28-7678 Board funding obligations
Article 6 Highway Project Advancement Notes
28-7681 Definitions
28-7682 Highway project advancement notes; pledge of excise taxes
28-7683 Limitations
28-7684 Application of revenues; highway project advancement notes fund; payment of notes
28-7685 Use of proceeds
28-7686 Refunding
28-7687 Nature of highway project advancement notes; limited obligation
Article 7 Transportation Project Advancement Notes
28-7691 Definitions
28-7692 Transportation project advancement notes; pledge of excise taxes
28-7693 Limitations
28-7694 Application of revenues; transportation project advancement notes; payment of notes
28-7695 Use of proceeds
28-7696 Refunding
28-7697 Nature of transportation project advancement notes; limited obligation
Article 1 General Provisions
28-7701 Definitions
28-7702 Rules and guidelines
28-7703 Project delivery methods
28-7704 Procurements
28-7704.01 Evaluation criteria
28-7705 Public-private partnership agreements
28-7706 Funding and financing
28-7707 Confidentiality and public disclosure
28-7708 Government agreements
28-7709 Eminent domain
28-7710 Federal laws and severability
Article 2 Toll Collection and Enforcement
28-7751 Definitions
28-7752 Toll evasion
28-7753 Tolls, administrative charges and penalties; notification
28-7754 Electronic toll payment devices; video toll transactions
28-7755 Responsibility for tolls and other charges
28-7756 Defenses of registered owners and lessees
28-7757 Defenses of lessors
28-7758 Notice of payment due
28-7759 Notice of toll evasion
28-7760 Administrative hearings; rehearing; appeal; collection
28-7761 Reporting to department; impact on driving record and insurance
28-7762 Vehicle registration penalties
28-7763 Driver license suspension
28-7764 Motor vehicle immobilization, tow and impoundment; hearing; release of motor vehicle
Article 1 Advertising Regulation
28-7901 Definitions
28-7902 Outdoor advertising authorized
28-7903 Outdoor advertising prohibited
28-7904 Directional and other official signs
28-7905 Outdoor advertising standards
28-7906 Outdoor advertising and property right acquisition; compensation; removal; hearing
28-7907 Agreement with secretary of transportation
28-7908 Rules
28-7909 Permits; fees; disposition
28-7910 Governmental agency resolution; defined hardship area
28-7911 Nongovernmental resolution; defined hardship area
28-7912 City, town or county control of advertising displays
28-7913 Advertising displays; safety rest areas; information centers
28-7914 Construction of article
28-7915 Violation; classification
Article 2 Junkyards
28-7941 Definitions
28-7942 Junkyards; screening; relocation; rules
28-7943 Junkyards; screening license
28-7944 Junkyards; nuisance; injunction
28-7945 Construction of article
28-7946 Violation; classification
Article 2 Public Transportation Assistance
28-8131 State assistance; regional public transportation activities
28-8132 Funding; improving transit services
28-8133 Demonstration or pilot projects
28-8134 Department participation; limitation
Chapter 25 AVIATION
Article 1 General Provisions
28-8201 Definitions
28-8202 State aviation fund
28-8204 State owned airports; fees
28-8205 Construction of new airports; definitions
28-8206 Sovereignty
28-8207 Ownership
28-8208 Crimes, torts and other wrongs; governing law
28-8209 Legal relationships while in flight
28-8210 Civil air patrol; federal monies
Article 2 Aeronautics Division
28-8241 Aeronautics division; assistant director
28-8242 Powers and duties
28-8243 Abandoned aircraft; definition
28-8244 Hearing; appeal
Article 3 Aircraft Operation
28-8271 Federal license; violation
28-8272 Federal regulation; licensing and registration; violation
28-8273 Damage responsibility
28-8274 Aircraft collisions; liability
28-8275 Insurance coverage disclosure; civil penalty
28-8276 Violations; classification
28-8277 Low altitude flying prohibited
28-8278 Landing prohibition; liability
28-8279 Trick or acrobatic flying; low level flying; dropping objects; classification
28-8280 Careless or reckless aircraft operation; classification
28-8281 Killing birds or animals; classification
28-8282 Prohibited operation; under the influence; incapacitation
28-8283 Implied consent; immunity
28-8284 Violation; classification
28-8285 Alcohol abuse screening session
28-8286 Alternative sentencing
28-8287 Second offense
28-8288 Third or subsequent offense
28-8289 Political subdivision; immunity
28-8290 Employment permitted
28-8291 Prior convictions allowed
28-8292 Waiver of fine, surcharge or assessment
Article 4 Aircraft Registration and Taxation
28-8321 Definition of resident
28-8322 Registration; exceptions
28-8323 Government and dealer aircraft registration; fees
28-8324 Registration; license tax; proration; fee
28-8325 Registration fee; certificate; decal; duplicate
28-8326 Aircraft dealers; registration application; penalty
28-8327 Exemption claim
28-8328 Failure to register; assessment procedure
28-8329 Late registration; penalty; abatement
28-8330 Lien
28-8331 Seized aircraft sale
28-8332 Registration; transfer or assignment
28-8334 Aircraft loss or destruction
28-8335 License tax; tax rate
28-8336 Nonresident; license tax rate
28-8337 Stored or repaired aircraft; license tax rate
28-8338 Salvage aircraft; license tax rate; definition
28-8339 Special aircraft; license tax rate; definitions
28-8340 Manufacturer’s aircraft; definition
28-8341 Maintenance aircraft; license tax rate; definition
28-8342 Fair market value determination
28-8343 Aircraft total loss; violation; classification
28-8344 Aviation fuel tax; rate; definition
28-8345 Registration fees; penalties; taxes; distribution
28-8346 Filing by mail; date of filing
28-8347 Civil penalties
Article 5 Aircraft Dealers
28-8381 Definition of aircraft dealer
28-8382 License requirement; application; renewal; license tax; liability
28-8383 Aircraft dealer duties
28-8384 Bond or cash deposit
28-8385 Records
28-8386 Violation; classification
Article 6 Airports in General
28-8411 Authority of cities, towns and counties; limitation
28-8412 Airports; public purpose
28-8413 Acceptance by state, cities, towns or counties of federal or other aid
28-8414 City and town airport disposal
28-8415 Real property interests; airport purposes
28-8416 Private property acquisition; airport purposes
28-8417 Payment for real property; bonds
28-8418 Airport construction and operation; charge
28-8419 Airport rules, fees and charges; limitation
28-8420 Agreements; joint airport operations
28-8421 Joint exercise of powers
28-8422 Adjoining state monies for airports
28-8423 Airport land lease; nonprofit corporation
28-8424 Nonprofit corporation lessees; status; authority; exemptions
28-8425 Lease authority; airport or air terminal purposes
28-8426 Airport police; powers; qualifications
28-8427 Police aides
28-8428 Liability; airport police and aides
Article 7 Airport Zoning and Regulation
28-8461 Definitions
28-8462 Airport hazard; public nuisance; prevention and elimination
28-8463 Acquisition of facilities or nonconforming property; exception
28-8464 Political subdivisions; airport zoning regulations
28-8465 Joint airport zoning board
28-8466 Zoning regulations; relationships
28-8467 Airport zoning regulations; procedure; airport zoning commission
28-8468 Airport zoning regulations; criteria; limitations
28-8469 Airport zoning regulations; administrative agency; duties
28-8470 Permit
28-8471 Variance
28-8472 Permit; variance; condition; hazard indicators
28-8473 Airport zoning regulations; board of adjustment; powers; composition; proceedings
28-8474 Board of adjustment; appeals
28-8475 Appeals; superior court
28-8476 Violation; classification
28-8477 Remedies
28-8478 Resolutions; ordinances; vehicle operations in airports
28-8479 Regulation; limitation
28-8480 Military airport continuation; land acquisition
28-8481 Planning and zoning; military airport and ancillary military facility’s operation compatibility; compliance review; penalty; definitions
28-8482 Incorporation of sound attenuation standards in building codes
28-8483 Registry of military airport flight operations; public inspection
28-8484 Military airport disclosure; residential property
28-8485 Airport influence areas; notice
28-8486 Public airport disclosure; definitions
Article 8 Joint Powers Airport Authority
28-8521 Joint powers airport authority; agreement; board of directors
28-8522 Joint powers airport authority classification
28-8523 Annual operating budget
28-8524 Allocation of monies; sources; public hearing; reuse, development and capital improvement plans
28-8525 Joint powers airport authority; withdrawal
28-8526 Joint powers airport authority; admission
28-8527 Joint powers airport authority; powers
28-8529 Financing authority
28-8530 Revenue bonds; fees and charges
28-8531 Refunding bonds
28-8532 Bond terms
28-8533 Bond validity
28-8534 Bonds; legal investments
28-8535 Federal income tax considerations
28-8536 Bond proceeds; application
Article 1 Formation and Dissolution
28-9101 Definitions
28-9102 Formation
28-9103 Corporate existence; rights and immunities; official name
28-9104 Dissolution
Article 2 Powers and Duties
28-9121 Organization; board of directors
28-9122 Administrative powers and duties
28-9123 Survey of public transportation needs
28-9124 Operation and maintenance of public transportation system
Article 3 Financing
28-9141 Authority treasurer
28-9142 Public transportation authority fund
28-9143 Annual budget
Article 1 General Provisions
28-9201 Minimum safety standards; violation
28-9202 Public records; confidentiality
28-9203 Risk management; payment of costs
Article 1 General Provisions
28-9401 Major rail project; review; fee; fund; hearing; exception; definitions
28-9402 Freight advisory council