Article 1 In General
23-101 Industrial commission; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; compensation; removal
23-102 Payment of salaries of commissioners
23-103 Organization; quorum
23-104 Seal; copies of orders or records as evidence
23-105 Sites of offices and sessions; business hours; sessions and records; voting
23-106 Capacity to sue and be sued; service of summons on commission
23-107 General powers
23-108 Director; employees; compensation and expenses
23-108.01 Duties of director
23-108.02 Administrative law judges
23-108.03 Performance of certain powers and duties
23-109 Gifts and grants
23-110 Industrial commission ombudsman
Article 1 In General
23-201 Obtaining labor by false pretenses; civil liability; classification
23-202 Exaction of fee or gratuity as condition of employment prohibited; classification
23-203 Compulsion or coercion of employee or another to buy from a particular person; classification
23-204 Employee benefits; state preemption; exemption
Article 2 Employment of Unauthorized Aliens
23-211 Definitions
23-212 Knowingly employing unauthorized aliens; prohibition; false and frivolous complaints; violation; classification; license suspension and revocation; affirmative defense
23-212.01 Intentionally employing unauthorized aliens; prohibition; false and frivolous complaints; violation; classification; license suspension and revocation; affirmative defense
23-213 Employer actions; federal or state law compliance
23-214 Verification of employment eligibility; e‑verify program; economic development incentives; list of registered employers
23-215 Voluntary employer enhanced compliance program; program termination
23-216 Independent contractors; applicability
Article 3 Youth Employment
23-230 Definitions
23-231 Prohibited employments of persons under the age of eighteen
23-232 Prohibited employments of persons under the age of sixteen
23-233 Permissible hours of labor for persons under the age of sixteen; exceptions; definition
23-234 Minimum age of newspaper carriers
23-235 Exemptions
23-236 Cease and desist order; time for compliance; civil penalty
23-237 Hearings on cease and desist orders
23-238 Injunctive relief
23-239 Violation; classification
23-240 Rules and regulations
23-241 Application for variation; contents; notice; denial; hearing
23-242 Applicability of other laws
Article 5 Hours of Labor
23-281 Operation of certain railroad employers on prescribed time
23-282 Underground mine employees and hoisting engineers; twelve hour day; exceptions; violation; classification
23-284 Laundry workers; exceptions; posting notice of hours of labor; arrangement of laundry rooms; violation; classification
23-286.01 Agricultural operations
23-287 Requiring railroad employee to work longer than sixteen consecutive hours; classification
Article 6 Minimum Wages for Minors
23-311 Definitions
23-312 Powers and duties of commission
23-313 Investigation of wage rates
23-314 Wage board; membership; organization; quorum; compensation
23-315 Classification of employments by wage board
23-316 Establishment of minimum fair wage; procedure; criteria
23-317 Learner and apprentice wage rates
23-318 Power of wage board to administer oaths, issue subpoenas and take depositions
23-319 Notice of hearing on wage matters
23-320 Duty of commission to provide information to wage board
23-321 Report of wage board; action by commission
23-322 Directory orders
23-323 Posting of wage orders
23-324 Reconsideration of minimum wages in effect over a year
23-325 Judicial review of commission decisions; scope of review; appeal procedure; action of reviewing court
23-326 Special licenses to work for less than minimum wage
23-327 Action by employee for recovery of wages; amount of recovery
23-328 Contract or agreement for employment of minor at oppressive wage void
23-329 Violations; classification
Article 6.1 Equal Wages
23-340 Definitions
23-341 Equal wage rates; variations; penalties; enforcement
Article 7 Payment of Wages
23-350 Definitions
23-351 Designation of paydays for employees; payment; exceptions; violation; classification
23-352 Withholding of wages
23-353 Payment of wages of discharged employee; violation; classification
23-354 Preference of wages in insolvency proceedings or upon death of employer
23-355 Action by employee to recover wages; amount of recovery
23-356 Wage claims
23-357 Investigation of wage claims
23-358 Review of department determination
23-359 Effect of department determination
23-360 Penalty
23-361 Rules and regulations
23-361.01 Employer requirements; cash payments; unlawful practices; civil penalty
23-361.02 Paycheck deductions; authorization; civil penalty; definition
23-362; Version 2 Definitions
23-362 Minimum wage; prohibition
Article 8 Minimum Wage
23-363 Minimum wage
23-364 Enforcement
23-365 Reliance on administrative rule or regulation
Article 9 Wages and Hours of Public Employees
23-391 Overtime pay; work week
23-392 Overtime compensation for certain law enforcement or probation officer activities; option; definitions
Article 10 Division of Occupational Safety and Health
23-401 Definitions
23-402 Applicability
23-403 Employer’s duty
23-404 Employee’s duty
23-405 Duties and powers of the industrial commission relative to occupational safety and health
23-406 Division of occupational safety and health; director; appointment; qualifications; compensation
23-407 Duties and powers of the division
23-408 Inspection of places and practices of employment; employee initiation of investigation; violation; classification; injunction
23-409 Advisory committees
23-410 Development of standards and rules
23-411 Temporary and experimental variances
23-412 Permanent variances
23-413 Protest of validity of order
23-414 Emergency temporary standards
23-415 Citations
23-416 De minimis violations
23-417 Enforcement procedure
23-418 Penalties; violation; classification
23-418.01 Additional penalty for wilful or repeated violation causing employee permanent disability or death covered by workers’ compensation; payment to employee; enforcement
23-419 Imminent dangers
23-420 Hearing rights and procedures
23-421 Decisions of the administrative law judge
23-422 Review board
23-423 Review board rights and procedures
23-425 Employee discharge or discrimination
23-426 Confidentiality of trade secrets
23-427 Employer recordkeeping
23-428 State legal representation
23-429 Employer and employee representation
23-430 Political subdivision jurisdiction
23-431 Standards of competency
23-432 Testimony of witnesses; compensation; order of superior court to appear
23-433 Consulting program
Article 11 Safety Conditions for Boilers and Lined Hot Water Storage Heaters
23-471 Definitions
23-472 Administration
23-473 Owner’s and operator’s duty
23-474 Duties of commission
23-475 Duties of division
23-476 Safety standards and regulations
23-477 Notice requesting investigation
23-478 Enforcement
23-479 Hearing rights and procedures
23-480 Decisions of administrative law judge; contents; disposition and effect
23-481 Decision upon review
23-482 Time for compliance with order; extension of time; effect of orders
23-483 Petition for special action to review lawfulness of decision, order or decision upon review; procedure
23-484 Nonimpairment of other agencies
23-485 Special inspectors; civil liability
23-487 Political subdivision jurisdiction
23-488 Division inspection service
Article 12 Safety Conditions for Elevators and Similar Conveyances
23-491 Definitions
23-491.01 Administration
23-491.02 Owner’s and operator’s duty
23-491.03 Existing conveyances
23-491.04 Commission powers and duties
23-491.05 Division powers
23-491.06 Development of standards and regulations
23-491.07 Certificate of inspection
23-491.08 Notice requesting investigation; confidentiality; determination of grounds
23-491.09 Enforcement
23-491.10 Hearing rights and procedures
23-491.11 Decisions of administrative law judge; contents; disposition and effect
23-491.12 Decision upon review
23-491.13 Effective date of orders; time for compliance; effect of orders
23-491.14 Petition for special action to review lawfulness of decision, order or decision upon review; procedure
23-491.15 Nonimpairment of other agencies
23-491.16 Private elevator inspector; qualifications; civil penalty; prohibited conduct; exemption from rule making
Article 13 Fall Protection for Residential Construction
23-492 Definitions
23-492.01 Applicability
23-492.02 Residential construction fall protection; exception
23-492.03 Floor, roof and wall openings; guards
23-492.04 Wood and light gage steel frame residential construction; application; definitions
23-492.05 Roofing operations and equipment; applicability
23-492.06 Railings, safety nets and personal fall arrest systems used in residential construction
23-492.07 Fall protection plan; applicability
23-492.08 Controlled access zones and safety monitoring systems
23-492.09 Training requirements
Article 14 Drug Testing of Employees
23-493 Definitions
23-493.01 Collection of samples
23-493.02 Scheduling of tests
23-493.03 Testing procedures
23-493.04 Testing policy requirements
23-493.05 Disciplinary procedures
23-493.06 Employer protection from litigation
23-493.07 Causes of action based on test results
23-493.08 Limits to causes of action
23-493.09 Confidentiality of results; access to records
23-493.10 Construction; collective bargaining
23-493.11 Effect of mandatory testing obligations
23-493.12 Severability
Article 15 Noncompete Clauses
23-494 Noncompete clause prohibition; broadcast employees; definitions
Article 1 Vocational Rehabilitation
23-501 Definitions
23-502 Rehabilitation services
23-503 Duties and powers
23-503.01 Coordination of vocational rehabilitation services
23-504 Merchandising businesses for the blind
23-506 Eligibility for assistance
23-507 Hearings
23-508 Administrative funds
Article 2 Private Employment Agents
23-521 Employment agent defined
23-522 Supervision of employment agents by industrial commission
23-522.01 Employment advisory council; members; terms; meetings
23-522.02 Council powers and duties
23-523 Powers and duties of commission
23-524 Investigative powers of commission
23-525 Placement of labor by municipal clerks
23-526 License; examination
23-527 Application for license; cash deposit or surety bond; deposit
23-528 Annual renewal of license; annual fees
23-529 Revocation of license; hearing; notice of findings; appeal
23-530 Filing of schedule of fees or charges; regulation
23-531 Applicant’s receipt for services of agent
23-532 Return of agent’s fee to applicant
23-533 Duty of agent to determine truthfulness of representation made to applicants
23-534 False statements or representations
23-535 Splitting of fees prohibited
23-536 Violations; classification
Article 3 Day Labor
23-551 Definitions
23-552 Exemptions
23-553 Day labor service agency; third party employer; duties
Article 4 Professional Employer Organizations
23-561 Definitions
23-562 Professional employer agreements; rights; notice
23-563 Registration requirements; confidentiality
23-564 Initial registration; fee
23-565 Renewal registration; fee
23-566 Group registration
23-567 Limited registration; fee
23-568 Alternative registration; fee
23-569 Financial capability; bonding; exception
23-570 Liability
23-571 Tax obligations and incentives
23-572 Services not insurance
23-573 Rights; duties
23-574 Covered employees; licensing
23-575 Violations; classification; civil penalties; rules
23-576 Professional employer organization fund; use; exemption
Article 1 Definitions
23-601 Declaration of policy
23-602 Definitions of words and phrases
23-603 Agricultural labor; definitions; exemption
23-603.01 American employer
23-604 Annual payroll and average annual payroll
23-605 Base period
23-606 Base‑period employers
23-607 Base‑period wages
23-608 Benefits
23-609 Benefit year
23-609.01 Hearing officers
23-610 Calendar quarter
23-611 Definition
23-612 Contributions
23-612.01 Crew leader
23-613 Employer
23-613.01 Employee; definition; exempt employment
23-614 Employing unit; temporary services employer; professional employer organization; definitions
23-615 Employment; definition
23-615.01 Political subdivision or instrumentality employment
23-616 Employment office
23-617 Exempt employment; definition
23-618 Fund
23-618.01 Hospital
23-618.02 Institution of higher education
23-619 Insured work
23-619.01 Misconduct connected with the employment; wilful misconduct; evaluation
23-620 State
23-621 Unemployed; definition
23-621.01 United States
23-622 Wages
23-623 Week
23-624 Plan maintained by an employer
23-625 Definition of levy
23-625.01 Definition of debtor
23-625.02 Definition of internal revenue code
Article 1.1 Extended Benefits
23-626 Eligibility period
23-627 Exhaustee
23-628 Extended benefit period
23-629 Extended benefits
23-630 On and off indicators
23-631 Rate of insured unemployment; definition
23-632 Definition of regular benefits
23-633 Definition of state law
23-634 Eligibility requirements for extended benefits
23-634.01 Denial of benefits for failure to accept suitable work or actively seek work; definition
23-635 Weekly extended benefit amount
23-636 Total extended benefit amount; certain adjustments
23-637 Beginning and termination of extended benefit period
23-638 Credits and charges to employer accounts
23-639 Applicability of other articles
Article 2 Administration and Enforcement
23-642 Compromise of claims for contributions
23-643 Extensions of time; regulations
23-644 Reciprocal arrangements
23-645 State‑federal cooperation
23-648 Manpower services
23-649 Acquisition of lands and buildings
23-652 Publications by commission
23-654 Availability of records to foreign agency
23-656 Enforcement of chapter
23-657 Violations; classification
Article 2.1 Unemployment Insurance Tax Anticipation Notes
23-665 Definitions
23-665.01 Authorization of unemployment insurance tax anticipation notes
23-665.02 Unemployment special assessment proceeds fund
23-665.03 Note debt service fund
23-665.04 Securing principal and interest; refunding notes
23-665.05 Lien of pledge
23-665.06 Note purchase; cancellation
23-665.07 Payment of notes
23-665.08 Investment of note proceeds and note debt service fund monies
23-665.09 Characteristics of notes
23-665.10 Effect of changing circumstances on notes; agreement of state
23-665.11 Validity of notes
23-665.12 Compliance with federal tax requirements
23-665.13 Reports
Article 3 Decisions, Hearings and Orders
23-671 Appeal tribunals
23-672 Appeals board; review of board decision
23-672.01 Effect of finding, judgment, conclusion or order in separate or subsequent action or proceeding; use as evidence
23-673 Determination of claim on unemployment due to labor dispute
23-674 Procedure in rendering decisions and orders; rights of parties; representation
23-675 Depositions; oaths; attendance of witnesses; production of papers
23-676 Failure to obey commission subpoena; classification
23-677 Contempt by contumacy or refusal to obey subpoena of commission
23-679 Fees of witnesses
23-680 Notices of hearings
23-681 Changing hearing date; good cause
23-682 Service of documents by electronic means
23-683 Exemption of claimant from fees; approval required for counsel or agent fee; violation; classification
Article 4 Funds
23-701 Unemployment compensation fund; administration; composition
23-702 Custody of unemployment compensation fund
23-703 Accounts comprising unemployment compensation fund; deposits; refunds; commingling funds prohibited
23-704 Requisitions and withdrawals from accounts in unemployment compensation fund; conditions of expenditure for benefits, refunds and administration
23-705 Special administration fund
23-706 Use of special administration fund; transfer of funds
23-707 Employment security administration fund
23-708 Reimbursement of employment security administration fund
23-709 Employment service account
Article 5 Contributions
23-721 Work records kept by employing unit; inspection by commission
23-722 Reports of employing unit; information confidential; report of banking institution; disclosure of information; classification
23-722.01 Employer reporting; exceptions; retention of records; unauthorized disclosure; civil penalty; new hire directory; definitions
23-722.02 Employer request; employee disclosure; violation; classification; requirements
23-723 Penalties for failure to file timely or complete contribution and wage reports
23-724 Liability determinations; review; finality
23-725 Employer coverage; termination; election of coverage
23-726 Contributions; voluntary payment
23-727 Credits and charges to employer accounts
23-728 Standard rate of contribution
23-729 Change from the standard contribution rate
23-730 Variation and adjustment of contribution rates
23-730.02 Temporary reduction of required income rates
23-731 Classification of employers by benefit experience to determine contribution rates; rate when report unavailable
23-732 Annual notice to employer of contribution rate; procedure for review and redetermination; quarterly notification; notification by electronic means
23-733 Transfer of employer experience rating accounts to successor employer; liability of successor
23-733.01 Assignments of rates; transfers of experience; violation; civil penalty; definitions
23-734 Agreement by employee to pay employer contribution void
23-735 Requiring or accepting payments from wages to finance employer’s contribution; waiver of rights of employee; violation; classification
23-736 Interest on past due contributions; deposit of interest
23-737 Collection of contributions or interest; precedence of action
23-737.01 Collection of amounts due by certificate for judgment
23-737.02 Recovery of collection costs; fee for bad checks
23-738 Delinquency assessments; interest and penalties; petition for reassessment
23-738.01 Deficiency assessment; petition for reassessment
23-739 Jeopardy assessment; petition for reassessment
23-740 Procedure on petition for reassessment
23-741 Payment of amounts in dispute
23-742 Adjustment or refund of contribution; limitation
23-743 Limitations
23-744 Priority of claim for contributions due upon insolvency proceedings
23-745 Lien for unpaid contributions, interest and penalties
23-746 Superiority of lien; notice
23-746.01 Release or subordination of lien
23-747 Release of lien; bond; foreclosure and judgment against surety
23-748 Effect upon lien of transfer of assets by delinquent
23-749 Failure to make contributions or payments, furnish reports or produce or permit inspection of records; classification
23-750 Special provisions for nonprofit organizations and state and local governments
23-751 Authorizing certain state agencies and institutions of higher learning to elect to make payments in lieu of contributions
23-751.01 Employment by an Indian tribe; benefits; payments in lieu of contributions; definitions
23-752 Levy assessment and distraint
23-753 Surrender of property subject to levy; definition
23-754 Production of books
23-755 Property exempt from levy
23-756 Notice and sale of seized property
23-757 Authority to release levy and return property
Article 5.1 Shared Work Unemployment Compensation
23-761 Definitions
23-762 Requirements of shared work plan; approval
23-763 Shared work benefits; eligibility; requirements
23-764 Amount of benefits
23-765 Employer contribution rates
23-766 Other provisions of this chapter; department regulations; applicability
Article 5.2 Job Training Employer Tax
23-769 Job training employer tax
Article 6 Benefits
23-771 Eligibility for benefits
23-771.01 Approved training; definitions
23-772 Claims for benefits; notice to employer; posting printed statements dealing with claims
23-773 Examination and determination of claims
23-774 Documentation of benefit eligibility
23-775 Disqualification from benefits
23-776 Disqualification from benefits for failure to accept suitable work or actively seek work; exceptions
23-777 Disqualification from benefits for unemployment resulting from labor dispute; exceptions; effect on contribution rate
23-778 Disqualification from benefits for fraud
23-779 Amount of benefits
23-780 Duration and amount of benefits
23-781 Denial of benefits to certain athletes and aliens
23-782 Payment of benefits
23-783 Assignment or pledge of benefits void; exemption from attachment or execution; waiver of exemption void
23-784 Agreement for waiver of rights void
23-785 False statement, misrepresentation or nondisclosure of material fact to obtain benefits; classification
23-786 False statement, misrepresentation or nondisclosure of material fact to defraud claimant; classification
23-787 Repayment of and deductions for benefits obtained by claimants not entitled to benefits; collection
23-788 Recovery of trade act overpayments
23-789 Recovery of child support obligations; definitions
23-789.01 Recovery of uncollected overissuance of food stamp coupons; definitions
23-790 Recovery on behalf of foreign agency of benefits paid through nondisclosure or misrepresentation of material fact
23-791 Benefits reduced by pension payment; definition
23-792 Voluntary withholding; income tax
23-793 Qualified transient lodging employment; definition
23-794 School bus contractors with educational institutions; definition
23-795 Contract educational providers; definition
23-796 Services for a charter school; benefits
Article 7 General Provisions
23-798 Reservation of legislative authority; no vested rights
23-799 Severability
Article 1 In General
23-801 Liability of employer
23-802 Declaration of policy
23-803 Hazardous occupations
23-804 Posting of notices by employer
23-805 Right of action for damages; two‑year limitation
23-806 Contributory negligence or assumption of risk as question of fact; effect of comparative negligence on damages
23-807 Agreement exempting employer from liability void; setoffs by employer
23-808 Limitation on attorney’s fee; violation; classification
Article 1 Scope of Workers’ Compensation
23-901 Definitions
23-901.01 Occupational disease; proximate causation; definitions
23-901.02 Liability of last employer; exception
23-901.03 Appointment of committee of medical consultants for claims; qualifications, powers, duties and compensation
23-901.04 Compensation precluded by misconduct, self‑exposure or disobedience of orders of commission; definition
23-901.05 Occupational disease aggravated by other disease or other disease aggravated by occupational disease; effect on compensation
23-901.06 Volunteer workers
23-901.07 Persons with disabilities in vocational training; definition
23-901.08 Professional employer organizations
23-902; Version 2 Employers subject to chapter; exceptions
23-902 Employers subject to chapter; exceptions
23-903 Application of chapter to persons engaged in interstate commerce; limitation
23-904 Arizona worker injuries in other state; injury to foreign worker in this state; evidence of insurance; judicial notice of other state’s laws
23-905 Minor employees; limitation on payment of lump sum award; additional compensation
23-906 Liability under chapter or under common law of employer securing compensation; carriers; service representatives; right of employee to make election; procedure for making election
23-907 Liability of employer failing to secure compensation; defenses; presumption; right of employee to compensation under chapter; information exchange; civil penalties; settlement of disputed claim
23-908 Injury reports by employer and physician; schedule of fees; violation; classification
23-909 Motion picture exemption
23-910 Exemption for licensees
Article 2 Administration and Enforcement
23-921 Administration of chapter
23-926 Inspection of employer records; noncompliance by employer; penalty
23-927 Power to enter places of employment
23-928 Investigation by agents
23-929 Enforcement of chapter
23-930 Unfair claim processing practices; bad faith; civil penalties
23-932 Violations; classification
23-933 Priority of judgment against assets of employer
Article 3 Orders and Hearings
23-941 Hearing rights and procedure
23-941.01 Final settlement agreement; definition
23-942 Awards of administrative law judge; contents; disposition and effect
23-943 Decision upon review
23-944 Effective date of orders; time for compliance; effect of orders
23-945 Petition for hearing on validity of order; procedure; substitution of order
23-946 Action asserting invalidity of order; limitation; venue and procedure
23-946.01 Stay of court proceedings pending determination of issues by commission
23-947 Time within which hearing must be requested; definition
23-948 Jurisdiction of actions concerning orders or petitions for writ of mandamus; right of appeal
23-949 Effect of action concerning order; procedure to stay order
23-950 Priority of actions
23-951 Writ of certiorari to review lawfulness of award, order or decision upon review; procedure
23-952 Continuation of order or award pending hearing or appeal
23-953 Notice of award; effect of petition for hearing or appeal; overpayment
Article 4 Providing for Compensation
23-961; Version 2 Methods of securing compensation by employers; deficit premium; civil penalty
23-961 Methods of securing compensation by employers; deficit premium; civil penalty
23-961.01 Self‑insurance pools
23-962 Insurance by governmental units; payment of premiums
23-963 Provisions of compensation insurance policy
23-963.01 Policies with deductible coverage
23-964 Posting notice of compliance with compensation law
23-966; Version 2 Failure of employer to pay claim or comply with commission order; reimbursement of funds
23-966 Failure of employer or insurance carrier to pay claim or comply with commission order; reimbursement of funds
23-967 Deduction of premium from employee wage or salary; violation; classification
23-968 Notification to employer by carrier
23-969 Satisfaction of lien; release
23-970 Misrepresentation of payroll, job description, job function or loss history affecting premium payment; violation; classification; penalty; statute of limitations; civil action
Article 6 Insurance Under Compensation Fund
23-1001 Delivery of insurance contract or policy to employer
Article 7 Right to Compensation
23-1021 Right of employee to compensation
23-1021.01 Peace officers; fire fighters; employment status
23-1022 Compensation as exclusive remedy for employees; definition; exceptions; public agency employees
23-1023 Liability of third person to injured employee; election of remedies
23-1024 Choice of remedy as waiver of alternate remedy
23-1025 Agreement by employee to waive compensation or to pay premium void; unlawful collection of premium; classification
23-1026 Periodical medical examination of employee; effect of refusal or obstruction of examination or treatment
23-1027 Compensation precluded by neglect or refusal of employee to submit to treatment
23-1028 False statements or representations to obtain compensation; forfeiture; classification; definition
23-1029 Repeal of chapter; effect on rights of parties
23-1030 Effect on employers’ liability law
23-1031 Persons incarcerated; suspension of benefits
Article 8 Amount of Compensation
23-1041 Basis for computing compensation; definition
23-1042 Basis for computing average monthly wage of minor permanently incapacitated
23-1043 Hernias classified for compensation purposes
23-1043.01 Heart‑related and mental cases
23-1043.02 Human immunodeficiency virus; establishing exposure; definition
23-1043.03 Hepatitis C; establishing exposure; definition
23-1043.04 Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus; spinal meningitis; tuberculosis; establishing exposure; definitions
23-1044 Compensation for partial disability; computation
23-1045 Compensation for total disability; permanent total disability defined
23-1046 Death benefits
23-1047 Procedure for determining compensation for partial disability and permanent total disability in cases not enumerated; procedure for determining nonscheduled dependency and duration of compensation to partial dependents in death cases
23-1048 Reasonable accommodations; earning capacity determination; definitions
Article 9 Payment of Compensation
23-1061 Notice of accident; form of notice; claim for compensation; reopening; payment of compensation
23-1061.01 Treatment by prayer or spiritual means
23-1062 Medical, surgical, hospital benefits; commencement of compensation; method of compensation
23-1062.01 Timely payment of medical, surgical and hospital benefit billing; content of bills; contracts between providers and carriers; exceptions; definitions
23-1062.02 Off-label and prescription use of controlled substances; prescription of schedule II controlled substances; reports; treatment plans; monitoring program inquiries; preauthorizations; definitions
23-1062.03 Evidence based medical treatment guidelines
23-1063 Apportionment of compensation
23-1064 Presumptions of dependency; determination
23-1065; Version 2 Special fund; purposes; investment committee
23-1065 Special fund; purposes; investment committee
23-1066 Minor or incompetent claimant; appointment of guardian ad litem; procedure
23-1067 Commutation of compensation to lump sum payment
23-1068 Assignment of compensation; exemption from attachment or execution; payment to nonresident
23-1069 Attorney’s fees; payment; time limitation
23-1070 Medical, surgical and hospital benefits provided by employer; pilot program
23-1070.01 Request for early hearing; stipulation; action of commission
23-1071 Notice by employees with disabilities of absence from locality or state; failure to give notice; change of doctor
23-1072 Autopsy in death claims; effect of refusal by claimant
23-1073 Processing of prior claims
Article 10 Administrative Fund
23-1081; Version 2 Administrative fund; purposes and administration
23-1081 Administrative fund; purposes and administration
Article 11 Assigned Risk Plan
23-1091 Assigned risk plan
Article 12 Presumptions of Compensability
23-1101 Definition of report
23-1102 Workers’ compensation presumptions of compensability; report
23-1103 Impact of presumptions; liability
23-1104 Report procedures and deadlines
Article 1 Right to Work
23-1301 Definitions
23-1302 Prohibition of agreements denying employment because of nonmembership in labor organization
23-1303 Illegality of acts or agreements violating article; strike or picketing for illegal purpose
23-1304 Prohibition of threatened or actual interference with a person, his family or property to compel him to join labor organization, strike or leave employment
23-1305 Prohibition of conspiracy to induce persons to refuse to work with persons not members of labor organization
23-1306 Civil liability of person violating article
23-1307 Injunctive relief from injury resulting from violation of article
Article 2 Picketing and Secondary Boycotts
23-1321 Definitions
23-1322 Unlawful picketing
23-1323 Injunctive relief; damages
23-1324 Violations; classification
23-1325 Defamation; damages
23-1326 No trespass public notice list; presumption
23-1327 Unlawful mass assembly
23-1328 Trespassory assembly
23-1329 Publicizing enjoined picketing or assembly; prohibition
Article 3 Contracts of Employment Contrary to Public Policy
23-1341 Invalidity of employment agreement not to join, become or remain member of labor or employers’ organization
23-1342 Compelling or coercing another not to join labor union as requisite to employment; classification
Article 4 Blacklisting
23-1361 Blacklist; definition; exceptions; privileged communications; immunity
23-1362 Blacklisting; classification
Article 5 Agricultural Employment Relations
23-1381 Declaration of policy
23-1382 Definitions
23-1383 Rights of employees
23-1384 Rights of employer
23-1385 Unfair labor practices; definition
23-1386 Agricultural employment relations board; members; terms; appointment
23-1387 Powers and duties
23-1388 Officers and employees of the board
23-1389 Representatives and elections
23-1390 Prevention of unfair labor practices
23-1391 Investigatory powers
23-1392 Violation; classification
23-1393 Court jurisdiction
23-1394 Scope of article
23-1395 Limitations
Article 6 Organizational Rights
23-1411 Public safety employee organizational rights; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
23-1501 Severability of employment relationships; protection from retaliatory discharges; exclusivity of statutory remedies in employment
23-1502 Constructive discharge